Watch the Aurora in Tokyo!? at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo You Can!

Review of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo | Bunkyo-ku, Sekiguchi 2-10-8
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Yes the Aurora Borealis can only be seen in the northern most parts in the world normally.

But there if you heard of an event where you can check it out easily without travelling far wouldn’t you be interested?

At a first class hotel in Tokyo “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo” there is an event that replicates an Aurora called “The Aurora of the Woods”. At night they use 7 different colored lights and recreate an aurora in the garden! The best part? It’s totally free! This time we take a close look at this event.

First off check how to get to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo before the Aurora

Before we get into the event info we want to introduce how to get to the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

From the JR Mejiro Station it is only a scant 10 minute bus ride. Or you can take the subway line to Edogaawa Station and come out the 1a exit and it is a 10 minute walk. If walking from Edogawa Station it is an uphill walk so if you aren’t sure if you can make it take a cab from the station. (you can get there on the minimum fare from that station)

Once at the hotel, head to the garden where the event is being held. The entrance to the garden is on the first floor of the hotel. The entrance to the hotel and the front desk is on the third floor so take the elevator down to the first.

The garden at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a huge 66115 sqm! It is thought to be the most beautiful garden in the whole metropolitan area. It is so natural and wild you almost forget that this is part of Tokyo. If you want to be in nature but don’t want to travel out of the city then this is the place for you.

The aurora show is located 3 minutes’ walk from the entrance, near the large pond “Yuusuichi”. The aurora event is a night event but during the event the walkways are light up at night so you can walk easily.

*Light show times sunset to 11pm

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This is the Aurora Borealis you can see at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Just look at this beautiful Aurora!

This is one scene of the event Aurora of the Forest, at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s garden pond Yuusuichi.

5 minutes prior to the show, a light mist is shot up with a hiss. Once the event starts the 7 different light colors create an aurora effect. It isn’t the real thing but the way it moves and the coloration seems damn close enough! The shifting colors that are shaped into curtain like waves are not to be missed. Not only does show move, it also has mystical feeling back ground music to it too!

It’s probably best to wait in the building until 5 minutes before the show to stay warm. This way you are nice and comfortable to watch the aurora without a care in the world.

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Be awestruck by getting close to the Aurora to watch it

Don’t you wonder what the aurora would look like when you get close? If so head to the chapel “Vanveil” area.

The light of the aurora shines far out so for those up close actually walk through the Aurora. The “Aurora of the Woods” is a show that continuously changes color. The unanticipated color changes and movement will bring the shutterbug out in you.

*Aurora in the Woods Dates: 11-22-2014 until 12-28-2014 Times: 6pm to 10:30pm (every 30 minutes there is a 10 minute show)

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Near Benkei Bridge a sea of clouds appears

The Aurora isn’t all that Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has to offer.

If you go in straight from the garden entrance, the first red bridge you cross (Benkei Bridge) stop there for a moment. Around here after sundown there is a small “sea of clouds” that is made.

With it being lit up from underneath the bridge the sea of clouds goes from being white to red, and is truly spectacular.

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Taste the Aurora!

During the aurora event at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo they serve aurora themed items on their restaurant menu.

*The main bar “Le Marque” A frozen cocktail imagined after a winter aurora “Shinonomezora” “Aurora Rock” every time the ice moves it changes its expression “NO. 62” a spiral design in a glass *Lounge lobby “Le Jardain” “Winter afternoon tea” a jelly that uses the colors of the aurora etc.

After watching the Aurora of the Woods, why not have some aurora from the menu. Don’t just feast on the aurora with just your eyes.

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A winter fantasy created by Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The Aurora of the Woods shows every 30 minutes. You can’t just see it once you will most likely see it many times it is so attractive. This is the first time Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has done this event. It is a unique experience you can check out this winter.

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