Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is located in its northern part in a basin between the Yangming Mountain and the Central Mountains. With easy connectivity to other parts of the beautiful island, travellers usually stop over for a few days in Taipei before continuing their journey to explore other parts of Taiwan. Check out our articles on this dynamic city to learn how you can create a delightful holiday in Taipei now!

In this contemporary city, not only is it filled with busy shopping streets and modern skyscrapers such as the reputable Taipei 101, but also quirky old-fashioned alleys and lanes that attract travellers looking for offbeat attractions for a unique experience. Follow the local culture to discover the fascination of night markets – an essential part of the Taiwanese life, particularly in Taipei that boasts the highest concentration of night markets in Taiwan.

Not only do the night markets offer a variety of clothing and accessories, they also offer many opportunities for you to indulge in the wide variety of yummy street snacks in the gourmet haven. For the history buffs, gain a deeper appreciation of the history and development of democracy at the many museums including the iconic Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

Tired of going to the usual crowded tourist attractions? Then explore a different side of Taipei at the tranquil and retro 44 South Village, a cultural and historical village that allows visitors a peek into the old military life in Taipei.

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Taipei, Taiwan
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