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A Sleepover In Buenos Aires At Adventure Hostel

Posted Dec 27, 2016

In the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina sits the budget friendly Adventure Hostel. Located in walking distance of many tourist attractions, Adventure Hostel is the perfect base for exploring the city. 696 km, approximately 433 mi, from Cordoba by bus and 1257 km, approximately 781 mi, from Tucuman by train, Buenos Aires is a must see when travelling in Argentina. Although one of the more expensive countries in South America, Adventure Hostel provides a purse friendly and social stay.

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The biggest sleepover you've ever had

Adventure Hostel offers six types of rooms. For those on a tight budget the 16 person dorm (it's not as bad as it sounds) would be ideal. Costing 150 ARS, approx. 9.45 USD, you will find yourself enjoying the largest sleepover you've ever had. This dorm has large lockers, AC and two balconies to enjoy. It had to be said that the dorm can get a little bit cramped but from experience it's nothing too unbearable.

If that all sounds a bit daunting, private rooms with a private bathroom are available for 546 ARS, approx. 34.40 USD. Although slightly pricier, they are spacious, clean and cosy. For you girls who fancy some privacy, female only dorms cost 123 ARS, approx. 7.75 USD, and are a great alternative to mixed dorms.

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No more putting the seat down

Now there's no denying that hostel bathrooms can have a bit of a bad reputation. Adventure Hostel, however, has separate male and female bathrooms that are regularly cleaned throughout the day. With three toilets and three hot showers in each, there will be no more queuing for the bathroom! Do note that towels aren't provided but you can rent them for 30 ARS, approx. 1.89 USD.

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Cake for breakfast?

For travellers who enjoy a slightly naughty breakfast, Adventure Hostel has it sorted. Although not quite as advertised, Adventure Hostel provides homemade cake, bread and jam for breakfast along with juice and coffee. Cereal is on their menu but it never seems to appear at breakfast. Breakfast is served between 8–10am.

Adventure Hostel’s facilities

Adventure Hostel provides many facilities for its guests making it a convenient and easy stay. The kitchen is fully equipt with an oven, microwave and plenty of utensils. A lounge area with a TV and computer is also present and a great way to meet other backpackers. There is plenty of seating in the hostel and with Wi-Fi working throughout, it’s a great way to relax.

Embracing city life

Buenos Aires is a fantastic city and incredibly westernised compared to the rest of South America. With Adventure Hostel located minutes away from many tourist attractions, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Just 5.6 km, approx. 3.5 mi, from Adventure Hostel, La Boca is a fantastic and quirky area to explore. With plenty of tango dancers and bars, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

Reserva Ecologica is a lovely way to spend a day when the city has got you craving peace and quiet. Roughly a 30 minute walk from Adventure Hostel, Reserva Ecologica has various walks that are perfect for picnics in the summer.

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