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Here Are 10 Different Types Of Traveller. Which One Are You?

Here Are 10 Different Types Of Traveller. Which One Are You?

Have you ever travelled in a group and realised that all of you have totally diverse travel frequencies and you start to regret many decisions and most minutes that you spent planning for the trip? Don’t worry, been there, done that! There are so many different types of travellers and we can’t really blame anyone, really.

From the photographers to the early birds and the late comers, here are 10 different types of traveller. Raise your hands if you can relate!

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1. The one that religiously follows the itinerary

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This is the same person (and probably the only one) that usually plans the itinerary and, sadly, doesn’t believe the whole idea of “exploring as you go along” They also get mad if things don’t go as planned. Sometimes to the extent of blaming even the weather! But, why didn’t you come up with a back-up plan, planner?!

2. The “I’m fine with anything.”

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The complete opposite of #1, this one is okay with whatever you suggest to do. They LITERALLY have no plans. It can be a good thing because they don’t mind anything that’s suggested, but at the same time, it does get annoying when they can’t come to a decision!

3. The one on a budget

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This one’s not really a bad thing but they are really strict with their finances! They HAVE money but for some reason, they just don’t want to spend any of it. They’ll say things like: “Nope, that ice cream’s too expensive.” or “No, I can’t join you guys for the flea market, it’s out of my budget.” Well, why don’t you just stay in the hotel then?!

4. The one that’s NOT on a budget

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They buy everything. EVERYTHING. And most times, they spend their money on redundant stuff. They’ll be saying things like: “Yes, I definitely need 10 magnets”! Or something like, “That is OBVIOUSLY not available back home” when referring to a kettle!

5. The know-it-all

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Every single time they’re talking, the only words you hear coming out of his / her mouth is “I’m not an expert … but I am an expert.” And no, they don don’t ALWAYS know everything.

6. The one that always has excess baggage

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They just ALWAYS happen to have excess baggage. And it’s worse if they are also #4 because normally, the one that’s not on a budget runs out of money when it’s time to get home. So be prepared for: “Hey buddy, can you pay that excess baggage charge for me? I owe you one.”

7. The one that’s always on their phone

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This one has two types: the one on Instagram and the one on Snapchat. The Snapchat-er will be the one smiling, talking, making a 360-degree turn, or opening their mouth / raising their eyebrows (ahem, Snapchat’s filters) while looking into their phone for ten seconds, every ten seconds (okay, maybe, just maybe, we’re exaggerating).

The Instagram-er however, is fairly similar to the Snapchat-er but this one takes a much longer time most times. They can be really silent. And yes, these are the types that stop you from eating first just so they can get a good “Instagram-worthy” shot. Oh don’t worry, they’re completely aware that you’re rolling your eyes but, you know what, nothing can stop the Instagram-er!

You’re unlucky if you’re travelling with both, or even if two of these stereotypes exist in one person! Also, occasionally, there’s the one that just wants to call home all the time.

8. The lone wolf

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They always manage to wander off somewhere and you always have to call them somehow. It’s worse when they have their own separate itinerary! Like, come on, we came here as a group, with group activities planned!

9. The early bird

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This one will wake you up at 5 am just so all of you can catch the sunrise together, EVERY SINGLE DAY. And by waking up, this means pulling the curtains back and switching on every single light in the hotel room. If you’re unlucky, they might even blast some music!

10. The one that’s always late

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This one annoyingly wakes up at 11 am - 12 noon every day and takes a minimum of 1 hour to get ready. It’s only when everyone’s out of the hotel that you start to realise that you’ve already wasted almost the whole day!

Which one are you?

Do any of the above stereotypes apply to you? Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! To each his own, right? Happy travelling!

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