Be Gung-Ho When Traveling: 10 Caves That Are Totally Breathtaking! - Updated 2022

Be Gung-Ho When Travelling: 10 Caves That Are Totally Breathtaking
Adrian Chew
Adrian Chew 

Whenever you take a vacation or travel anywhere in the world, you need to be gung-ho and tackling adventurous caves are no exception. So, are you eager to visit some of the most breathtaking caves in various countries around the world? All you need is a gung-ho spirit and your backpack.

From the Blue Marble Caves in Chile to the Crystal Cave in Iceland, your adventure starts here. Challenge yourself and be an adventurer with this list of top ten caves around the world that are totally breathtaking!

1. Blue Marble Caves: Aysén Region, Chile

Catedral de mármol - Chile
Source: Photo by user Dan Lundberg used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you an adventurer? How about a photographer? If so, it’s time to pack your backpack and survival kit because you’re about to discover one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Located in the heart of Patagonia, the Marble Caves are an unusual geological formation in the General Carrera Lake area, in Chile. The Marble Caves, Marble Cathedral and Marble Chapel, like their names suggest, are formed in a series of marble monoliths. Here, you’ll see various tunnels, caverns and columns and once you take a closer look, you will be surprised to see such majestic wonders of nature.

The water surrounding the area is crystal clear and you’ll need to snap some pictures of it. So, if you like to go on adventurous trips, this is the perfect place for your holiday. Besides all this, it is also ideal for travel photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who likes nature.

Blue Marble Caves

Address: Chile Chico, Aysén Region, Chile

Website: Blue Marble Caves

2. Blue Lake Cave: Bonito, Brazil

Gruta do Lago Azul (Bonito)
Source: Photo by user Valdiney Pimenta used under CC BY 2.0

If the above two caves are not what you are looking for, you should consider this cave, located in Brazil. The Blue Lake Cave, also known as the Gruta do Lago Azul Natural Monument is a natural monument, located in Bonito, Brazil. Since 1978, the cave has been listed as a protected area by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN). If you plan to come here, book a half day tour from Bonito. An experienced guide will fetch you from your hotel and accompany you during your trip to the cave. Refer to the website for further details.

You will get to see not just the cave but the native wildlife surrounding the area. Get ready to get a closer look at the flora and fauna, on the way to the cave. The entrance of the cave is a circular shape and measures about 40 meters (130 feet). You will also get the chance to see the lake, itself. Various fossils have been found in this lake, which includes saber-toothed tigers, giant sloths, as well as armadillos. Time for a great adventure!

Blue Lake Cave

Address: Bonito - State of Mato Grosso do Sul, 79290-000, Brazil

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (8am-5pm)


3. Crystal Ice Cave: Hofn, Iceland

Grjotagja cave Iceland 1
Source: Photo by user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, book a tour and head to the Crystal Cave, in Iceland. Do note that the Crystal Cave is not for everyone, due to its terrain and temperature. Therefore, make sure that you are fit enough to join the tour. Your tour operator will fetch you from Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Then, you will start your journey to the Crystal Cave from here. You will get even more excited once you see the Vatnajokull Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the whole of Europe. Once inside, take out your camera and snap some photos for remembrance. It is a truly unique experience.

As you will be following your professional guide, you need to wear a few layers of clothing to keep yourself warm, as well as appropriate shoes for hiking. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip now and explore the wonders of nature.

Crystal Ice Cave

Address: Hofn, Iceland


4. Cenote Ik Kil: Yucatan, Mexico

Cenote en Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, México
Source: Photo by user Luis Miguel Bugal... used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Time to head over to Mexico, where you’ll find a famous cenote, or underground water reservoir, which is a major tourist attraction. Cenote Ik Kil is part of Ik Kil Archeological Park and is located in the north central part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Many tourists come here annually to explore the wonders of nature, as well as take a swim. The cenote is around 40 meters (130 feet) deep and the water level is around 26 meters (85 feet) below ground level.

While swimming, you will also get to see black catfish in the water. The surrounding itself is also spectacular, as there are waterfalls, Mayan ruins, as well as flora and fauna. Do make sure you are sensitive to the local customs and culture, as this place is sacred to the Mayans. If you plan to eat here, there is a restaurant on site, as well as cottages for rent.

Cenote Ik Kil

Address: Located close distance to Chichen Itza, on the highway to Valladolid


5. Devetashka Cave: Devetaki, Bulgaria

Devetashka cave 2
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Elena Tatiana Chis used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Did you know that the Devetashka Cave was a film location for the film the Expendables 2? This cave is located about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) northeast of Lovech and about 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) east of Letnitsa, in Bulgaria. Make sure not to visit during the months of June or July, as this is the breeding season for bats. Other types of wildlife can also be seen in the cave. Among them are protected species of reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Apart from this, you will get a chance to see a waterfall here. There is also a popular hiking trail for nature lovers and a place for archaeologists to study Neolithic artifacts found here. Why not, for your next vacation, plan a trip to Bulgaria and visit this huge cave?

Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria

Address: 5555 Devetaki, Bulgaria

Website: Devetashka Cave

6. Fingal’s Cave: Scotland, United Kingdom

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Unknown author used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Apart from Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal, there is another popular sea cave, in Scotland. Fingal’s Cave is located on the island of Staffa, Scotland. It is formed from hexagonally jointed basalt columns, within a Paleocene lava flow. Did you know that the name of this cave originated from an epic poem by James Macpherson, a 18th-century poet and historian?

The large, arched entrance of the cave is totally bizarre, due to its shape and it may not always be accessible, due to bad weather conditions. The best time to visit is between April and September and you can book a tour with any local tour operator.

Fingal’s Cave, UK

Address: 1 Top of the Pier, Achavaich, Isle of Iona PA76 6SW, UK

7. Waitomo Glowworm Caves: Waitomo, New Zealand (from USD 38.0)

'Cathedral' in Waitomo Cave
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Karora used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Have you ever heard of glowing caves? Although it sounds strange, you can visit these caves in New Zealand. One of the unique caves of the world, the Waitomo caves glow, just like fireflies and it is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Book a guided tour of Waitomo Glowworm Caves and have an exciting and adventurous trip. This particular cave is located in Waitomo on the North Island of New Zealand.

You will start your journey from the Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre, located near the entrance to the caves. An experienced tour guide will take you to explore the caves, by small boat, where you will see the glow worm, also known as Arachnocampa Luminosa. Adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and first-timers - get yourself ready for this trip.

Everything in the caves is magical, just like a fairy tale. From walking through the Cathedral Cave to the stunning and shining glow worms, this is an adventure you will not get anywhere else and you definitely need to visit.

Learn more about the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in our article.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Guided Tour

Duration: 45 minutes

311 reviews

8. Minnehaha Falls Cave: Minneapolis, USA

Minnehaha Falls 03
Source: Photo by user Raggedkompany used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are visiting the US, you should visit Minnehaha Falls Park. The main attractions in this park are a river, a magnificent waterfall and its limestone bluffs. Its waterfall is a unique attraction and many tourists come here, annually. Due to weather conditions, you might not be able to visit this park and waterfall.

During the winter, you will be able to see the waterfall, completely frozen. There is a cave right behind the waterfall and you should explore it, too. And there is more. Be prepared to take pictures of the Platteville Limestone Formation, located along the riverbank of Minnehaha Creek.

Minnehaha Falls Cave, USA

Address: 4801 S Minnehaha Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Opening Hours: Kindly refer to the website for details

Website: Minnehaha Falls Cave

9. Cueva de Arpea: Between France and Spain

La arruga (geológica) es bella

Posted by Pepe Tárraga on Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Of all the caves, this is the quirkiest of them all. The shape of Cueva de Arpea is out of this world and you must visit. It is located between two countries, France and Spain and if you are looking for a nature retreat, this place is the perfect place. Here, you can see both the cave and the forest, at the same time. The walking trail is easily accessible and kids will love it, too. The cave is ideal for all people, including families, adventurers and first-time travelers.

Cueva de Arpea, Spain

Address: 64220 Estérençuby, Between France and Spain

10. Benagil Sea Caves: Lagoa, Portugal (from USD 28.0)

Benagil Cave,
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Hurtuv used under CC BY-SA 3.0

This particular cave is also totally magnificent and is located in Lagoa, Portugal. Ready yourself to embark on an adventure like never before and book yourself a tour of the Benagil Sea Caves, located in Lagoa. One such recommended tour is the Benagil Caves Tour, from Portimao. On this tour, you’ll get to see as much as possible and enjoy the day out with your family or friends.

The Benagil Caves are one of most unusual beaches in the world and you definitely need to explore it. You will depart at 9 am, from Portimao and hop on a small boat. Upon entering the caves, you will get to see the crystal clear water and the magnificent natural rock formations. If you plan to visit the sea cave, don’t forget to bring your camera along. The scenery at this place is breathtaking.

Benagil Caves Tour from Portimao

Duration: 2 hours

649 reviews

Your adventure starts now!

Each cave listed here, in each country is so unique, you need to discover them for yourself. The wonders of nature, with her hills, mountains, caves, glaciers and everything in between are indeed magnificent. You can visit any of these natural wonders, subject to weather conditions. Whether you are a solo adventurer, first-time traveler, a couple or a family, the above caves are worth it, after all.

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