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5-Minute Read: Around The World In A Rainbow-Coloured Filter

Published Jan 17, 2017

Although the myth of finding a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow may not hold true, there’s plenty of gold around us if you would take a look around - flourishing greenery amongst pristine lakes are just one of the many wonderful creations that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Keep your seatbelts strapped on tight as we bring you to 7 of the most vibrant places around the world.

1. A sea of red in the Miharashi no Oka fields, Hitachi Seaside Park

Source: Wikimedia

Take a day trip off the mainland of Tokyo to the Hitachi Seaside Park, where the sprawling landscapes are dyed with an array of colours all year round. Hitch a ride on the Giant Flower Ring Ferris Wheel, where the panoramic views of blooming flora amidst calm seas will wash all your worries away. The beautiful field of red you see above generally blooms in the fall season (Sept-Oct), and you can even try your hand at carnival games such as the Family Banana Coaster, or the Water Plaza to cool you down on a hot summer’s day.

2. A dash of vibrant orange and history in Cartagena, Colombia

Source: Wikimedia

It’s hard to not be captivated by massive colonial buildings that line the streets of Cartagena, where even the common drugstore is decked out with intricately carved nameplates and vibrant hues of freshly painted walls. The crumbling exteriors are full of character, still retaining an aged grace against the test of time, living to tell their own stories through colourful photos and documentaries - which is how this old Colombian city earned its place in the ranks of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

3. Yellow fields in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, California

Dotted with specks of orange poppies, the beautiful yellow fields in California is a sight not to be missed during the blooming springtime! Best visited during the mid-morning period, the poppies will have opened up fully to absorb the sun’s rays, making this the perfect photo opportunity for that Instagram-worthy shot.

4. Green visions in the Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

Found on the outskirts of Kyoto, the bamboo forest in Arashiyama is a soundscape of its own - the distinct rustling of swaying trees are often populated by excited tourists during the middle of the day. Still your mind in the true zen experience by stopping by in the early mornings or late evenings, where the entire forest is shrouded in a mist of silence, perfect for slow strolls with your loved ones.

5. True blue marble caves in Patagonia, Southern Chile

Sculpted carefully over the span of 6,000 years, the artist of this stunning installation is none other than the rocky waves of Lake General Carrera. Dubbed the Marble Cathedral, this cave in Chile certainly lives up to the name with its shiny ceilings that stretch on for miles beyond the eyes can see. Acting as a mirror, the spiraling cave walls are a reflection of the pristine waters, with varying intensities and shades during different seasons.

6. Indigo sights in Highway 71 Kingsland, Texas

If you’re taking a road trip past the highways of Texas, the alluring landscapes of bluebonnets swaying idly to the gentle spring breeze will make for a scenic companion especially in the small town of Kingsland, where the motto of “Where the rivers flow and bluebonnets grow” are anything but an understatement to the flourishing fields that pepper your line of sight.

7. Violet views at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Visit Gardens By The Bay in Singapore when dusk falls, and watch as the spiraling super-sized trees are lit up with an array of violet rays. Built to resemble thriving shrubberies, the structures are built between 9 to 16 stories tall. The connected walkways make for a picturesque stroll after a filling dinner. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Garden Rhapsody - a breathtaking light and sound show!

Spot the rainbow?

Keep an eye out for beauty in this world. All it takes is a simple change in perspective for everything around us to come alive in just a split second - the road that you always take while commuting to work or school may be a blur, but keep your eye out for a speck of colour and who knows, you may just spot a single sunflower blooming the next time you’re passing by!

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