Peru is a well-known country in the travel world, and it is also the cultural center of one of the biggest pre-Columbian civilizations, the Incas. During the past few decades, many have discovered the heritage of the Inca civilization, and it has quickly drawn the attention of the international travel community. However, apart from the temples and relics, Peru actually offers something more. Explore Trip101 articles to find out all you need to know about these hidden gems.

Almost every traveler knows Peru because of its beautiful lake, Titicaca, and the famous Machu Pichu. However, to get to know the culture, one must try to go a little further. The capital city, Lima, is often overlooked and described as chaotic, but if there is time, be sure to stop by and roam through its streets. Do not forget to also make time for cities such as Huacachina and Arequipa to experience the beautiful diversity of the cities in Peru.

Apart from the popular tourist attractions, Peru is also known as one of the best places to eat in South America. Local delicacies such as ceviche (a mix of vegetables and seafood marinated with citrus), anticuchos (marinated meat similar to shish kebabs or satay), and cuy (guinea pig) are some of the must-try food for any traveler visiting Peru. So, be sure not to miss any of it!

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