10 Essential Travel Apps That Every Traveller Needs

10 Essential Travel Apps That Every Traveller Needs
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Before the era of easily accessible information and the Internet, planning a vacation to a foreign land was really hard. You had to do tons of research or go to a travel agent who offers an itinerary you don’t even fancy exploring! However, with the rise of smartphones, and with the world becoming more connected, travelling has never been simpler. At this moment in time, it’s estimated that there are about 2 billion smartphone users around the world! That is a truly staggering statistic, but it can also be a good thing, as trip planning has gotten easier with the advanced technology. Check out our 10 favourite apps that you should utilise while exploring the world.

Before your trip:

1. Secure cheap flights with Skyscanner

What’s the best way to book a flight? Most would think meticulously searching through every airline website and just picking any flight that seems like the best deal. However, there’s now an easier way to search for affordable airline tickets, meet Skyscanner, an app that will connect you to your dream destination in a flash. Skyscanner will locate and compare different airlines and then offer you the best and cheapest prices available, so you’ll get a bang for your buck. Even better, you can filter the searches via your budget, and it even gives you the option for seats on budget airlines. So once you find your ideal airline and tickets, it’ll direct you to book them and you’ll be set! Pack your bags and prepare to visit your dream destination soon. Get more information regarding the app


2. Live in a cool vacation rental with Airbnb

If you’ve ever wanted to feel right at home while you’re on vacation, you should consider booking a vacation rental on the app, Airbnb. It lists plenty of vacation rentals in about 191 countries, and you can filter the accommodations by the prices and how much privacy you want. From renting an entire home to renting a private room, you can make any choices you want, book it and you’re set! Feel right at home in someone else’s abode, and enjoy a great vacation. Airbnb has also recently introduced the function, Airbnb Trips. It’s a function that allows users to book a cool experience with a local. So while you’re on vacation, you can live in a home in your dream destination, while experiencing activities through the eyes of locals. So what are you waiting for? Don’t book a hotel, live in a comfortable vacation rental instead. Get more information regarding the app


3. Make packing a breeze with PackPoint

Small and simple things could ruin your vacation, like forgetting to pack a charger, or even extra underpants. You might be thinking to yourself how could you have forgotten to pack it, you’re so sure you packed it in! So, instead of stressing out over packing a luggage, make it simple by using PackPoint. PackPoint creates a packing list based on your gender and the type of activities that you’re planning on doing while on vacation or just a simple business trip. Based on what you’ve picked, you’ll have a packing list at hand, and from there, you can even customise the list to your liking. You could remove items off the list if you think they’re unnecessary, and even add additional items to pack if you think you need them on the trip. If you stick by the checklist when packing your luggage, you’re sure to never forget an item ever again! Get more information regarding the app here.

4. Store all necessary information with Google Trips

Google has recently launched an app called Google Trips, and it aims to help you organise all your trip information so that you can have everything with just a few tips. You’ll be asked to sync the app to your Gmail account, and from there, Google Trip will automatically extract information like your flight information or your booking details. It can even help plan your trip, it’ll help churn out recommended itineraries so you can have an excellent time while on vacation. The app also provides you with information you need to know while on vacation, and even have an overview of the food and drinks option of your destination. The app can even be used offline, so if you can’t find a Wi-Fi signal, you can have all the information at the tip of your fingers. Get more information regarding the app here.

5. Convert currencies in a flash with XE Currency

Almost every nation in the world has their own unique currency, so unless you want to rely on your credit card while in a foreign land, you’ll have to have local currencies. Converting money in your mind can be such a hassle, especially if you can’t remember the conversion rates. With the app XE Currency, calculating how much you need in local currencies will be a breeze. The app is extremely straightforward and has real-time updates when it comes to the conversion rates. So just set your default currency and the app will instantly convert it to the currency you need. So if you want to have a rough idea of how much something costs when you’re on vacation, this app will be very useful. Get more information regarding the app here.

At the airport:

6. Navigate through airports confidently with GateGuru

Airports around the world range in terms of size, and whether it be a large airport or a small airport, one thing’s for sure, directories can be difficult to find. So without a directory near you, how can you find what you can eat or where to shop within the airport? Rest assured, because that’s where GateGuru comes in. It’s an efficient and nifty app that will help navigate through the airports in whichever nation you are in. With the app, you can search through the various eateries, amenities and shops within the airport, and you can even sort them by terminals or whether it’s close to your gate. You’ll also be able to access reviews and tips written by other visitors who have visited the airport. So what are you waiting for? Grab this app to make your layovers more fun and efficient. Get more information regarding the app here.

While on vacation:

7. Explore cool attractions in a city with Cool Cousin

You’ve done your research, read all the reviews, so why are you still disappointed at the restaurant you’re eating at? Don’t worry about that happening to you ever again, because Cool Cousin is an app that will give you recommendations based off like-minded individuals! Pick the city you’re heading to on vacation and choose a ‘cousin’, aka a reliable local who most probably has your interests at heart. Make sure to pick a 'cousin’ who you relate to most, so you’ll be able to get the most ideal recommendations. Look through their favourite eateries or places of interests, and even ask your 'cousins’ for tips on how to get around the city or even ask them for more recommendations! This app can be used offline, so you can use it even if you’re stranded without Wi-Fi. At the moment, this app has a focus on more popular cities like London and Paris, but they’re still expanding on that, so check back periodically. Get more information regarding the app here.

8. Discover authentic spots with Withlocals

Even if you’ve done all the research in the world, you will never know as much as a local! So how about exploring your vacation spot with a local via Withlocals? It’s an app where locals of a particular destination can offer up their experiences or skills to a traveller. Once you choose the experience or the skill you want to learn, you’ll be paired up with a local. The experiences offered are divided into 2 categories: food and things to do. So you can choose from having authentic, local food, or even have dinner at the host’s home. They might even have planned an itinerary or tour, so you can be exploring every nook and cranny, with a person who knows the area like the back of their hands. Currently, this app is focused more on Asian nations and some parts of Europe, so it’ll be perfect if you’re visiting those locations. However, check back periodically for more updates to their nations’ roster. Get more information regarding the app here.

9. Keep yourself safe with My Panda

While you’re travelling overseas and are away from the safety and comforts of your own home, it might result in you being unsafe and afraid. However, you won’t have to worry about that as much if you have this app, My Panda - Emergency App. It has a minimalist interface, which makes it easy to navigate and gather all the information you’ll need. The app lists your location, so you’ll know exactly where you are. There are also 4 other options within the app. In case you need help from officials, the route to the nearest police station will be made available to you. The nation’s police number will also be listed, so you can call for help or report if you see a crime. You can report a danger via the app, or even receive news relating to the country you’re vacationing at. So with this app in your pocket, you can’t help but feel safer wherever you’re visiting! Get more information regarding the app here.

10. Send an old-fashioned postcard with Touchnote

With smartphones and devices being so readily available and prominent in our lives, we can very simply send an image with just a few taps on a screen! But who can remember that simple joy that bursts within us when we receive something as simple as a postcard in our mailbox? If you want to experience that once again, you can very simply make use of this app, Touchnote! It’s a straightforward app where you can send a photo on your smartphone in the form of a postcard. You can customise your postcard to your own preference with ease. Just snap a photo, write a few words, make payment, and voila, it’ll be sent to the person! The cool thing about this service is that it even ships worldwide, so anywhere you are, you can send a memorable postcard. The date when you sent the it off will also be written on the postcard, so you can look back on that moment with fond memories. Get more information regarding the app here.

Travel smart with your smartphone!

Travel apps
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Smart phones and apps are truly revolutionary inventions! When we were growing up, none of us could have imagined how much information we could have with just a tap of a few buttons. So make use of your smartphone, download these apps, and your vacations will be a breeze to plan!

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