When one sees the words 'ancient civilisation', often, only a handful of countries and cities which exist in today's world come to mind. One of the more prominent ones is undoubtedly Greece, which captivates visitors with its unique blend of modernity and its deep roots to the ancient world.

With so many physical manifestation of the country's link to the past, tourism in Greece is heavily centred on culture and history. Which is why one of the first things to do when in Greece is to visit the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Showcasing sculptures and many more artefacts from Ancient Greece, the museum is a definite must-see in Greece.

Being a country that is made of a peninsula and many groups of small islands, Greece is an ideal place for island hopping and quiet getaways. Santorini, especially is one of the most alluring island destinations within Greece and indeed in Europe. And while seafood is obviously a fine choice whenever you visit a place that borders the sea, there's more to Greek cuisine than just catch-of-the-days and kebabs.

One of the best ways to experience a country's culture is through its food. When in Greece, do take a chance to try some delicious local cuisine such as souvlakis (meat skewers), saganakis (deep fried cheese), tzatziki (a cucumber and yoghurt dish) and other Greek delicacies.

For all its draws and charms, Greece is an inexpensive place to travel to. And since any day is a good day to travel, why not book yourself a trip to Greece now?

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