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Party Houses

Whether it’s a bachelorette with your best friends or a graduation party with your close relatives, party houses are the perfect accommodations to enjoy a memorable time. These houses offer lots of amenities to ensure you’re entertained throughout your stay. You can also engage in fun activities and make everlasting memories. Party houses come in different sizes and can be budget-friendly or luxurious. Read on to learn more about what to expect during your stay in a party house and destinations across the world featuring party houses.

How party houses are different from dedicated event venues

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One of the biggest advantages of party houses over event venues is that you can book party houses for overnight stays. Dedicated event venues are usually only booked for day events or a few hours and don’t offer overnight stays. Even if the latter offer accommodations, they only allow you to have the celebrations during the event hours.

Moreover, you can only book party houses for private parties and fun gatherings of medium-sized and large groups, while event venues can accommodate over fifty or hundreds of guests. Event venues also usually offer catering services for a fee.

So based on whether you are planning a private party or hosting an event, you can choose between party houses and event venues.

Amenities usually included in party houses

  • Indoor and outdoor lounges

Party houses are ideal places to lounge with your loved ones. Be it expansive living rooms with comfy seating and entertainment facilities or outdoor patios with open-air lounge spaces, there are plenty of spots where you can gather and have fun. You can share drinks or snacks, play games, or have movie marathons in these lounges.

  • Indoor and/or outdoor bars

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What’s a party without some flavorful drinks? For your enjoyment, most party houses come with an indoor or outdoor bar where you can hang out while sipping on some refreshing wine, spirit, or beer. While indoor bars are ideal for rainy days, outdoor ones are the perfect place to be on a starry night. These are also excellent spots for laid-back conversations.

  • Swimming pools

Party houses generally feature an indoor or outdoor pool to let you indulge in refreshing dips in between partying. You can head to the pool to relax and cool down, or host an exciting pool party to continue the fun. Pool toys, floats, and other great amenities may also be included to make your experience seamless. When you’re not swimming, hang out by the pool on a lounger and soak in the sunshine.

  • Hot tubs

Whether you wish to relax your tired muscles after a long evening of dancing or destress while sipping on a glass of wine, hot tubs are a welcome feature in a party house. Luckily, most party houses offer indoor or outdoor hot tubs to let you pamper yourself to the fullest.

  • Barbecue areas

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Party houses usually include fun barbecue areas to offer you a place to gather for cookouts and relish delightful treats. These areas are perfect hangout spots on pleasant days when you can savor juicy steaks or hot dogs while chatting away with loved ones.

  • Game rooms

One of the most attractive features of a party house is the game room — where every guest is sure to have fun. Most game rooms contain amenities for all ages, including pool tables, board games, foosball tables, and many more. This place is perfect for quiet or exciting entertainment.

  • Movie rooms

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Movie rooms or home cinemas are ideal spaces for entertainment in any weather. Party houses may offer small or big movie rooms, where you can kick back on comfy seats and enjoy your favorite movie on a large screen. Some movie rooms even come with minibars for convenience.

  • Indoor and outdoor games

Even if there’s no dedicated game room, party houses often feature indoor and outdoor games for your enjoyment. Unleash your inner child as you enjoy yard games, such as cornhole or bocce ball. Badminton, basketball, or mini-golf courts may also be available in lavish party houses. These games help build stronger connections with your travel companions.

  • Entertainment system

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Every party house aims to take care of your entertainment needs. Naturally, one of the vital features of a party house is the home entertainment system. Most party houses come with a large flat-screen TV, a good sound system, and in some cases, even record players and musical instruments. Additionally, there are movie DVDs and vinyl records available for you to choose from.

  • Special kitchen amenities

Aside from regular cooking appliances and utensils, party houses usually come with special amenities in their kitchens. There are popcorn machines, ice machines, wine glasses, and the like provided in party houses to make it easier for you to host a fun party. You can easily make some popcorn for the movie marathon or use the ice machine to keep your drinks cool.

What are party houses generally used for?

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  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties

Gather your best friends and enjoy your bachelor or bachelorette party in a fully furnished party house. Party houses are perfect if you want to have a blast, as most regular vacation rentals do not allow loud music.

  • Friend reunions

Planning to meet your college friends after a long time? Book a party house to have a fantastic time reconnecting and reliving fun memories over drinks and laughter.

  • Company retreats

Party houses are also ideal for company retreats. Let your hair down and get to know your coworkers more closely in a comfortable space. You will also get to escape work-related stress for a while, which doubles the excitement!

  • Wedding/engagement parties

If you want to make your wedding or engagement party memorable, book a party house and invite your loved ones. These houses have enough space for holding an intimate ceremony and celebration.

  • Birthday parties

You can host your milestone birthday party in a special setting by opting for a party house. Here, you’ll have access to leisure amenities and can truly pamper yourself while having fun with your closest ones.

  • Graduation parties

Reserve a party house to celebrate your important graduation with your besties. You can bring your drinks, prepare tasty snacks in the full kitchen, and have a fun pool party all night.

Activities to enjoy in a party house

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  • Singing and dancing

What’s a party without any singing or dancing? Luckily, party houses come with top-notch music systems to help you groove to your favorite tunes and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Sometimes, you might even find a karaoke machine for you to belt out some tunes.

  • Playing indoor and outdoor games

Party houses are almost always equipped with indoor and outdoor games that you can enjoy with your loved ones. You may find pool tables, foosball tables, arcade games, and more to keep you entertained indoors. Meanwhile, fun lawn games will await you outdoors.

  • Preparing and enjoying feasts

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You will have access to a high-quality kitchen in a party house — equipped for elaborate meal preparations. The chefs of the group can whip up a delicious feast and you can relish it together in the indoor or outdoor dining areas.

  • Indulging in outdoor activities in the vicinity

Party houses usually offer access to outdoor activities in the vicinity, such as hiking, biking, pub crawls, and more. When you’re done enjoying the fantastic amenities of the house, you can go out with your friends to explore some outdoor activities.

  • Socializing and making memories

An intimate party in a party house will surely help bring you closer to your friends, relatives, or coworkers. You can socialize with your guests and indulge in activities together to build stronger relationships and make everlasting memories.

Other types of party accommodations

Party resorts/hotels

Party boats

Party hostels

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Party resorts or hotels are properties that host exciting parties on-site and offer lots of entertainment amenities. These properties also boast on-site and off-site activities, such as exciting water sports, karaoke sessions, fun happy hours, themed dinners, and pub crawls. For a fun time partying and mingling with fellow travelers, book any of these excellent party hotels or luxurious party resorts.

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Party boats offer a unique over-water or waterfront experience. These boats are either moored or offer cruises where you can let your hair loose and have fun with your friends. These boats come with large decks for everyone to gather and enjoy singing, dancing, and relishing refreshments in a magnificent setting.

If you’re looking for such a unique experience, check out these party boats worldwide.

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Hostels are the perfect choice of accommodation for solo travelers who want to discover new adventures and make new friends along the way. Party hostels add to the experience by hosting fun-filled parties on-site, where guests can mingle with each other freely and make memories. You might end up making a friend for life at the end of a vibrant party!

Find the perfect option for you from these lively party hostels for an unforgettable experience.

Party houses vs party resorts/hotels


Party houses offer private entrances and allow guests to enjoy a more intimate setting with only their close friends, family members, or coworkers. Outsiders are usually forbidden here.

Although party hotels and resorts offer private rooms, the parties are usually held in the common areas, such as the poolside, banquet hall, or even private beach. Anyone staying in the hotel/resort can access these parties.


Party houses are more cost-effective as you get the full package, including a fully furnished kitchen, living space, laundry amenities, an outdoor lounge, multiple bedrooms, and more.

Party resorts and hotels can be quite expensive, especially since you only get private access to a room or suite with an en suite bathroom, and sometimes a kitchenette. Moreover, many amenities and activities come with an extra charge.


There will be no dearth of space in a party house, as these properties come with several lounges and spacious outdoor areas. You will also have access to multiple bedrooms, large kitchens, recreation rooms, and more.

Party hotels and resorts offer considerably smaller rooms and suites. While there are some large recreation spaces here, these are usually shared spaces or come with extra fees.


Party houses guarantee complete independence as you have the whole house to yourself. You can usually access any part of the property whenever you wish to.

Party resorts and hotels offer private accommodations, where you can have an independent stay, especially if the accommodation comes with a kitchen. However, some areas are open during specific hours or allow access if you pay an additional fee. Moreover, these areas are usually shared with other guests.


Party houses in the Americas

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  • Party houses in the US

The United States is known for its cosmopolitan culture and is among the most visited destinations in the world. With popular party cities such as Las Vegas and Miami, there’s no surprise that the country is a top choice among partygoers. Aside from these cities, you will also find party houses in the cultural hub of Chicago. If you wish to visit excellent theme parks in between partying, book any of the party houses in and around Orlando. Want to party like a Hollywood celebrity? Check out the party houses to rent for one night in Los Angeles.

  • Party houses in Canada

Canada attracts tourists from all over the world with its breathtaking natural landscapes. From crystal-clear lakes to snow-covered mountains, there’s much to explore in this country. If you’re planning to host a celebration here, check into any of the party houses for one night in and around Toronto and enjoy the city’s music scene from a comfortable base. You can also head to the seaside city of Vancouver and settle in one of its party houses.

Party houses in Europe

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  • Party houses in the UK

With a lovely blend of modern attractions and historic sites, the UK is a must-visit destination. It also offers many charming seaside towns and villages ideal for a tranquil stay. However, if you’re looking for a more vibrant vacation, stay in one of these party houses in Manchester or London. The picturesque country of Scotland also offers some excellent party houses for rent. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast planning a bachelorette party in Doncaster, you can stay in any of the best party houses to rent near Yorkshire Wildlife Park, England. For more options in the UK, check out the best party houses in the country.

  • Party houses in Ireland

Lush greenery, picturesque countryside, and a rich culture welcome travelers to this magnificent country. From historic properties to magnificent seaside villas, there are lots of options to choose from if you wish to book a fun party house in Ireland. Don’t forget to visit the capital city, Dublin, and take advantage of its buzzing nightlife. For an exciting stay, book any of the party houses in Dublin.

Party houses in South Africa

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  • Party houses near Johannesburg

The biggest city in the country, Johannesburg has lots to offer tourists. This major commercial hub of Africa also features attractions such as Gold Reef City Theme Park and Johannesburg Zoo. Don’t forget to check out the party scene in the city and visit one of its jazz clubs. For accommodation, you can choose from the top party houses to rent near Johannesburg.

  • Party houses in Cape Town

The port city of Cape Town is an ideal destination for those who love a coastal setting. Aside from gorgeous scenery, travelers visiting the South African capital can enjoy lively nightlife. There are loads of restaurants and bars to explore, including LGBTQIA+-friendly ones. Have fun and take the party to your accommodation. You can book one of the party houses to rent for one night in Cape Town.

Party houses in New Zealand

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New Zealand has much more to offer than its gorgeous landscape and rich culture. You can have a splendid backpacking adventure in Auckland, one of its largest cities. You can choose from a wide array of restaurants and bars in Viaduct Harbour and go on thrilling and interesting bar crawls to have a fantastic time. Want to continue your shenanigans even when you’re back at your accommodation? Simply book one of these best party houses to rent for one night in Auckland.

Factors to consider when booking a party house

  • Price

Party houses can be quite expensive as they come packed with lots of amenities and facilities. However, if you’re a group of individuals pitching in for a celebration, a party house makes much more sense than a hotel. Moreover, you can do some research and look for more cost-effective options.

  • Size

Choose a party house depending on the size of your group by checking the guest capacity, as well as the spaces available on site. Make sure you have enough room to spread out and indulge in group activities.

  • Amenities

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a party house is the kind of amenities available. You can make a list of the must-haves for your celebration and pick the most suitable property for you from there. Basic amenities, such as kitchen and laundry equipment, should also be included for a more comfortable stay.

  • Location

The location of the party house will make or break your stay. It’s best to avoid party houses in residential areas as these might have stricter policies. You can choose party houses in bustling areas with access to vibrant nightlife, or go for a more intimate experience by choosing one in a secluded but scenic setting.

  • Access to conveniences

It’s best to stay near city conveniences such as shops, eateries, hospitals, pharmacies, and the like to ensure a seamless experience. You should also choose an option that’s well connected to public transport routes.

  • Access to outdoor activities

Although you’ll most likely spend all your time inside the party house, it’s best to book a property that offers access to outdoor activities. After an evening of partying, you can opt for a beach trip or hiking adventure to add more fun to your stay.

  • Accessibility

If your group contains a member with a disability, you should look for party houses that come with top accessibility features. These features may include wheelchair ramps, pool hoists, toilets with handrails, and so on. You can also avoid party houses that have multiple floors accessible via stairs.

  • House rules and policies

It’s important to note the house rules and policies before booking a party house. There are sometimes quiet hours to be observed in these houses, especially if they are in a residential area. Moreover, the properties usually have specific rules regarding pool or hot tub usage, parking, smoking, and more. It’s best to abide by these rules and policies for a hassle-free stay.

  • Safety and security

You must check with the hosts about the safety measures in place before booking a party house. Make sure to take note of emergency exits, availability of first-aid equipment, and the like to ensure a safe experience.

Have a blast in a fantastic party house

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There’s so much to enjoy in a party house that you’re bound to have a memorable time in one. No matter what you’re celebrating, ensure you have access to top-notch leisure facilities and lots of space to gather with all your loved ones. To make your experience worthwhile, you can pick from the top party houses worldwide mentioned above.

Party houses in the USA and Canada

Party houses in the UK

Party houses in other destinations around the world

FAQ's about Party Houses

  • How many people can fit in a party house?
    Party houses often come in various sizes, but they are usually spacious enough for medium-sized to large groups. You can book a house depending on the number of people in your group.
  • Are party houses expensive?
    Party houses are usually a bit more expensive than regular houses as they have a lot of leisure amenities and also feature large living spaces and outdoor areas. But you can always look for cheaper options.
  • How can I pack for a party house?
    Aside from necessities — such as clothes, medicines, toiletries, and other accessories — you can bring your drinks and snacks to a party house, especially if you’re renting it for one night. You can also bring your decorations, party paraphernalia, and equipment for outdoor activities depending on the location.
  • What amenities are usually available in a party house?
    Along with regular amenities, such as a kitchen, laundry equipment, toiletries, bedding, and temperature control systems, a party house offers various leisure amenities. These may include a pool, hot tub, game room, movie room, outdoor games, and more.
  • What kind of events can I host in a party house?
    You can book a party house for a variety of events. Feel free to host your milestone birthday party, graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette party, or even your engagement or wedding party in a party house. A party house can also be booked for a company retreat. You can check with the owner about the event policies.
  • Do party houses have quiet hours?
    Many party houses have quiet hours that are to be observed by guests. This is usually common among party houses in residential areas. You can check out the properties’ websites or contact the owners for more details.
  • Are party houses pet-friendly?
    Party houses may or may not be pet-friendly. Some party houses allow pets for an extra fee or no additional cost. You can check with the owner to learn more about the pet policy to be sure.

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