Have the best morning possible! Kobe Kitano Hotel's original "World's best breakfast"

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Kobe Kitano Hotel
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The term “World’s best breakfast” has become popular with “bills” coming to Japan but in reality a hotel in Kobe has long been using that term before them. If “bills” is Australian, this is French. We take a look at the Kobe Kitano Hotel’s tasty breakfast which draws its roots from the chef from the 3 star French restaurant Le Relais Bernard Loiseau.

An adorable hotel in Kitano Kobe a favorite amongst women.

have the best morning possible! kobe kitano hotel's original "world's best breakfast" | an adorable hotel in kitano kobe a favorite amongst women.

A western style building, a mosque, adorable trinkets, bread, chocolate, all lending to a very international feel. Kitano is popular as a one of the best tourists’ spots in Kobe. In Kitano there is a hotel called Kobe Kitano Hotel which many a lady would like to stay a night in.

The exterior is made in brick like something out of a fairy tale, a front desk that has a Lalique on display, amenities by Clarence in a retro but tasteful room. It is a hotel that makes you feel like you’re floating by the time you check-in.

If possible eating dinner here at the popular auberge would be best to experience the whole of what this hotel has to offer. Although if you have kids with you or you already have a place set for dinner then just staying here and having breakfast would be satisfying enough. There are so many good eateries in Kobe just finding a place near the hotel or buying some baked goods or food at a deli and eating in the room can be enough to satisfy most.

5 colorful assorted juices! Replenish your vitamins and wake up!

have the best morning possible! kobe kitano hotel's original "world's best breakfast" | colorful assorted juices! replenish your vitamins and wake up!

After a restful sleep in the adorable room, breakfast awaits.

“The world’s best breakfast” waits in the first floor dining hall with an illustrated pamphlet at a set table. Your anticipation starts to build as you read the menu and the details of why this is called the best breakfast in the world.

A short wait. What is brought to you is a salad that you drink; 5 select juices each more colorful than the last! Passion fruit & lemon, carrot & tangerine, strawberry & tomato, green apple & celery each a perfect blend balanced well. You can feel the vitamin C coursing through to every part of your body and it coming alive with each sip.

A selection of confiture and bread, as well as a most awesome tapioca au lait

have the best morning possible! kobe kitano hotel's original "world's best breakfast" | a selection of confiture and bread, as well as a most awesome tapioca au lait

The next dish that is brought is bread with confiture and butter. There is the popular gift item the milk confiture, and 4 other types as well as 3 types of butter such as tomato or herb infused delicacies. Also there is honey from Hyogo prefecture, so you almost think that there isn’t enough bread to taste all of these condiments. You will want to start drinking coffee early because there is also a financier in the bread box.

While you are in this happy conundrum of choosing what to eat even more menu items appear out of the ether. Yogurt, prunes, and fruits, the lineup of items that come out are definitely thought out with beautifying properties in mind Out of all the items one of the best is tapioca au lait which is sweetened to perfection. If you like to cook you will definitely wonder how you can try to replicate this. Each day the tapioca flavor is different with this one being coconut.

Take out? Sure! There is even fresh baked bread.

have the best morning possible! kobe kitano hotel's original "world's best breakfast" | take out? sure! there is even fresh baked bread.

In the middle of the breakfast some freshly baked warm bread saunters out to you. A morning wouldn’t be complete at a hotel without this lightly toasted bread.

Depending on the butter or confiture a simple toast would work best, so instead of rushing to try all of them that came out with the normal bread leave some of it for this latter half of the meal. Also there is some pork loin ham that comes out at the beginning but saving it for this toast to make a sort of hot sandwich might be a good idea.

It might be difficult to finish so much bread in one sitting, so if you need to you can take some home with you. The warm bread is better eaten while still fresh so not eating too much bread in the earlier dish is the best way to experience the world’s best breakfast.

A small joy. Breaking a poached egg with an interesting egg cutter!

a small joy. breaking a poached egg with an interesting egg cutter!

The most sought after dish here at the Kobe Kitano Hotel is the poached egg from a Tamba local free range chicken. Take the egg cutter and place it over the egg, then drop the ball on top a couple of times. The top part of the egg shell splits off and you can scoop out the egg inside with a spoon. It’s fun for adults but kids will go nuts over this. Because it is a quality egg it’s good as is but even better with some “Tanjyo no Shio” (birthday salt) from Tomioka Hyogo.

If you're headed to Kobe as a couple or just a ladies adventure definitely check it out!

Has the “World’s Best Breakfast” made it onto your bucket list yet? It might be fun just to go with your girlfriends but how big would the wow factor be if your significant other set this up for you? For the ladies planning a ladies only trip, or the men that want to give a wonderful experience as a gift definitely check out this hotel.

Kobe is only a quick hop away from Osaka and there are many things to check out here so while you’re here put “World’s Best Breakfast” on the list!

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Kobe Kitano Hotel
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