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Unwind At Infinitea: A Boutique Tea-Room In Bangalore, India

Unwind At Infinitea: A Boutique Tea-Room In Bangalore, India

Tea has been conquering the world, one country at a time, for over 700 years. Known as being one of the healthiest beverages, many people often start as well as finish their day with this beloved beverage. During the Han Dynasty in China, between 202 BC and 220 AD, tea was mostly drank by the rich and many of the royal families. It was between 618 and 907, during the time of the Tang Dynasty, when the act of drinking tea became more acceptable among the lower classes of people. In their decision to support this magnificent herb, the Chinese government soon began building shops, allowing everyone to reap the benefits from this healing beverage.

Two locations to choose from

Today, India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world, producing roughly 715,000 tons per year. India is known for its remarkable Assam and Darjeeling teas which are exclusively grown in this country. In conjunction with the two, Ceylon has also made it into the ranking, and is grown on the island of Sri Lanka, located off the coast of South India. By now, you may be wondering where to find a high-quality tea room in Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, and I am delighted to present you with an answer. Infinitea has two locations, one on Cunningham Road which is located right in the heart of the city, and the other is conveniently located close to Ulsoor Lake in Indira Nagar.

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Enjoy the ambiance

From the moment you walk into Infinitea, you are greeted with a welcoming atmosphere accompanied by the sweet, herbal aromas of its teas. You will find many seating arrangements downstairs, as well as a private, spacious area upstairs that overlooks the dining area below. Creative artwork is displayed on the walls alongside many photographs of tea being enjoyed by different cultures around the world. The wooden beams exposed along the ceiling create an ornamental ambiance, making it feel as if you’ve just stepped into a cafè on one of the side streets in London or Paris. While looking at the menu, you may find it hard to decide which tea is best for you as there is an enormous range, including black, green, and fruity flavors.

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Noteworthy Black and Green Tea morning blends

A wonderful recommendation is the Muscatel, 2nd flush, being one of India’s beloved Darjeeling specialties. The term “flush” is referred to different seasons in which the tea was harvested. There are typically 4 flushes that correlate with the seasons, and a 2nd flush is tea that has been collected during the early to late summer months. This tea has an incredible spicy, yet sweet aroma, with strong hints of champagne which is exactly what you’re looking for when ordering a 2nd flush. In addition to making a great breakfast blend, another favorite that is great during the mornings is the Green Gold blend. This tea is neither overwhelming nor bitter in taste. In fact, you’ll find that it has a rich herbal aftertaste with a surprisingly soft, fresh aroma. I recommend pairing the Green Gold with one of Infinitea’s Millionaire Bars. This delectable treat has three layers, featuring a light, fluffy caramel center sandwiched between a crispy bottom and dark chocolate with sea salt topping.

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Discover a robust red Oolong tea

Here’s a fun fact about Oolong tea - drinking them regularly can help soothe and improve skin irritations, and even reduce symptoms related to eczema. Additionally, they are capable to aid in managing one’s weight, and are packed with powerful antioxidants that our body needs. If this sounds intriguing, then you’ve got to try the Red Thunder. This tea is slightly more caffeinated, similar to the Muscatel, and since it is semi-fermented it delivers a luxuriant aroma. You’ll be pleased with the sweet aftertaste, and notice that it is slightly fruity in flavor, making it pair perfectly with the Frangipane Tart that’s made with almond milk. This dessert is creamy yet has the right amount of crunch, and delivers a buttery aftertaste with hints of fresh raspberry.

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Infinitea is affordable, welcoming, and family friendly

Not only will you find delectable desserts on the menu at Infinitea, but you will discover an affordable range of lunch and dinner varieties. Among these options you’ll find pizzas, salads, seafood, and chicken; giving you many reasons to re-visit this tea room again! Not only is this a wonderful place for a family get-together, but there is complimentary Wi-Fi available to customers, making it a great place to meet up with your fellow business partners or to study for that big exam!

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