Travel tips

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With invaluable information about visas, insurance, medical care, travel services, and more, check out our awesome selection of effective and reliable travel tips.

Have you ever met people on the road, got chatting, and discovered a wealth of top tips and tricks that make your own adventures easier, more fulfilling, or heaps of fun? Imagine having a great assortment of similar practical travel tips from real travellers accessible on demand. Draw on a wealth of experiences from travellers just like you, people who have already visited your chosen destinations and are happy to share things to make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

Whether its recommendations of areas to stay to make exploring easier, fantastic money saving and budgeting tips, the best times to visit certain places, help with packing, avoiding common scams, bartering techniques, staying safe on your travels, suggested routes, communications and the local lingo, or some cool insider know-how, an armoury of incredibly helpful advice is just waiting for you! It’s like chatting with a new friend and sharing handy information … without needing to seek out folk in the know in each and every new place you visit.

Knowing a bit about local customs and learning more about the local culture is highly recommended for any traveller visiting a new place. Not only is it interesting, but it also helps you to avoid making an unintentional faux pas and embarrassing both yourself and the people who call the place home.
Good things are meant to be shared!