Nature depicted: Plants, flowers and animals illustrated at Palazzo Vecchio


2 hours

Palazzo Vecchio or Palazzo della Signoria depending on the denomination you want to use, now the seat of the Municipality of Florence, is a treasure chest that holds the history of the city and especially of its most representative family: the Medici.

The decorative charm is also to be found in the richness of the stuccoes and the plant and animal motifs. Therefore, this tour is also dedicated to the presentation of nature as conceived by the artists who enriched the halls of the palace with their skills.



DAY 1 -

  • Michelozzo Courtyard
  • The Hall of the Five Hundred
  • Quarters of the Earth Gods
  • Quarter of the Elements
  • The Ducal Apartments
  • Chapel of the Priors, Hall of the Udience, Hall of the Lilies, Hall of Maps.

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