Hostel Hemingway, Pamplona, Spain: Prime Location With Great Value

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Published Apr 21, 2016

We’re all looking for something different in a hostel. Some of us want a quiet spot to relax after a tough day of sightseeing. Others want a social spot where they can mingle with other travelers and make plans for a night out.

At Hostel Hemingway, you’ll find a versatile place with something for every traveler, and all of it at a great price. Situated in Pamplona, Spain, Hostel Hemingway is the ideal hostel for those who want to enjoy the festival of San Fermin (internationally known as the Running of the Bulls Festival) and have a comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s also a great place for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago to crash and for visitors coming in the off-season to walk in American writer Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps while enjoying the history and scenery of the capital city of Navarra.

Rooms for weary travellers


After the hectic pace of traveling, a little bit of relaxation is always welcome, and Hostel Hemingway provides a variety of cozy rooms at reasonable prices that won’t break your budget. The rooms available include single rooms, double rooms, and shared rooms with five beds, six beds, and seven beds at prices ranging from 16 EUR (18.20 USD) to 35 EUR (39.80 USD).

There is a special discount price of 13 EUR (14.80 USD) for adventurers walking the Camino de Santiago. All beds come with a fitted sheet, loose sheet, pillow, pillowcase, comforter, reading light, and electrical outlet at a great price, and private rooms include a TV, a DVD player, and a collection of movies.

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Make yourself comfortable

Are you looking for a hostel that offers free coffee and tea all day, free breakfast, and free towels? Then book yourself a night or two at Hostel Hemingway.

The owners know that backpackers need to put their feet up with a cup of something warm and swap stories with their bunkmates over a breakfast of croissants and cereal. If you’d like to cook for yourself, the hostel provides a spotless kitchen that was recently renovated. This hostel offers all of the extras without hurting your budget, and the staff provides free maps and local advice.

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At the heart of the fiesta

Hostel Hemingway is located close to the city center and the best sights in Pamplona. Between July 6 and July 14, the city puts on one of the best parties you’ll ever see to celebrate its patron saint, San Fermin. This festival is internationally known as the Running of the Bulls event, but there are other fantastic parts of this fiesta, including fireworks and traditional dances, songs, and processions.

If you’re in Pamplona at other times of the year, you’ll be close to some of the other most important cultural and historical sights of the city. The hostel is within walking distance of the old city fortress and walls, Plaza de Castillo, and Cafe Iruña (one of Hemingway’s favorite spots). You’ll be impressed by the excellent location whether you’re there for the party or a quiet stroll through one of the city’s many parks.

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Hostel Hemingway in Pamplona

At the end of the day, kick off your shoes and chill out in the hostel’s common area, which features free-to-use computers, a TV, a DVD player, and books, as well as sofas, tables, and chairs. It’s a place to plan, play, and share. Book your bunk at Hostel Hemingway and be impressed by the level of help and convenience provided and at the best price in town.

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