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Relax At The Most Beautiful Thermal Baths Of Budapest!

Relax At The Most Beautiful Thermal Baths Of Budapest!

Budapest is well known all around the world for its unique thermal springs. These healing waters were used in the baths built in close proximity to them by the Romans as early as the 2nd century. During the times of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century the bath culture really thrived. Today Budapest has 15 public thermal spas (this is not including the private thermal spas in some of the luxury hotels). That is why it is called the “City of Baths”. In the zone of Gellért Hill there’s a famous thermal bath with the same name. It is considered to be the most beautiful bath in Budapest, and you can notice it from the first glance once you see the building; which looks more like a palace rather than a thermal bath. The building, which was constructed in the Art Nouveau style, also houses a not less sumptuous hotel that has the same name. When planning a visit to this bath you should prepare yourself for a great dose of physical and mental relaxation, as here you are guaranteed to reach the state of nirvana!

Choose from a great variety of options!

The Gellért Thermal Bath complex includes 12 pools: two effervescent bath sections, three outdoor pools, and eight thermal baths. The water in these pools varies from 21°C to 40°C (70°F to 104°F). On the territory of the Gellért Thermal Baths there are also dry and steam saunas, which can be followed by a plunge into the cold dive-pools. All the above mentioned facilities are included in the price of your ticket. If you want to spend your time here in a more pleasant way and enjoy some additional services, than you can opt for different types of massages, like refreshing, medical healing, or a foot massage. You can also have mud packing, but this goodie, as well as any kind of massage will be charged extra.

The fee for visiting the baths depends on whether you choose a cabin or a locket. You should also keep in mind that on holidays and on the weekends the entrance fee is higher than on workdays. So the adult ticket on weekdays with a locker costs 4,900 HUF (approximately 17 USD), while on weekends it costs 5,100 HUF (approximately 17.5 USD). If you prefer to take a cabin, than during weekdays it costs 5,300 HUF (approximately 18.2 USD), and on weekends 5,500 HUF (approximately 19 USD).

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Cure your body in the wellness thermal baths of Gellért!

The Gellért Thermal Baths are not just a complex of pools, it is something much more than this, and more precisely it’s physiotherapy and a range of medical services. The healing springs of the Gellért Hill generously supply the thermal baths of Gellért with mineral water rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphate-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate, fluoride ions, and sodium. This is especially recommended for people with chronic and semi-acute arthritis, blood circulation problems, degenerative illnesses of joints, illnesses of the vertebral spine, pain of the intervertebral disc, aortic stenosis, and neuralgia. Thus when visiting the baths you will have the possibility not only to relax your tired body after hours of wandering around the city, but also to cure it.

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Spend your time in an active way at the Gellért Baths!

If you’re an active person and want to alternate the relaxing part with the active one, then you can choose from the two pools especially designed for swimming, one indoor and the other is outdoor. The indoor pool is working all year round, while the outdoor pool is only available during the summer period. If you want to have even more fun, then your way is to the open-air swimming pool, which can create artificial waves every 30 minutes. If you simply want to swim and exercise, then you can opt for the indoor one. By the way for the indoor pool it’s a must to wear a swimming cap, but in case you don’t have one, you can buy it at the entrance for 3-4 USD.

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Have a special priority!

If you want to have a 50% discount for your first visit to the Gellért Thermal Baths, and at the same time live next door to the baths, then you can choose to stay at the Gellért Hotel. In addition to having a dream location on the banks of the Danube, it also offers high quality service. So it is the best combination of a stay at a delightful hotel with a 50% discount on a visit of Gellért Thermal Baths.

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