It’s a country that needs almost no introduction. Known for delicious food, fine wines, exquisite art, amazing architecture, and breathtaking landscapes, this is truly a country that offers visitors everything—and more! The capital, Paris, regales visitors with monuments like the Eiffel Tower, churches like Notre Dame, and museums like the Louvre. Plus, the city offers world-class shopping, informative tours, great accommodations, and even a Disneyland! But Paris is just the beginning of France’s treasures. Not far from the capital, elaborately-decorated castles invite visitors to step back in time to the royal era. The Palace of Versailles is the most ornate, but the French landscape is full of others, like Fontainebleau and Chantilly, that are waiting to be discovered. For those who love beaches and sun, the south of France is a must-see. The Mediterranean climate and kind locals are always ready to welcome travelers. Also, find small towns bursting with local art galleries and unique restaurants. For a taste of the mountains, look no further than the French Alps. The Alps are a massive playground offering year-round fun. In winter, skiing and snowboarding dominate. But even when there’s no snow, enjoy a scenic hike or take a ride on an awe-inspiring cable car. Click here to read more about all the delights France has to offer, and to start planning the ultimate French vacation.

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