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Stephanie Eley
Stephanie Eley
Tour Guide for Colorado, Philade...
arnon aramnun
arnon aramnun
Tour Guide for Bangkok
Asaf Leshem
Asaf Leshem
Tour Guide for Berlin, Potsdam, ...
Asier Garmendia
Asier Garmendia
Tour Guide for Granada (province...
Tiberiu Condulescu
Tiberiu Condulescu
Tour Guide for Budapest, Tihany,...
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Stephanie Eley
STEPHANIE ELEY Colorado I'm a graduate of ITMI, International Tour Management Institute and 17 years as a licensed Tour Director and Program Director. My expertise began in NYC and Washington, DC where I'm a licensed guid... Read more
All of Colorado resides on the Colorado Plateau. This is the 4 corners region of the South West including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Colorado’s elevation begins at 3,000’. Hydration is very important! Electrolyte additive is a valuable preventative for altitude sickness. Drink water and go easy on the altitude at first arrival.

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Jamie Casallos
Jamie Casallos
Local Expert for Albay Province, M...
Rituparna Pal
Rituparna Pal
Local Expert for Chennai, Kolkata
Aditi Roy
Aditi Roy
Local Expert for New Delhi, Goa (s...
Chirag Gaur
Chirag Gaur
Local Expert for Rishikesh, New De...
John Read
John Read
Local Expert for Washington, San D...
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Being a coastal town, Mahabalipuram is full of eateries serving fresh seafood. Some of them sit on the beach itself so that you can enjoy freshly caught and roasted prawns and squid while gazing at...
If you're ever in Gangtok, don't miss out on Tsomgo Lake. I stumbled upon this gem during a spontaneous trip, and it's a scene straight out of a postcard – surrounded by majestic snow-capped mounta...

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