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Being geographically secluded from the rest of the world, the UK has always been a unique world in itself. Because of its island identity this country cultivates its differences from the rest of Europe and its unique culture is definitely worth visiting. As a nation, the British are known to be friendly to tourists and are charming to be around whereupon their dry humour is a priceless bonus. This country has infinite places to visit from the rugged hills in Yorkshire to the busy streets of London and the unique seaside villages all along the coast. The national dishes such as fish and chips or hot cross buns are an absolute must-try and vary in quality all over the province. Despite the endless rain there is always cheer to be found through its famous pub culture that promises comforting warm meals and excellent beers. The cathedral cities such as Winchester, Salisbury and Bristol boast magnificent architecture and history to explore. As a place that has an extremely rich past there is an inexhaustible amount to learn and places to visit one of the most famous examples being Stonehenge. The important aspect to note about the UK is its vast variety with hundreds of different accents and landscapes that never fail to be awe-inspiring. Get a feel for all the amazing places to be seen throughout the country by browsing our articles and ensuring a truly spectacular trip.

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United Kingdom, UK
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