Lion's Head Hike

Cape Town

3.5 hours

This must be one of the most iconic short hikes on the planet, definitely in Cape Town. The hike starts off on a wide and relatively steep gravel road, which changes into a single-track rocky footpath that circumnavigates Lion’s Head as it leads all the way to the top. About a third of the way to the top, one reaches a short technical section where stainless steel staples are provided which to hold on to whilst scrambling ahead, an alternative route without staples is also possible. From here the rocky path follows the steep ridge-line right to the top where guests will be treated to a cup of coffee or tea whilst taking in the magnificent views across the Twelve Apostle Mountains as they dip into the Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain towering out over Cape Town and the Harbour, and the Cape Fold Mountains in the distance. We hike back down following the same path with which we ascended. The hike ends back on Signal Hill Road at the Parking area.


DAY 1 -

  • Activity 1 - Meet the guests at their preferred start time at the start of the trail on Signal Hill Rd, Cape Town.
  • Activity 2 (15 minutes) - Introduction and safety briefing.
  • Activity 3 (1 to 1.5 hours) - Hike up to the summit of Lion's Head.
  • Activity 4 (30 min) - Enjoy the views and a cup of coffee/tea on the summit.
  • Activity 5 (1 to 1.25 hours) - Hike back down to Signal Hill Rd via the same route.

This tour requires a minimum of 2 people.

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