Bars & clubs

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For many travellers, experiencing the local night scene and having fun after sundown is as important as filling the daytime with a rich assortment of sights and activities. Bars and clubs can be fantastic places to meet other travellers and mingle with locals in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Socialising is easy, after all, bars and clubs are designed, by their very nature, to be sociable places!

Some establishments offer food, most have a wide assortment of local and international alcoholic and soft drinks, and you’ll find some places that have a quirky or interesting theme. Depending on the country (and time of year), you will find bars & clubs that have seating outdoor in pretty gardens, on classy terraces, or even right on the pavement. For others, the focus of the action is within.

Although you need not spend every single night out and about painting the town red (but, if you do, that’s entirely up to you!), it would be a shame not to enjoy at least a little bit of the night life in a new place. For more information on hip bars and clubs around the world, check out what Trip101 travel writers have to say!
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