Chile, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, is located just on the bottom of the continent of America, right beside Argentina. Due to its geographical position, the country has every kind of ecosystems that anyone can imagine: desserts, mountains, forests, lakes, etc.

For this reason, the weather in this country is quite different; the warmer days begin around October to March, while the colder days are around April to October. Chile is quite famous among travelers, especially those who are nature lovers.

There are many ways to explore this rich country, and one of the best ways is by gradually traveling from the north to the south. Experience the beauty of Parque Nacional Lauca that shares the borders of Bolivia, and then head to the driest dessert in the world, Atacama. Stay at San Pedro de Atacama for a few days, and explore the geysers, hot springs, go stargazing, and sand board in the Death Valley. Afterwards, make way to the central and enjoy Santiago de Chile and it’s surrounding.

Don’t forget to also visit beautiful and colorful cities, such as Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. In the southern areas, stop at exotic cities such as Valdivia and Puerto Varas before heading to one of Chile’s most known gems, Torres del Paine.

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