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2 days

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Kolkata’s Countryside: A Two-Day Journey

Kolkata, often celebrated for its bustling urban life, is also surrounded by a tapestry of quaint countryside towns steeped in history. A two-day excursion to places like Bandel, Hooghly, Chinsurah, Chandannagar, and Serampore offers an intriguing blend of heritage, culture, and colonial charm.

This tour can be done in two days in detail. It can be done in one day too, with short touch up visits. Travel arrangements can be made pepending on the taste of travelers.


DAY 1 - Day 1 - Bandel and Hooghly

Day 1 - Bandel and Hooghly

Bandel, a town with a rich historical tapestry, was the site of the Portuguese’s first colony during the Mughal era. The Bandel Basilica stands tall as a living testament to this colonial past. This region is also renowned for its world-famous Bandel cheese. Moreover, Bandel has been the birthplace of literary legends such as Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

Besides the historic church, you’ll find the Chota Imambara and Hansheswari Mandir nearby. This temple of Maa Kali showcases the vibrant cultural practices of Bengal. While Bharatnatyam originated in Tamil Nadu, the true state dance of Bengal is still not known to many. Do you know what’s the state dance form of Bengal? Well, the answer is etched on the terracotta walls of Hansheswari temple, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.


DAY 2 - Day 2 - Chinsurah, Chandannagar, and Srerampore

Day 2 - Chinsurah, Chandannagar, and Srerampore

Sailing along the Hooghly River from Bandel to Hooghly reveals the echoes of Mughal existence in the region. The Chota Imambara preserves the Tajia and its intricate details, along with a striking gong clock.

Chinsurah, once a Dutch settlement in the 17th century, offers a captivating glimpse into history. The Chinsurah Court, once the Dutch Governor’s residence, invites you to wander among the remnants of the past. The Armenian Church of Chinsurah is another fascinating place, celebrating Christmas on January 7, a unique tradition.

Chandannagar, once under French governance until 1951, is a delightful blend of French heritage and Bengali culture. Strolling along the strand road in the old town, you’ll find bakeries serving croissants and French loaves. Don’t be surprised if you overhear elderly Bengali residents conversing in French. The town boasts well-preserved French architecture, now repurposed as a library and college.

Srerampore, formerly known as Fredericksnagore in honor of King Frederick V of Denmark, is brimming with historical relics. Serampore College, with its magnificent library, the Danish Cemetery, and Henry Martin’s Pagoda, invite you to step back in time and explore its Danish heritage.

This two-day journey through Kolkata’s countryside promises a deep dive into history, culture, and the colonial legacies that have left an indelible mark on these charming towns. To plan your own adventure, feel free to reach out.

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