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Calling all foodies and lovers of global cuisine! Is food an important part of your travels? Check out our great Food & Drink section to really get your taste buds tingling and your digestive juices flowing in anticipation!

Know what local specialities to look out for as you discover various destinations across the planet and compile a list of dishes that you’re itching to try. Be tempted by regional food from Indonesia’s Solo, culinary highlights of Florence, barbecues in Dallas, tasty Polish delights, an assortment of interesting dishes from the Muslim Quarter in China’s Xi’an … and more!

Numerous recommendations of restaurants and cafes are sure to have you chomping at the bit and there are heaps of suggestions for combining great dining with other travel experiences too. Would you love to savour delicious food and spectacular views at the same time? How about quirky themed eateries like cat cafes and converted railway stations? There are so many choices!

Don’t forget the bustling food markets too, often popular with locals and visitors alike thanks to the variety of dishes and the affordable prices. Atmospheric and colourful, food markets are often high on the list for visitors to experience at least once in a new place. Get the lowdown on street food from around the world and great money saving tips!

From the spectacular wineries of Cape Town to cooking schools in Bangkok and Bali, discover diverse ways to treat your senses and stomach!
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