Your Ultimate Guide To Planning A Workation - The New Travel Trend Post-Covid

Your Ultimate Guide To Planning A Workation - The New Travel Trend Post-Covid
Trip101 Editorial
Trip101 Editorial

The pandemic has caused almost everything to shift. It made half a year of staying home feel like it has already been twice as long, and so you may be wondering when it will be safe to travel freely again. During these times, working remotely is the new normal, yet we still cannot get traveling for vacation out of our heads. Both are done at the same time if we take a workation, and it really does sound like paradise. While most of us are really eager to do that, most countries still have restrictions, so organizing your much-deserved workation will take time and vigorous planning. Fortunately, you can check out this article for your ultimate guide to a workation to make your planning a lot less tough.

Choosing your destination: Best Workation Destinations 2020-2021

Some incredible destinations are open to remote workers and even hold programs to encourage them to stay there. Here are a few places that offer a comfortable remote working environment, along with their alluring scenery.

Destinations with Workation programs

1. Barbados

Carlisle Bay - Barbados
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user P. Hughes used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Barbados, a Caribbean island commonly known for its sunny weather and sandy beaches, is accepting applications from remote workers all over the world. They’re offering the opportunity to relocate to the island and work remotely for up to 12 months. An individual Barbados Welcome Stamp costs 2,000 USD, but with this visa, you won’t have to pay the island’s income tax during your stay. If you’re relocating with your spouse and kids, you can apply for the “family bundle”, which costs 3,000 USD.

With a stable WiFi connection, remote workers can be assured that they will be able to get their tasks done without interruption. If you’re into locations with scenic landscapes, then Barbados is definitely a great option for your workation.

Workation Program in Barbados

Apply: Barbados Welcome Stamp

Where to stay during your Workation in Barbados

2. Bermuda

Your Ultimate Guide To Planning A Workation - The New Travel Trend Post-Covid
Source: Photo by Flickr user JoshuaDavisPhotog... used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Bermuda, popular because of its clear blue waters and stunning pink sand beaches, is also one of the places attracting remote workers to relocate. It costs 263 USD to apply for the “Work From Bermuda” program, and successful applicants can stay for up to 12 months. The form is available online and takes about five working days to process. Successful applicants planning to bring their children along may do so but they need to apply individually and pay the application fee as well.

Tourists have always been drawn to the magnificent beaches and spectacular destinations of Bermuda, so it’s clear to see why there are hundreds of people applying for the island’s workation program. Working on this stunning island might just be what you need to relax and get away from the city.

Workation Program in Bermuda

Apply: Work From Bermuda

Where to stay during your Workation in Bermuda

3. Anguilla

Cap Juluca - Anguilla - Nicest Beaches
Source: Photo by Flickr user tiarescott used under CC BY 2.0

Much like Bermuda and Barbados, Anguilla presents a paradise from where you can enjoy a comfortable and idyllic workation. This island in the Eastern Caribbean has launched a new program that provides visas for remote workers who can stay anywhere from three months to a year. If you’re planning to relocate here for a whole year, the individual fee is 2,000 USD, but a stay of fewer than three months costs 1,000 USD.

In this sandy destination, you’ll find many accommodations with ocean views and quick access to the beach. Digital nomads will appreciate the fast and stable connection offered by local telecom providers, and most dining establishments are equipped with free WiFi. You can choose to work in a cafe or on the beach - it’s totally up to you. At the end of your workday, enjoy a cool swim or a leisurely stroll on the beach.

Workation Program in Anguilla

Apply: Visitor Application Form

Where to stay during your Workation in Anguilla

4. Aruba

View from above of colorful buildings in Oranjestad on the island of Aruba in the morning sun
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Navigator334 used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Aruba joins the list of islands that have recently launched a workation program for digital nomads. Called “One Happy Workation”, this arrangement offers U.S. Nationals a chance to work on this paradisal island and enjoy amenities like free WiFi and complimentary breakfasts. Interested individuals can book one of their packages to enjoy the benefits. Stay for as little as a week or as long as three months and work anywhere on the island. If you book a stay at a participating accommodation, you can even enjoy discounts on local experiences.

Workation Program in Aruba

Apply: One Happy Workation

Where to stay during your Workation in Aruba

5. Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
Source: Needpix

Explore Georgia’s mix of modern and historic architecture when you apply for their workation program, “Remotely from Georgia”. With rocky beaches, medieval structures, and friendly locals, remote workers will definitely find this an upgrade from the usual home office setup. The application form is available online, and successful applicants are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine in one of the pre-approved hotels upon arriving. Currently, 95 countries are welcome to apply for this visa program and enjoy Georgia’s affordable living cost, fast WiFi, and stunning attractions.

Workation Program in Georgia

Apply: Remotely from Georgia

Where to stay during your Workation in Georgia

6. Thailand

Source: Photo by Flickr user Nishanth Jois used under CC BY 2.0

Thailand has opened its borders to travelers who are willing to go through a 14-day quarantine. A special visa that can grant a tourist a 90-day stay in the country will be issued, and it can be extended twice. In tropical Koh Lanta, remote workers will find KoHub, a unique coworking space next to the beach that provides plenty of laptop-friendly work stations and fast WiFi. Printers and copiers are available if you need them, and universal plugs ensure your devices are fully charged for work. The country has also recently launched “Workation Thailand”, and they offer several packages on their website that include discounted room rates in luxury hotels and resorts.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to travel and work remotely at the same time, then this country is a great choice. Besides its eye-catching beaches and temples, tourists also love to explore great shopping locations and experience authentic Thai cuisine. Thailand might just be the place for your ideal workation.

Workation Programs in Thailand

Website: Workation Thailand

Where to stay during your Workation in Thailand

Other destinations that are friendly for remote workers

7. India

Taj Mahal (Edited)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Yann used under CC BY-SA 4.0

India is notable for its unique and remarkable traditions. It is also famous for its rich history and phenomenal architecture - one of the most prominent being the Taj Mahal. Its delicious cuisine has people from all over the world recreating some of their popular dishes like tandoori chicken and tikka masala. Digital nomads eager to escape the usual scene will find plenty of coworking spaces and workation retreats all over India such as Innov8 in New Delhi and Jxtapose in Hyderabad. If you’re more on the market for hotel stays, properties like Fairmont Jaipur offer business centers with reliable WiFi and photocopying services.

While India has started to open its doors, the country is only open to travelers from select countries such as the USA, Canada, France, and Germany, among others. So before booking that ticket, it’s best to check if you are actually allowed to travel to India now. If not, you can wait it out! Beautiful places are always worth the wait.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats


Address: Regal Building, 69, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India

Website: Innov8


Address: 587, Rd Number 32, Aditya Enclave, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033, India

Website: Jxtapose

Where to stay during your Workation in India

8. Arizona, USA

00 1007 Oak Creek Canyon - Arizona (USA)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user W. Bulach used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Arizona may have some restrictions due to the pandemic, but if you’re just traveling from another state, then you’re good to go. If you want to see different scenery while you work and you love places with warm weather and picturesque roads, then this is the ideal state for you. Enjoy a staycation while you work when you book the “Work from Hyatt” package at Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides the suite, you’ll have access to WiFi, food and beverage, and services like laundry and parking.

Numerous activities can be enjoyed in Arizona, including visiting museums, hiking, and sightseeing. You can even visit their national parks if you want. Doing all these while working remotely is possible. If you are planning to travel soon from a foreign country, do check if there are flights available to Arizona.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Work from Hyatt

Website: Work from Hyatt

Where to stay during your Workation in Arizona

9. Delaware, USA

Wilmington Delaware skyline
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Malepheasant used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Delaware is a state in the United States loved by many because of its breathtaking views and affordable housing, which would be perfect if you were to book a workation here. You can rent a beach house at Rehoboth Beach or Bethany Beach and enjoy the serenity while you work. However, if you miss the office, you can rent a space in one of the many coworking communities in Wilmington. For just 60 USD a month, you can enjoy a community membership at The Mill, which includes fast and reliable WiFi, meeting spaces, and printing services. At The WIN Factory, you can rent a personal desk or a private office, have access to WiFi, printing services, and conference rooms.

If you love to visit museums, you can check out Delaware Art Museum to see exhibits that might pique your interest, or visit one of the many state parks and beaches while you’re here.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

The Mill

Address: 1007 N Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Website: The Mill

The WIN Factory

Address: 300 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Website: The WIN Factory

Where to stay during your Workation in Delaware

10. Iowa, USA

Downtown Macedonia, Iowa
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jared Winkler used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Food in Iowa - especially their pork tenderloin - is definitely appreciated by many. But Iowa is so much more than that - there are also plenty of attractive places to see and visit, all of which you can enjoy on your workation. Iowa is home to a number of well-designed coworking spaces, and it’s perfect if you’re feeling less than productive at home. There’s Blue Bean in Ankeny, Gravitate Coworking in downtown Des Moines, and Vault Coworking in Cedar Rapids, among many others all over the state.

While here, you can tour Maquoketa Caves State Park. If you want to experience the best of Iowa, then you can visit National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, and there are also many other museums that might catch your attention. You really won’t run out of compelling things to do in Iowa, which makes it a great destination for your workation.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Blue Bean

Address: 110 N Ankeny Blvd #200, Ankeny, IA 50023, United States

Website: Blue Bean

Gravitate Coworking

Address: 500 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309, United States

Website: Gravitate Coworking

Vault Coworking

Address: 415 12th Ave SE #201, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401, United States

Website: Vault Coworking

Where to stay during your Workation in Iowa

11. Japan

Tokyo Japan City Skyline
Source: Photo by Flickr user Derrick Brutel used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Not one to fall behind on current trends, Japan has recently incorporated workation-friendly amenities to its national parks with the hopes of boosting the local economy. With government assistance, accommodations near several national parks have started preparing work-friendly spaces with reliable WiFi for digital nomads and locals working from home. Being near a national park is quite ideal since guests can enjoy a number of activities here after work. One place worth checking out for a relaxing workation is Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel, which is located near the scenic Lake Chuzenji in Tochigi Prefecture. If you’d rather stay in Tokyo, there are coworking spaces available like Creative Lounge MOV in Shibuya, which is quite popular for international visitors since it’s English-friendly.

Delicious food, skyscrapers, traditional temples, national parks, castles, hot springs, bamboo forests, and more are open to you when you choose to stay and work in Japan.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Creative Lounge MOV

Address: Japan, 150-8510 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2 Chome−21−1, Hikarie, 8F

Website: Creative Lounge MOV

Where to stay during your Workation in Japan

12. Bali, Indonesia

Padang Padang Beach, Bali, Indonesia  (DSC_0742_3_4)
Source: Photo by Flickr user Schristia used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Long before the pandemic and the surge of workation programs and retreats, Bali has always been a popular choice among digital nomads. Besides being a top tourist destination, this island is home to work-friendly cafes, coworking spaces, and retreats that offer the ideal environment for workers looking to get productive. No matter where you are in Bali, you’ll likely run across locals and foreign nationals with laptops and tablets propped up on tables or knees. If you’re looking to enjoy the island life on your workation, check out Dojo Bali Coworking or Roam’s coliving and coworking space in Ubud.

In the Land of the Gods, you can enjoy every type of scenery: beaches, forests, rice paddies, and more. Remote workers will definitely find inspiration to get creative and be productive when in Bali.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Dojo Bali Coworking

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.88, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Website: Dojo Bali Coworking


Address: Jalan Raya Penestanan Kelod 80571 - Ubud

Website: Roam

Where to stay during your Workation in Bali

13. Spain

Altea (Alicante) (Spain)
Source: Photo by Flickr user Jose A. used under CC BY 2.0

Spain is another great option for digital nomads looking for ideal workation environments. Several coliving and coworking communities have cropped up in recent years, including Sun and Co. in Alicante’s coastal town of Jávea. Private rooms are available from 40 EUR (47 USD) and shared rooms from 22 EUR (26 USD). WiFi, office spaces, and access to skillshare sessions and other events are open to participants. Another option is Suryalila Workation Retreat - besides the usual workspaces, guests can enjoy daily yoga classes, fresh vegetarian meals, and access to a saltwater pool, among others. If you’re looking for more independent options, book an Airbnb in Malaga and check out some of their coolest coworking spaces, such as The Living Room Coworking and BeWorking.

There are certain restrictions for several countries, but if you’re already in Spain or coming from one of the countries of the European Union or in the Schengen Area, Spain is a wonderful option for a workation.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Sun and Co.

Address: Carrer Príncep d'Astúries, 40, 03730 Xàbia, Alicante, Spain

Website: Sun and Co.

Suryalila Workation Retreat

Address: Cortijo La Fabrica, Pago del Pajarete, 11650 Villamartin (Cadiz), Spain

Website: Suryalila Workation Retreat

The Living Room Coworking

Address: Calle Martínez Campos, 16, 29001 Málaga, Spain

Website: The Living Room Coworking


Address: Calle Alejandro Dumas, 17, 29004 Málaga, Spain

Website: BeWorking

Where to stay during your Workation in Spain

14. Germany

Magdeburg, Germany
Source: Needpix

If you’re on the lookout for more European destinations that are friendly for remote workers, Germany offers a few workation retreats and coliving/coworking spaces. One of these retreats is Coconat, which is located just outside Berlin and offers convenient workspaces, accommodations for individuals and teams, meals, and activities such as yoga, castle, visits, and hiking trails, among others. Remote workers eager to escape distraction can also check out Project Bay in Lietzow, where guests can make use of the bright coworking space that provides a view of the beach. Lietzow Station is nearby, making it easily accessible, and amenities for leisure include a game room, a garden, a picnic area, and the nearby beach.

Citizens from countries in the European Union and Schengen Area won’t have any issues heading to Germany for a change of scenery and workation. Other countries may face restrictions or quarantine requirements. While here, enjoy touring castles and museums and snapping photos of traditional timber frame houses.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats


Address: Klein-Glien 25, 14806 Bad Belzig, Germany

Website: Coconat

Where to stay during your Workation in Germany

15. Italy

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Source: Photo by Flickr user Ray in Manila used under CC BY 2.0

Italy has recently reopened its borders to citizens of certain countries, so if you’re thinking of spending the rest of the year working remotely from Italy, you’ll find that this country is a great option for digital nomads. Thanks to the numerous coworking spaces all over Italy, you can have your pick of cities like Rome, Turin, and more. You can check out Impact Hub Siracusa in Syracuse or Hub/Spoke Coworking in Cagliari. The cheap cost of living in a number of cities also makes this country an attractive choice for remote workers.

Home to popular destinations like Florence, Rome, and Cinque Terre, Italy is an attractive destination year-round, and the delicious food and stunning wine regions make it ideal for those looking to combine business and pleasure.

Coworking spaces and workation retreats

Impact Hub Siracusa

Address: Via Vincenzo Mirabella, 29, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy

Website: Impact Hub Siracusa

Hub/Spoke Coworking

Address: Via Roma, 235, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy

Website: Hub/Spoke Coworking

Where to stay during your Workation in Italy

16. Maldives

Source: Unsplash

Perhaps the most luxurious program that you will find on this list is in none other than Maldives. The place is famously known as a lavish vacation spot and for good reasons: serenity and seclusion, which makes this an ideal place for those who are planning to have a workation. It was only this year that The Nautilus Maldives launched its workation package for a whopping 23,250 USD for a seven-night stay. Guests may choose to stay up to 21 days in their own private Nautilus Beach House, free from any distraction. High-speed internet connection, full computer setups, portable projector and screens, and just about any office needs you can think of, are available in this package. To make guests feel taken care of, this package even includes a 24/7 private assistant! Aptly, The Nautilus Maldives lives by the motto: “work hard, play hard”.

Workation program in Maldives

The Nautilus Workation Package

Address: Thiladhoo, Baa atoll 20066, Maldives

Website: The Nautilus Maldives

Where to stay during your Workation in Maldives

Embrace the new travel trend

Wherever you decide to take your workation, make sure to weigh your options. There are so many beautiful places to see and so many exciting things to discover, so planning a workation is such a thrilling thing to do, especially since we’ve spent so many months at home. When you do travel, do try to really go and see what’s out there and savor every little detail.

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