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Villa Montabord: A Cosy Parisan Bed & Breakfast In France

Posted May 19, 2017

No one can deny that there is something cosy and charming about bed and breakfast services. While hotels and resorts are often more deluxe and grand, nothing can beat the homely ambience of a typical bed and breakfast. Your vacation in Paris does not have to be a costly affair. If you are looking for a wholesome Parisian experience, I recommend staying in Villa Montabord.

An unparalleled location

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Villa Montabord is a bed and breakfast service located on Cité des Fleurs (City of Flowers), a private street in the district of North-West Paris. The location is one of the best things about Villa Montabord. The North-West Paris is hardly known for tourism, but that’s one of the main reasons you should stay there.

The beautiful area is absolutely worth exploring! It has a serene ‘village-like’ atmosphere where you can enjoy greenery, learn about culture, discover local markets and antique stores and check out churches and museums. From your guesthouse, you can walk up to Sacré Cœur Basilica, the iconic white church in Montmartre. For a dose of inspiration, observe outstanding collections of art at Jacquemart André and Nissim de Camondo Museums. Have a quiet day at Batignolles Square, an English-style garden flourishing with huge trees and flowers. The town is straight out of a storybook.

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First impressions at Villa Montabord

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a lovely couple, Isabelle and Jerome Sciard, who are the owners of the guest house. The guest house used to be a private mansion of Sciards before they decided to turn it into a bed and breakfast.

According to Isabelle, she and her husband share a love for interior decoration, which led them to settle in Villa Montabord and open a bed and breakfast. They want to offer their guests a comfortable, tranquil and refined stay. Not only do they strive to make your stay comfortable, they are happy to let you in on the secrets to make your vacation in Paris memorable.

Villa Montabord makes a great first impression. The rooms are spacious, well-designed and adequate for a leisurely stay. The villa has four charming guest rooms featuring classical and contemporary decor, a private dining area and a spacious courtyard. You will be completely awed by high vaulted ceilings, marble fireplaces, pier glasses, herringbone parquet flooring and ornamental elements.

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The guestrooms and amenities

The four guestrooms have their own unique theme. For those of you who like bright colours, Clementine guest room lets you escape to the streets of Paris. It is on the second floor overlooking the courtyard. The Charlotte guestroom is on the first floor right across the alley. The paintings hanging on the wall will leave you mesmerised. On the second floor, Alexis guestroom wants to you to take a trip down memory lane. The charming ‘school days’ setup will make anyone nostalgic. Then there is the beige Amaury guestroom, which is all about water and boats.

Each room has high-quality bedding, tasteful furnishings, window treatments and a number of exquisite paintings to add colour to the walls. What’s more, every room has a little ‘humorous’ surprise in store for you. Isabelle and Jerome put an odd object as a little touch of humour. The thing I loved the most about the villa was the presence of a fireplace. It instantly makes the room cosier, especially in the winters. Vacationers who have a lot of luggage with them will be pleased to find large wardrobes and shelves for storage. You can also put your valuables in a private safe.

Even when you are on a holiday, it is hard to live without the internet. Villa Montabord offers a free Wi-Fi connection to let you keep in touch with your social circle back at home. Moreover, there is a high-definition flat screen TV with French and international channels in every room. All the bathrooms have a modernised decor boasting sleek sinks, shelves, counter-tops and large mirrors with spotlight vanity fixtures. There is decentralised mechanical ventilation in each bathroom as well. Hairdryers, toiletries and slippers are also provided.

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A villa experience

As Villa Montabord is a private bed and breakfast service, you will find it to be very different from a hotel. Here are the few things you need to know about Villa Montabord:

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the mansion. Guests are not allowed to bring pets. Guests can’t have food and wine in your room. Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10:00 A.M. For lunch and dinner, guests can either head over to a local restaurant or prepare their own meals.

Villa Montabord is recommended for families, couples and business travellers. It is designed for a quiet, comfortable getaway that will leave you rejuvenated.

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