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Cafes are often great little spots to take a breather a chill out whilst exploring a new city or town. Often with a good selection of drinks and snacks to recharge your batteries, cafes are also often ideal for chatting with your friends or watching the world go by. From the charming pavement cafes of Europe to quirky cafes with a fun theme, get real recommendations of relaxed cafes to visit on your next trip.

Cafes are also often sought after by people who work whilst travelling, whether they are remote workers or self-employed freelancers. The relaxing atmosphere coupled with the (often) availability of free Wi-Fi internet access can make cafes a top choice for settling down for a few hours of productivity.

Hang out at a former derelict shipyard in Amsterdam, feel fit and healthy after a visit to an American juice bar, treat yourself to a glass of midday wine in Venice, munch on fresh pastries in Paris and Hawaii, and cuddle up with cute kitties in Bangkok. And that’s not all! Drool over Belgian sweet treats, soak up the views from a Scottish farm café or a soaring Hong Kong skyscraper, and enjoy the laid-back sounds of jazz in Oslo … there are so many cool cafes to choose between!
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