The David Experience: the most famous David statues in Florence


2 hours 30 minutes

The story of David would inspire many sculptures and paintings during the Italian Renaissance, with Christian themes being prevalent within art at this time. It would be the specific tale of David overcoming Goliath that would be featured most often, as artists looked to harness this powerful tale as inspiration for their own work. Even just within this single art movement, there would be many different interpretations, and each generation would influence the next with their own innovations on this historic theme.

Come with me to discover the beauty of 4 famous Davids in a 2 ½ hour tour! First the Bargello and then to the Accademia Gallery!


DAY 1 -

Bargello Museum: David by Donatello, 1409, crafted from marble. David is portrayal as a triumphant hero. The statue was bought by the Signoria of the city of Florence as early as 1416, to be erected in the Palazzo Vecchio. The David held a particular political significance in Florence as a symbol of unconfined liberal thought.

David by Donatello, 1430, bronze statue. The most enigmatic of Donatello’s sculptures both in treatment and in dating - for it is absolutely undocumented - stood on an ornamental pedestal in the centre of the newly built courtyard of the Medici palace.

David by Verrocchio, 1473-1475, bronze statue. This statue was commissioned by the Medici family and it was sold by them in 1476 to the Signoria, the ruling body of Florence, and placed in the Palazzo Vecchio, thus gaining a republican meaning similar to Donatello’s David.

Accademia Gallery: David by Michelangelo, 1504. Marble statue. In 1501 Michelangelo was commissioned to create the David by the Guild of Wool Merchants.

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