Uffizi Gallery Crash Tour


3 hours

This three-hour walking tour of the Uffizi Gallery literally starts from the very bottom by visiting the foundations of the palace that was built on an earlier structure, namely the Church of San Pier Schieraggio.

Through the Scalone Vasariano we will reach the second corridor where the tour properly begins with a visit to the adjacent rooms. The works are arranged in chronological order, so you will have the chance to admire the many masterpieces from the end of the 1200s and then we will move along through the Renaissance period to finally end with the Baroque in the lower floor corridor.


DAY 1 -

  • Last Corridor, statues, portrait collections, Grotesques
  • The Hall of Enthroned Madonnas (Maest√†): the altarpieces of the 14th century
  • Annunciation by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi
  • The International Gothic
  • The Madonnas by Masolino and Masaccio
  • The Early Renaissance: Piero della Francesca and Filippo Lippi
  • The Christian virtues by Piero and Antonio del Pollaiolo
  • Botticelli's rooms: the Spring and the Birth of Venus
  • The first oil painting: the Portinari Triptych
  • Francesco I's tribune with the Medici Venus, an alchemical masterpiece
  • The southern corridor and view of the Ponte Vecchio
  • The hall of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Raphael's masterpieces and Michelangelo's Tondo Doni
  • The Hall of the Niobids
  • The Laocoon by Baccio Bandinelli
  • Short coffee break on the terrace overlooking Palazzo Vecchio
  • First corridor: the Mannerists
  • Bronzino and the court portraits
  • Titian and the Venetian artists
  • Caravaggio

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