Fact-checking process

Trip101’s editorial team is composed of writers and editors from around the world. As fellow travel enthusiasts, we want to help you make informed decisions when planning for your trips. By verifying the accuracy of our content, we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to plan your next adventure.

For this reason, our writers are required to cite credible sources when they submit their work. Before any article is published, it undergoes a rigorous checking process by our team of highly trained editors. We also maintain an open line of communication with our writers to ensure no piece of information is left unverified.


Our commitment to publishing factually sound articles is upheld by sourcing information from reputable and dependable sources like government organizations, official tourism boards, and official websites of accommodations and attractions.


While we strive to produce relevant articles, some of our older topics may include outdated information. We greatly value insights and tips from our readers and, if tips and comments are received, we check and correct the information on a priority basis. To inform us regarding article corrections, readers can reach us through the Comments section at the bottom of each article, by using the "Add a tip" icon, or by emailing us at writer@trip101.com.

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