Kennedy Space Center Tour From Miami Area


12-13 hours

This is one of the most incredible places you might visit in your entire lifetime. This is definitely worth the bucket list! The Kennedy Space Center, as the name suggests, is the center of NASA’s major space activities, including launches and space-related events. Currently both Space X and Blue Origin operating facilities. Most of the US space launches happen right here!

I will take you through huge pavilions exhibiting amazing artifacts related to the legendary Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. You will see the largest one-story building in the world - the Vehicle Assembly Building and the incredible mobile launcher platforms.

You will definitely enjoy your day in this great combination of a real space facility and a hugely popular entertainment park!


DAY 1 -

  • I will pick you up from your hotel, cruise boat or residence in the Miami area in my luxury minivan.
  • After a 3. 5-hour drive North we will arrive to the Kennedy Space Center located on Cape Canaveral.
  • On the way I will tell you about the history of Florida, Miami and the place we are heading to. We will also discuss the history of the space exploration.
  • Most probably, we will stop on the way for a quick bite in a place of your choice.
  • Upon arrival to the Space Centre, we will visit the most notable attractions - The Apollo / Saturn V building and the Atlantis Space Shuttle Exhibit. Also, you will be free to roam around and visit other facilities open to the public.
  • We will spend between 4 and 5 hours in the park and return to the Miami area.

All my tours can be customized upon request.

Good things are meant to be shared!
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