Packing List For Japan - Updated 2021

packing list for japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is a beautiful island country in East Asia. It is also considered to have some of the best iconic sites to visit and is among a handful of countries that has not lost its traditional ways and culture. One of the most popular is the KinKakuji ruin home to the Zen Buddhist Temple. Apart from the amazing city life some of the other places you can spend your time visiting include the historic temple of Kiyomizu-Dera, the Shinto shrine with famed gates in Fushimi Inari Taisha, the iconic peak of Mount Fuji, and the golden temple at Kinkaku-Ji. If you’re planning a trip to see these beautiful sites, check out this packing list for Japan to help you prepare.

1. Warm clothes during winter

Source: Pexels

If you have never been to Japan you should know it at times gets really cold and at times really hot, so it is good to check the predicted climate before you start your journey. Missing out on bringing the perfect clothing for the right climate can actually ruin your trip. Obviously, you can’t carry the whole of your wardrobe–though it would be great if that was possible. It is advisable for you to carry the right clothes and if you are not sure of what to carry, you can throw in one or two jackets just in case. For the other clothes, you can pick something not too light nor heavy, and something comfortable you can move around with.

2. Electrical adapter

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Source: Photo by user Cheater_plug.jpg used under CC BY 3.0

Most of the countries share the same electrical socket plug, but other countries have their unique plug system. It is safer if you buy a multi-plug electrical adapter just in case you are not sure which plugging system you will get. These little gadgets always come in handy. There are many different varieties of electrical adapters that can be easily found in almost any supermarket everywhere.

3. Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes
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There is no way you can go for a trip without carrying an extra pair of shoes. Most travelers always think that shoes are not an important item to carry, but when they reach their destination, they are forced to buy a second pair. The type of shoes you carry also matters. This is why it is recommended for travelers to carry at least a pair of multipurpose slip-on shoes that will be perfect of any occasion. There are different designs available, but it is recommended to carry a closed shoe because you never know what might happen and it is better to be ready instead of feeling helpless in a foreign country.

4. Raincoat

Source: Pixabay

Bring a raincoat that can be squeezed in until it fits in that corner of the suitcase because it is lightweight and foldable. There is a reason why people say, “when it rains, it pours” and in Japan when it decides to rain it really pours. Don’t be a victim of catching a cold that will end up messing up your trip. Always be prepared for anything that comes your way. Packing a raincoat is just one of the ways of being prepared and ready to combat that cold weather.

5. Activated charcoal

It is the simple things in life that we ignore that come to be a lifesaver. Even some of the things we assume is useless in our life, and more so, the last thing in your mind you will think of packing if you are planning to travel can actually come in handy. If you didn’t know this, activated charcoal is a universal antidote and considered to be a potent natural treatment which can be used to whiten teeth, cure a hangover, and lower cholesterol. At times it is worth it to get your hands dirty or in this case your mouth dirty in times of necessity.

6. VPN

Did you know that every time you connect to that free WiFi network you are actually exposing yourself to a number of privacy intrusions from practically anyone on the same network? Let that sink in for a moment first. The best way you can protect yourself is by having a VPN installed on your phone and laptop, it’s better to be safe than sorry. People normally do not take into consideration how much personal digital data is on your electronics, but do think about how many times have you taken the picture of your passport, bank details, or even your personal details. Buy yourself a VPN and secure yourself anywhere you go.

7. Driver's license and international driving permit

It is always an amazing experience when you get to drive around a foreign country as you go on your way mapping and exploring the area. Don’t fall on the wrong side of the law in a county where you are not familiar with their traffic rules and laws. Make sure to carry your international driving permit. Remember, your driving permit has to be international–if you carry only your home driving license, it won’t cover you. If you are caught you may end up spending a night or two in the cell or pay a fine that you did not budget for.

8. Day bag

Always remember to carry a separate day bag just to be prepared for anything. They actually come in handy when you are up and about exploring the area. When you pass by the market and you see those beautiful souvenirs you want to carry back home, this is when you will know how important the day bag is. The bag also is the best and most secure place for you to carry your important items since it is light and easily portable, making it easy to have everything you need at arm’s length.

9. Phrasebook

If you go to a country that you know very well you cannot understand or speak the language, a phrasebook might really come in handy. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to communicate with someone who has no idea what you are trying to say. These lifesavers come in different sizes and some can even fit your pocket. These days, thanks to technology, there are apps that can help you out, but it is always recommended to carry a hard copy just in case anything happens like your phone running out of power.

10. Re-usable water bottle

Re-usable water bottles are always handy anytime and anywhere. No need to keep on asking where the nearest shop is so as you can just buy a bottle of water to quench your thirst then start searching for an area to dispose of your plastic bottle. The re-usable water bottle can carry practically any liquid that you need as you enjoy your trip. There are specialized bottles that can actually maintain the temperature of what you are carrying whether hot or cold.

Pack up for Japan

Packing for Japan
Source: Unsplash

It is always advisable to be prepared for any kind of situation. With this list of simple but life-saving things to pack, you can enjoy your trip without any bumps and hitches knowing very well that you are ready for any obstacle that comes your way

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