Lisbon's old districts, my favourite introduction!


3.30 hours

My suggestion for your first time in Lisbon? Get to know the old districts!
* It’s one of my favourite tours to get you introduced to this amazing city, an excellent start to get familiar with it!
* I’ll help you learn how to easily walk up and down some of the 7 hills, discovering the old wonders of this ancient metropolis, through the historic districts of Alfama, Costa do Castelo and Baixa.
* I’ll get you to the right places, with exact info, enough stops, enthusiastic curiosities that will make you start feeling Lisbon inside you as if you had somehow been here before and many extra suggestions!
* Perfect for all ages!
* Ready to see a 12th century Cathedral and the old trams passing by? Delight your eyes with fantastic panoramic views at some view points. There will be time for a nice stop where together we’ll experience some local treats.
* Always at your pace, ancient Lisbon will be revealed as an old fairytale book, waiting for you to turn each page calmly. Get ready to fall in love with Lisbon!


DAY 1 -

Over the course 3 hours and 30 minutes we will walk through the historical districts of Alfama, Costa do Castelo, BaixaRossio Square, and Figueira Square.

NOTE: Lisbon’s Cathedral closes on Sundays and religious holidays (please contact me for more details)

The tour can be customised according to your preferences. Please inquire.

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