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Slip Back in Time to Edo Period at Tokyo Odaiba Oedo-Onsen!

Posted Sep 23, 2015

You will see an Edo town after going through Oedo-Onsen’s store curtain in Odaiba, Tokyo. Shops and buildings designed in Edo fashions will make you wonder if you would have been transported yourself back in time to Edo period. The main attraction is Onsen (hot spring) bathes, such as natural Onsen and outside Onsen. Let"s enjoy taking Onsen along with walking through Edo town!

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Choose Your Yukata (Japanese Traditional Outfit) at Echigo-ya

Kayaba, an old style casher, is the first place you will visit in Oedo-Onsen, Odaiba. Here is the place to pay for admission and receive your pass card. Keep the pass card always with you in the building as it is required for shopping and eating. After visiting Kayaba, the next enjoyable step is held in Echigo-ya, a well-known clothing department store in Edo period. Here you can pick your Japanese traditional wear "Yukata" with your favorite color and design. Change the clothing into an outfit in a changing room, and off to the Edo town. You will go back into Edo period!

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Enjoy Walking Through Edo Town

Now you are in Edo town. In the center is a fire observation tower, and various shops and restaurants are around. Shuriken (Ninja’s weapon) training center, a fortune teller, Atari-ya old style games, and Ryogoku-ya souvenir shop and so on. Be an Edo citizen and have fun visiting shops on Hirokoji (the main street)! There are many restaurants such as a dessert restaurant, a candy shop, an Udon and Soba noodle dining hall, a Japanese style curry stand, a Tempura restaurant and a chicken/pork cutlet restaurant. You can choose to taste them with a view of Mt. Fuji by sitting at a table alongside the street or to go into a vast and relaxing Japanese-style Tatami room. Please enjoy the time in Edo to the fullest.

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Off to Onsen

Restaurants along Hirokoji street must satisfy your stomach. How about go to Onsen for now? In the main bath hall, many bathes like Hyakunin-buro (hundred persons capacity bath), Kinu-no-yu (smooth bath) and Neyu (lying bath) and more. Of course there is a natural Onsen bath pumped up from 1,400m (4,600ft) beneath the ground surface. The salty and mild hot water will warm the cockles of your heart. Take time to enjoy the vast outside bath zone too. There are some Oke-buro (wooden bathtub for one person) in the women area. You can also enjoy having a semi-personal time with your friends.

Hustle at the Festival

Why don’t you cool down your hot body after taking Onsen? A small festival corner beside Hirokoji street is the place for it. Bouncing ball catcher and an easy breaking 2D sculpture game are attractive not only for children but also for adults. Buy yourself a piece of cotton candy as a reward for your nice play. You can pay for them with your pass card so no coins are needed.

Japanese Garden and Foot Bath

After all the shopping, eating, taking baths and playing at the festival, It’s about time. let’s take a bath again to warm your body, but this time a foot bath. You will find a 50 meters long (164 ft.) foot bath in a vast 2,300 sq. m. (24,900 sq. ft. or 0.27 acre) Japanese garden. The scenery is fantastic as there is a historical-like river often seen in a Japanese traditional show. A bridge goes above and a willow tree nearby also contributes to this very Japanese atmosphere. The ambience becomes even more romantic during night time with lighting-up. Watching skyscrapers in Tokyo, now is time to go back to the present.


I’m home. Back from the Edo period after seeing the town and taking Onsen. Totally refreshed by retro experiences. Tokyo Odaiba Oedo-Onsen is well located with free shuttle buses from Tokyo, Shinagawa and other train stations. I hope you will enjoy your time travel to Edo period. Have a nice trip!

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