Tokyo tower Private Walking Tour and Night food tour


3 hours

You can enjoy both sightseeing and Japanese food to the fullest!

Tour Highlights:

  1. Tokyo Tower (Only take photos from outside)
  2. Zojo ji temple (pass through)
  3. Sake tasting
  4. Local Japanese bar
  5. Ramen


DAY 1 -

Start time : 6:00pm
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Meeting point :Akabanebashi station
End point :Daimon Station or Hamamatsu cho station

1)Akabanebashi station
-Let’s meet at 6:00pm and head to Tokyo Tower from Akabanebashi station. Introducing some fantastic photo spots where you can take beautiful pictures.

2)Tokyo Tower (Only take photos from outside)
-Tokyo Tower is one of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks. Capture stunning photos of the tower illuminated against the night sky.

3)Zojo ji temple (pass through)
-We will pass through the impressive large gate of Zojoji Temple. Set against the backdrop of Tokyo Tower.

4)Sake tasting at a standing bar
-We will have a sake tasting experience with a selection of three different types of Japanese sake at a standing bar that offers a rotating menu featuring sake from various regions of Japan.

5)Local Japanese bar
-We will visit an izakaya where Tokyo locals often stop by after work. While enjoying traditional Japanese dishes like yakitori, you can experience the daily life of the local people.

6)Ramen -The locals often have a cultural tradition of eating ramen as a finishing touch after drinking at izakaya. Let’s wrap up the evening with some delicious ramen at a great ramen shop.

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