London, UK

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Being the backdrop to so many world classics such as Oliver Twist, Paddington Bear and Mary Poppins, London cannot help but be the major destination that it is. Samuel Johnson's famous quote, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford" rings extremely true for anyone trying to find their personal niche in this diverse city. Being a vast hub of internationalism, London offers endless possibilities in all fields, a minor few being entertainment, education, history and culture. Simply by taking note of the enormous variety of foods that can be found in this metropolis, a traveller can barely begin to conceive what else is waiting to be discovered. Ranging from the central, glorious views across Embankment to the hip Camden market up north, London rarely disappoints those who know what to look for. This massive capital almost attacks the senses in its overwhelming amount of things to do and a whole lifetime could still not be enough to visit it all. An endless flow of markets and fairs also ensure that it is never the same at two different times in the year though the familiar skyline of the London Eye and the Shard make it the truly majestic and constant city that it is. Check out our articles to find out the very best places to see and gain insight on what's trending in this glorious hive of activity.

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London, UK
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