Australia, the smallest continent and sixth largest country in the world by total area, is a developed country that some travellers may deem it to be too expensive to visit. But do not dismiss this enchanting country Down Under lightly, for it has so much to offer to people of diverse interests!

Explore the vast brown land in every Australian state. Create your own unforgettable outback adventure here, from the rugged mountain ranges and spectacular gorges to the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. Check out some of the world's most exclusive and myriad natural environments, where you can find unique wildlife like the fairy penguins, koala and wombat as well as breathtaking national parks like the Great Ocean Road.

In fact, there are a total of 19 World Heritage Sites waiting for you to unveil their beauty! Chill and surf on the iconic beaches in Sydney and Gold Coast and enjoy your refreshing walks along the stunning coastlines. Experience the oldest living culture on earth – the Aboriginal culture in the Northern Territory. Wine and dine tastefully with great food and wine made from fresh local produce in popular destinations like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.

The list of wonderful things to do Down Under never seems to end. Read our articles for more lovely ideas on how you can create a memorable holiday in this island continent now!

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