Top 20 Charming Accommodations In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Top 20 Charming Accommodations In Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Located in southern Taiwan, the second-largest city and the largest port in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is a city full of impressive sights and experiences, not to mention its tasty delicacies and shopping frenzy.

You have the Love River that runs for 12 kilometers (7.5 miles), cutting through the city and flanked by restaurants and cafes. You can rest and relax over coffee or a Taiwanese dish as you observe the city’s skyline. Take the time to marvel at the world’s first green suspension structure, Kaohsiung Public Library, and complete your trip by visiting the Fo Guang Shan Monastery, which is a magnet for both Buddhist and non-Buddhist devotees. To help ease your accommodation headaches, we have gathered our top picks of Airbnb accommodation for you to choose from, all offering basic amenities, if not, more. Check out these places to stay in Kaohsiung:

1. 1. Lane 12, Xinxing District

This is a very well-located accommodation, just a minutes’ walk from Kaohsiung MRT station. Exploration within the city is, therefore, made easy, given the MRT station is within a stone’s throw. What’s more is that you have the famous Liuhe Night Market just behind the building.

Spend a night in one of the rooms of the industrial-like designed apartment. The elegantly furnished room, with its stone walls and floor, will make you feel immediately at ease before settling in great comfort. For those planning to head to the Fo Guang Shan Monastery, this place is just a six-minute drive to the bus station, from where you can catch a bus to the monastery in just 45 minutes.

2. 2. Birch Forest Apartment, Ling Ya District

top 20 charming accommodations in kaohsiung, taiwan | birch forest apartment, ling ya district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

This apartment is highly recommended for its location, just a 15-minute MRT ride from the international airport. Set within the business district of the city, you have access to three district MRT stations, which makes exploring the city way easier than you could imagine. For shopaholics, you have several departmental stores and the night market waiting for you within minutes of stepping out of the door. The Kaohsiung Railway Station is just a ten minutes’ drive away, and next to it is where you can find the bus station that offers bus services to the Fo Guang Shan Monastery.

Step into the contemporary interior of the room and feel a surge of freshness. With the full-glass-paneled window, expect constant sunlight to illuminate your room. This will definitely set you in the best mood to start each morning. Given that the room is very spacious and that you have your own private bathroom, this private room gives you a sense of staying in a studio apartment.

3. 3. Cosy Japanese Capsule, Xinxing District

top 20 charming accommodations in kaohsiung, taiwan | cosy japanese capsule, xinxing district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

If you’re looking for a simple place to stay where a bed is all you need, but where you will be rewarded with warm-hearted people surrounding you, this accommodation is for you. With a small percentage of the room rate going to the Good Orphans Charity, it speaks volumes about the kind and wonderful host.

Located just a minute away from the railway station and within walking distance of the district MRT station, navigating the city will not be any trouble at all. For the low price that you’re paying, the convenience is deemed a luxury.

4. 4. KaohSiung Sailboat House, Xinxing District

top 20 charming accommodations in kaohsiung, taiwan | kaohsiung sailboat house, xinxing district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

A convivial accommodation in Kaohsiung city, this place has a delightful themed room with eye-catching vibrant colours. The hotel-class comfort of the bed helps to ensure a comfortable sleep. With the host’s gracious hospitality, you couldn’t ask for anything else to make you feel at home and at ease.

Perfectly located with the Liuhe Night Market situated at your doorstep, the Railway Station within the vicinity, and the district Farmoso MRT station within walking distance, this accommodation serves as your gateway to sights and experiences in this city.

5. 5. Xie Xie House, Japanese Style, Zuoying District

xie xie house, japanese style, zuoying district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

An interesting concept, this place offers traditional Japanese comfort amidst the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s city life. This accommodation exudes great warmth, giving rise to a homey experience.

A perfect base from which to explore the city and located just three-minutes from the C-bike rental site, you can easily ride to Taiwan’s attractions. Enjoy Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, The Pier-2 Art Center, the delicacy haven of Yan-Cheng Old Street, or cycle to any other sights in the city. Zuoying Station (high speed rail) and the Ecological District MRT Station are in close proximity. Biking is perfect for those who wish to cover greater distances in their explorations. The famous attraction of the Lotus Lake is just a street away from your doorstep. The host has a personalized map drawn out for you, highlighting the best things to do in the area, whether you want sightseeing, dining, or even for just a chilled-out night out.

6. 6. Mountain View Double Suite Sea View,Qianzhen District

This accommodation offers luxurious living with a view that offers the best of both worlds: city and nature. Regardless where you are in the apartment, the layout is such that it gives you a ceaseless feeling of elevation; stay above the city and enjoy the view out into the mountains and sea. Just imagine the sunset view as the day transitions into night!

This studio apartment is conveniently situated within a three-minute walk of the MRT Sanduo Shopping District. Basically, all you need is within the vicinity. Food, shopping, you name it. For those on business trips, this accommodation also caters to their needs, such as preparing conference tables and a whiteboard to facilitate meeting discussions.

7. 7. The Laymon Attic, Fengshan District

the laymon attic, fengshan district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

For the music-lover, this is your haven! It is a great accommodation designed as an American music art loft-studio, right in the attic of an old building. Apart from comfortable beds to rest your head, there is a creative music space for you to mingle to make music and play music. Guests have commented that this is a fantastic place to feed your spiritual well-being through your love for music.

This accommodation is very convenient for transportation, just a fifteen-minute walk from the nearest MRT station. You have various attractions within the neighborhood such as Cheng Cing Lake, Kaohsiung City Da Dong Art Center, E-DA World, and E-DA Theme Park. Though this accommodation is designed like a backpacker’s hostel, you can be sure of privacy as the whole attic is only for you and your company.

8. 8. Banana Mango Room, Sanmin District

This is an accommodation that is ideal for a big group as it is a big apartment. The interior features an impressive interplay of simplicity and creativity, which provides you with a great sense of an artsy house feel.The host is said to be extremely gracious in his hospitality, making sure you get the best of your stay in the city.

The National Science and Technology Museum and Kaohsiung’s fruit and vegetable wholesale market are within walking distance of the accommodation. To get to the nearest MRT station, there is a bus stop within walking distance of the apartment to get you there. From the MRT station, you can get to anywhere in the city, such at the famous attractions and the night markets.

9. 9. Kaohsiung MRT Suite, Double room, SaoXing St

kaohsiung mrt suite, double room, saoxing st
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

This place offers a service that is above and beyond. The host will take away your worries of figuring out the way to your accommodation as he will personally fetch you from your point of arrival at no extra charge. The MRT Xiaogang Station is just 300 meters (984 feet) away and you have a convenience store at your doorstep.

The interior of the room is equivalent to the comfort of a hotel room but at the same time it provides a homely feeling. The wood-plank walls add character to the whole relaxing ambience. It is a great place to come home to after a tiring day.

10. 10. The Twin room, Siaogang District

the twin room, siaogang district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

For those searching for an accommodation that is strategically located about five minutes away from Kaohsiung International Airport, this is a great deal for you. Being just 30 seconds away from the nearest MRT station, getting around will no doubt be a breeze for you. With the bus for Kenting National Park being just on the opposite side of the street, what else can top this?

A simple yet cozy room awaits you in this apartment. Also, the lively and central Siaogang District is nearby. You can easily walk to various restaurants, shops, supermarkets, or traditional night markets.

11. 11. STAYOKAY in Kaohsiung @ MRT O8 station

stayokay in kaohsiung @ mrt o8 station
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

Enjoy a very spacious private bedroom with your very own bathroom and a balcony that extends into the city’s atmosphere, offering you a stunning view. You have the district MRT station within ten minutes’ walk. This place has everything you need, such as a massage parlor, KTV, convenience store, noodle stores, and brunch cafes, all within close proximity.

Apart from the great comfort the bedroom has to offer, guests will be certain to receive hospitality born out of passion. There is no wireless internet connection here, so your only search engine with regards to the city is your host. He will be your friend throughout your entire stay, giving you recommendations and making you feel truly at home. This place, no doubt, offers a complete retreat from unnecessary distractions.

12. 12. Industrial Style Mezzanine Room, Siaogang District

industrial style mezzanine room, siaogang district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

The highlight of this property is the apartment itself.It is a beautiful industrial-style apartment with a loft design, where raw and modern blend in perfect harmony. It is impossible not to go ‘wow’ once you step into this home. As minimal as it is, it has such character. In addition to the sleeping space, you have a living room space and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub.

It takes only five minutes to get to the apartment from the international airport. The best part is that it is just a stone’s throw from the district MRT station, so getting to anywhere else in the city is easy.

13. 13. The King Double, Siaogang District

the king double, siaogang district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

For those who enjoy the comfort of a big bed, this private room offers you exactly that; a king-size bed. On top of that, this apartment has an interesting concept for its bathroom, where an en suite bathtub awaits you on the balcony space extending from the room. But not to worry, it is an enclosed bathroom. On another storey, there is a shared space where you can have access to meeting rooms, coffees, teas, or even books.

Bus services to Kenting National Park are just a few minutes away. Getting around to other parts of the city can easily be done by train, the MRT, and the nearest district MRT station is just 30 seconds away from your doorstep.

14. 14.Lakeside Business Apartment Niaosong District

lakeside business apartment niaosong district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

This is a bed and breakfast apartment overlooking Cheng Ching Lake and its surrounding lush greenery. Within the neighborhood, you have restaurants, cafes, and, for those yearning for some swinging action, there is a golf course and a baseball pitch for you to sweat it out on. With just a 15-minute drive from the apartment, you can get to a massive shopping center to indulge in some retail therapy.

With space being a luxury, this apartment is suitable for a big group or a family, as there are two bedrooms available for guests.

15. 15. Renew Life, Renwu District

renew life, renwu district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

Conveniently located in Renwu District, you have convenience stores, restaurants, and supermarkets around the corner. Getting to the Zuoying High Speed Rail Station is just a 15-minute drive away.

The room has a certain Japanese influence to it, with two Japanese futon mattresses laid on a raised platform. A balcony extends out into the open air for you to take a breather. You are also given the liberty to make full use of the amenities in the kitchen throughout your stay.

16. 16. Greek-Style Suite, Xinxing District

greek-style suite, xinxing district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

The tapestry of bright colours in the private bedroom creates a refreshing vibe. Everything you need is available in the room: a television, a refrigerator, a dressing table, your very own bathroom, and a small lounge area by your bed. For those looking at laundry conveniences, not only does the host provide you with the use of the washing machine, but the dryer as well to expedite the washing process - a plus point for guests!

This property is in a perfect location as you have the Liuhe Night Market and Kaohsiung business district within easy reach.

17. 17. The Sweet Nordic Studio, Gushan District

A Nordic-style apartment, this place is simple but rustic. Providing unparalleled comfort away from home, the apartment offers plenty of space. The apartment, with a spacious living room, a balcony, a kitchen, and two bedrooms, is well-located in the district of Gushan. Ruifeng Night Market is at your doorstep, while the famous Liuhe Night Market is also easily reachable. To get to the other parts of the city, the nearest MRT station is just two minutes’ walk away.

The host is known to be very dedicated in ensuring you get the best from your stay. You can expect prompt replies to any of your doubts or queries. A host of such caliber is indeed an added bonus to your stay.

18. 18. The Factory 03, Gushan District

the factory 03, gushan district
Source: Airbnb, Inc.

A haven for those with a love for art, you can indulge in some of the artwork by various artists that are on display on the ground floor of this apartment. It is a space that connects like minds.

Apart form the artistic vibes this apartment exudes, it also scores for location. Situated in a quaint area, this space is a four-storey historic building located within a 3-minute walk from the Pier 2 Art Center. If renting a bicycle to explore the city is on your agenda, you have the rental site just one minute away. If not, the nearest MRT station is just a minute away too. Sizihwan Bay is within close proximity, which means it is ideal for those who wish to explore the neighboring island, known as Cijin District.

19. 19. A Sheet Of Place, Gushan District

This is a room with audacious simplicity, with bricks stacked as coffee tables and Japanese tatami beds. The place has your well-being in mind, latching on to the ideal that minimalistic is comfort.

This apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood but with easy access to endless sights and attractions. Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Ruifeng Night Market, Hanshin Arena Shopping Center, and Lotus Pond can all be reached within 15 minutes of walking. The Kaohsiung bicycle path is right next to the apartment. This means guests can rent a bicycle from the C-Bike rental site, which is just ten minutes away on foot. Cycle along the designated path, passing by the Love River and taking in the beautiful sights, head over to the Pier-2 Art Center, have some drinks at Yancheng District for a relaxing night, or just relax by Sizihwan Bay for sunset views.

20. 20. Industrial-Fashion Luxury Loft, Kaohsiung City

An industrial-style loft home with exposed pipes and creative pieces of furniture that will definitely define your stay as unique, this is certainly a cool place to stay. This apartment is ideal for a group or family for it has a spacious dining space, an intimate living room space with a brick wall, and a show kitchen. The bedrooms are simple yet inviting.

Restaurants are scattered around the apartment and you have the Ruifeng Night Market and the Kaohsiung Arena MRT Station just a few minutes’ walk from your doorstep. For shopping, you have the Hanshin Arena department store nearby as well. What more do you need for a great stay?

Be pleasantly surprised by the city

This city has impressively transitioned from an ancient to a contemporary city, but still preserves its cultural essence. You could say that this is a city of modern remix. Experiencing the city is rendered incomplete without experiencing the everyday lives of locals, thus Airbnb is a great platform. You can meet local people at the same time as enjoying an excellent stay. The accommodations available in this pretty city cover a broad spectrum of preferences, depending on your tastes and your definition of comfort.

Kaohsiung city awaits you, and so do the homes away from home.

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