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Tokyo Ramen Street: Insider Reviews & Tips On Restaurants At Tokyo Station

Updated Aug 15, 2017

Tokyo Ramen Street gathers 8 different ramen restaurants that represents Tokyo where it is recommended for all ramen lovers. The street is easily accessible, just 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit. Easy to swing by and convenient when you’re on a vacation or a business trip.

This time, we compared the ramens of the 3 newly opened restaurants. How was the taste of the ramens? We will also share with you To go information of “Rokurinsha”, the most popular ramen restaurant, which you can get their ramen without getting in the long line.

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The new restaurants have shorter lines. You can eat your favorite ramen at one restaurant after another!


Exit the Tokyo Station Yaesu Chuo South Exit, turn right and walk 3 minutes. You’ll arrive at “Tokyo Ramen Street” right away. Tokyo Ramen Street gathers the best of the best ramens which makes it a ramen heaven. 3 newly opened ramen restaurants joined on September 21st, 2013 which makes it 8 restaurants in total.

The restaurant that leads the way for Tokyo Ramen Street is the king of tsukemen, “Rokurinsha Tokyo”. Whenever you go, there is a tremendous long line. Will the three new restaurants take over the position of Rokurinsha?

Since these are newly opened restaurants, there are many people that are contemplating whether they should try it out, so compared to other stores, the lines are shorter. You can say “Let’s see.. what kind of flavor…” and try out one restaurant after another.

New Restaurants

Kizo (Beef Tongue, Green Onion and Salt Flavor)

Tokyo Tanmen Tonari (Tanmen Flavor)

Oreshiki Jun (Pork bone broth Flavor)

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Boom! Two beef tongues in one bowl "Sendai Beef Tongue Negi Shio Ramen".


What? Beef tongue in ramen? Yes. At the restaurant that newly joined Tokyo Ramen Street, “Kizo”, they specialize in beef tongue. This is why they serve their ramen with beef tongue on top. Pork bone and beef tendon is used to bring out the richness and saltiness of the soup of the ramen where you can taste the aromas of sesame oil. The noodle is a flattened crimped type noodle. The meat on top is simmered so well it melts in your mouth. Ooo like that? A unique ramen that will definitely surprise you.

Kizo’s item that drastically changes the flavor is the “Heavy cream and garlic paste”. The paste is placed in the middle of the soup but when the ramen arrives in front of you, most of the time it has melted away and you may not notice the difference in flavor. If you eat closer to the middle, you can definitely enjoy a richer taste. Whoever thought you could eat ramen with beef tongue at Tokyo Station! Cheers to the new genre of ramen.


Hours 10:30am-10:30pm

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Very rich! Also the Fried Chicken is so good! "Tokyo Tanmen Tonari"


The amount of vegetable that is filled up on top of the ramen is the same amount that the Ministry of Health in Japan, Labour and Welfare recommends for a 1 day intake of 350 grams of vegetables. At “Tokyo Tanmen Tonari”, even if its ramen, you can make sure to eat the amount of vegetables you need. 10 different vegetables are included such as bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and chives. So many ingredients! The picture shows a specialized tanmen with bacon and eggs as toppings on a regular tanmen. It’s perfect for times you maybe thinking “I’m going to eat so much at Tokyo Station today!”

You cannot forget the Karaage at Tokyo Tanmen. The soy sauce flavor is soaked well where the flavor is slightly strong. It is fried with cornstarch which makes the outside crispy and inside juicy! There are times where I go to Tokyo Tanmen just to eat the karaage. With the “Tankara (880 Yen)” set which includes tanmen and karaage, you can eat the karaage for 160 yen compared to ordering it as an entree which is 400 yen.

Within Tokyo Ramen Street, the level of flavor, aroma, and texture is all high ratings at “Tokyo Tanmen Tonari”.

Tokyo Tanmen Tonari

Hours 11:00am-10:30pm

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The tonkotsu ramen that can be enjoyed twice as much with the item that drastically changes the ramen, "Oreshiki Rayu"


The tonkotsu ramen restaurant that showed up at Tokyo Ramen Street, “Oreshiki Jun”. The tonkotsu soup is very smooth with no strong odor. You can choose the firmness of the noodles in 5 levels from Extremely firm, Really firm, Slightly firm, Normal and Smooth.

We want to bring your attention to the item that changes the flavor of the ramen, “Oreshiki Rayu (Chili oil)”. The rayu contains 18 different ingredients where the aroma of garlic is very strong and spicy. After you have finished your tonkotsu ramen, you can order a kaedama (a noodle refill), pour some of the ramen soup over it, and use the “Oreshiki Rayu”. The tonkotsu ramen transforms into oily noodle! It is not spicy as you think so it is okay to use a lot of it. You can enjoy this ramen twice as much!

If you want to eat delicious tonkotsu ramen at Tokyo Station, this place is it!

Oreshiki Jun

Hours 10:30am - 11:30pm

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A long line is essential at Rokurinsha. If you’re buying To go, theres no need to get in line and you can buy it right away!


“Rokurinsha”, the ramen restaurant that constantly has a long line at Tokyo Ramen Street. Breaking news! If you buy it To go, you don’t have to stand in line. They are selling it at the opposite location from the entrance to the restaurant. One serving is sold in a plastic bag for 850 yen. The noodle and soup is frozen so an ice pack is included.

Noodle, soup, soup stock (the most important ingredient for the flavor of the soup), seaweed, and grounded dried fish is in the To go set. The soup contains a big and thick chasiu (Chinese roast pork) and bamboo shoot so all you need to prepare is green onion. When you cook Rokurinsha ramen at your home, prepare separate pots and heat up the frozen noodle and soup in boiling water. The noodles are usually boiled for 9 to 13 minutes but since it is frozen, it will become more delicious if you boil it a little longer. If you are serving as tsukemen, the soup gets cold after a while. It is good to warm up the bowl before you serve it because it allows the soup to keep warm. No time to wait in line! At times like this, you can by the Rokurisha To go quickly at the Tokyo Station. You can buy it for yourself or as a present which will definitely be enjoyed. Although it is To go, you can eat a bowl of high degree of perfection at your home.

Rokurinsha To go

Expiration Date Freezer storage up to 2 weeks

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Tokyo Ramen Street has become one of Tokyo’s tourist spots!

The “Tokyo Ramen Street” at Tokyo Station has become so famous, it is considered one of Tokyo’s tourist spots. When you go to Tokyo Station, “Tokyo Ramen Street” is a place where you can just swing by or if you are thinking “I am going to eat at this restaurant!”. Whatever the purpose, It’s great for anyone!

Tokyo Ramen Street is a fun and convenient ramen heaven for people that use the Tokyo Station for vacations or business trips. Whenever you say, “What should I eat? Oh Ramen!” please come by :)

This article was originally published on Sep 23, 2015

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