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10 Insta-Perfect Airbnb Vacation Rentals That Will Make You Travel

Published Apr 11, 2017

So many of us already take photos every day, but we take even more pictures when we’re on vacation. We fancy taking pictures of the country’s attractions, our family members, and our families in front of aforementioned attractions. However, we don’t enjoy taking photos of our accommodations! It might be because hotel rooms can be bare and basic, which we think might reduce the quality and aesthetic of our Instagram feeds. Have no fear, because there are some extremely Insta-worthy Airbnb vacation rentals, and will make your Instagram feed gorgeous. So read on to find out more about the coolest and most beautiful Airbnb vacation rentals!

1. Adorable home that's tiny but mighty, Portland, OR (from 99 USD)

This open and vibrant home may look tiny, but it’s comfortable for two people to stay in! You can whip up a delicious meal in the modern kitchenette, and sometimes, you might even get fresh eggs to cook with. Have a peaceful and restful sleep in the bedroom’s that tucked away in the corner. The bathroom also comes with everything you’ll need to go about your daily business and get clean. Or you could admire the beautifully maintained garden, coo over the chickens, or hang out on the hammock.

Here are just some pictures that will make you want to drop by:

home away from home🌿

A photo posted by Emiah Edwards (@emiahedwards) on

Goldie posed for a pic with me this morning! #chickens #portlandtinyhouse

A photo posted by @brandylchoate on

What a treat! These fresh eggs waiting at our door from @portlandtinyhouse 🐓 #thankyou #prettylittleeggs

A photo posted by SUBSTATION PAPERIE (@substationpaperie) on

Portland Tiny House (Alberta Arts District)

Address: Portland, OR, United States

Price: from 99 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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2. Private and quiet tiny home, Anacortes, WA (from 119 USD)

For yet another secluded and adorable tiny home, this home would be great for you! The home may look small, but you’ll come to realise that there’s a perfect amount of space to move around easily. Since everything from the living room to the kitchen is all within the compact space, it’s easily accessible so everything can be done in a snap! If you want to sleep, wind the ladder down and fall asleep in the cosy loft bedroom. You can also request for an additional bed if you need to accommodate more than 2 people. Across the loft bedroom, there’s a quaint reading nook where you can sit in on a rainy day and read comfortably. However, feel free to head out and have a barbecue on a clear day!

Still not convinced? Here are some pictures that might push you over the edge:

Tiny house, big world 🌎 #GuemesTinyHouse

A photo posted by Hannah MacNeil (@hannzzel) on

#sketchbook #guemestinyhouse seeing @korinnoelle on the window sill made me feel right at home @guemes.tinyhouse

A photo posted by Anneliese Dehner (@anneliessimo) on

#inlove #guemestinyhouse #tinyhouse

A photo posted by Savannah (@vegan.savvy) on

Tiny House on Guemes Island, WA.

Address: Anacortes, WA, United States

Price: from 119 USD

Number of Guests: 3

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3. Secluded and naturally beautiful bamboo house, Bali (from 132 USD)

If you want to go off-grid while on vacation, this secluded and beautiful bamboo home would best suit your needs. On the first floor, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view, as the forest is your backyard. You can also cook a meal for yourself in the modern kitchenette. And after a long day out, feel free to clean up in the large bathroom. There’s a hammock for you to hang out on, but it can also be used as an additional bed. As you head upstairs, the geometric windows will capture your attention, it helps brighten the room and keep the room cool. Wake up to an amazing view from the king-size bed, or sleep by the window to be even closer to the rushing stream and tall trees!

Can’t believe this accommodation truly exists? Smash those thoughts with these excellent photos:

All bamboo everything 🙉 @hideoutbali

A photo posted by pack heavy (@mindythelion) on

The nature has music for those who listen.. 🏕🍃🌳🌲🎵🎶

A photo posted by Ⓜ️ Thariq A.A. (@thariqndls) on

HIDEOUT BALI - Eco Bamboo Home

Address: Selat, Bali, Indonesia

Price: from 132 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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4. Unique and wonky cube houses, Netherlands (from 159 USD)

You’ll see many tourists taking photos outside these wacky-designed buildings, so you might mistake it to be an attraction, but it’s actually a home! Head right up to the top floor, where you’ll be greeted with a gorgeous, panoramic view of Rotterdam, so we can’t blame you if you just stand by the window and enjoy the view. If you’re starting to feel hungry, you can cook yourself a meal in the modern kitchen. A group of 4 can fit perfectly in this home, with the simple but cosy master bedroom being a great resting space and the quiet second bedroom where 2 additional people can sleep well in. All the basic amenities and appliances are available to you in the bathroom, so you can wash up easily.

Want some inspiration? Check out these mind boggling photos:


A photo posted by Yiyi Li (@boredom11alpha) on

If needed, you can find me in the land of stroopwafels and cubehouses 💃🏾

A photo posted by Martha Appiah (@mmarthinaa) on


A video posted by Laela Londyn 👑 Quentin Xavier (@_buttercup11) on

Cubehouse in central Rotterdam

Address: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Price: from 159 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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5. Private paradise in a desert, Yucca Valley, CA (295 USD)

How about staying at this home, which seems like a utopia in the middle of a Californian desert? Leave all your worries at the door, and just relax in the open-concept living room. Either watch TV from the plush sofa or enjoy the view of the dramatic skies and tall rocks. Get everyone in the kitchen, so they can contribute to preparing and cooking the meal. You can then tuck into your delicious feast at the dining table. Choose between either of the two bedrooms, as they each come with a king-size bed and balcony. Have a restful sleep in the comfortable beds, and enjoy the view privately. Also, consider having a warm soak in the hot tub at night, so you can relax while admiring the starry night sky!

What kinds of photos can you take, you might ask? Just examine these photos for more inspiration:

Enjoying the jacuzzi at our #rockreachhouse #minimoon

A video posted by Derrick LeDoux (@dledoux) on

Thinking back to our stay at @rockreachhouse as we plan to head back to the desert tomorrow. #merandtimneverstop

A photo posted by Tim Melideo (@timmelideo) on

Exploring our backyard this morning #rockreachhouse

A photo posted by @sunroomcreative on

Rock Reach House

Address: Yucca Valley, CA, United States

Price: from 295 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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6. Beautiful and comfortable beach home, Oxnard, CA (from 375 USD)

You can obviously see how much effort the host put into decorating this home, all the small details and plush pillows in the living room, make the home seem more cosy and welcoming. Lounge on the sofa and read a book, or pull it out into a queen-size sleeper that can sleep up to 2 people. The kitchen seems like it has every appliance and cutlery you’ll need to whip up a feast for everyone! When you’re feeling sleepy, retreat into the master bedroom and rest luxuriously, when listening to tunes via the host’s record player. There are also 2 other similar bedrooms, and they’re both colourful and bright. They each come with 2 single beds, so you can choose where you’ll sleep and rest comfortably. Head all the way up to the balcony and admire the unparalleled view of the sea and beach that just lies two houses down.

Planning your shots already? Look at some of these to help plan:

The Beach Lodge at Hollywood Beach

Address: Oxnard, CA, United States

Price: from 375 USD

Number of Guests: 8

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7. 3 brilliant villas with private pool and beach, Mexico (from 575 USD)

If you were wondering how you can accommodate 16 guests, these 3 villas are perfect for you! Yes, you didn’t read it wrongly, you can live in 3 identical villas, where you’ll have basic home amenities to make your stay lovely. There are 8 bedrooms in total, with a mix of rooms with single beds, king-size beds and double beds, so everyone can have a restful sleep. And if you need more pictures of the beds or want to accommodate more people, feel free to contact the hosts. The main draw of the villas is definitely the large private pool, where you can swim while admiring the view of the seemingly never-ending sea. You’ll also have access to the walkway that leads you to your own private beach!

Here are some drool-worthy pictures that will inspire you:

View.. #acapulco #fun #friends #trip #lasvillasacapulco

A photo posted by Gerardo Aguayo Azpe (@jerryaguayo) on

Navidad 2015 🌲🐟🐠🐡 #acanavidad #lasvillasacapulco (no sé porqué puse 2016 😂)

A photo posted by Natalia Pebo (@natpebo) on

3 Villas w/ private beach & pool

Address: Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Price: from 575 USD

Number of Guests: 16

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Private Rooms:

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8. Hop onboard the Cool Bus, Salinas, CA (from 45 USD)

Many of us grew up watching ‘The Magic School Bus’ and we all dreamed of going on an adventure with Miss Frizzle and her students. While that is an unattainable dream, you can instead hop on the Cool Bus for a pleasant stay. The most important part of an accommodation is definitely a nice bed, and the Cool Bus comes with an extremely plush bed that will allow you to catch up on some well-deserved sleep. Some parts of the original bus are still intact, so you can actually sit in the driver’s seat! You’re also welcome into the host’s home, where you can relax while watching TV and chatting to your hosts. Or, you can make use of the shared bathroom to wash up and feel squeaky clean.

Curious about the kinds of photos you can take? Check out some of these snaps for some inspiration:

This is where @forrestfireee and I are living rn 🚌 #thecoolbus

A video posted by CorollaGorl69 (@avocados.number) on

Sleepy vibes#thecoolbus

A video posted by Alex Zamorano (@alexzam213) on

One-of-a-kind Converted Magic School Bus Adventure

Address: Salinas, CA, United States

Price: from 45 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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9. Bright and homey private room, Belgium (from 71 USD)

Minimalist and homely, this private room’s focus is to make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible so you’ll have a relaxing sleep. It also has a skylight that helps brighten and liven up the room. Appreciate the small details that are scattered around the bedroom, and notice how something small can help enhance the cosiness of the room. Right next to the large and plush bed is a hand-painted mural that watches over you as you sleep. Even better, you’ll have a private bathroom and dining area, so you can feel as though you’re in a private accommodation!

Look at some of these awesome photos taken by previous guests:

Klaar om Oostende onveilig te maken 👻 #lilylover #weekendjewegmetLoor

A video posted by Melissa Franckx (@melissafranckx) on

Zo pinterest-waardig. #BNBhonore

A photo posted by LAURENCE Rosa Dedeurwaerder (@laurenceddw) on


Address: Oostende, Vlaanderen, Belgium

Price: from 71 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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10. Vibrant private room with all the trimmings, Portugal (from 79 USD)

Many tourists have stayed in this bed and breakfast and we can definitely see why! The bedroom you’ll be sleeping in is roomy and comes with a comfortable bed, so you can have some amazing sleep. It also comes with a dresser and mirror so you can put your belongings away neatly and get ready with ease. Go about your daily business easily in the fully-equipped and modern bathroom.You even have a private balcony, so you can admire the gorgeous and lush greenery of the grounds. If you need a caffeine kick, make use of the coffee machine in the hall. In the morning, you can actually have a hand-made breakfast in the dining room. If you want to cool down on a warm summer day, plunge into the pool and swim about!

Can’t decide whether this vacation rental is for you? Take some time to admire these snaps:


A photo posted by 🐚🌵🐳 (@inesapais) on

Good vibes 🌴 melhor spot @casaouteiro.tuias

A photo posted by 🐚🌵🐳 (@inesapais) on

Chasing the sun ☀️🙈

A photo posted by 🐚🌵🐳 (@inesapais) on

Outeiro Tuías-Manor House (Double room 4)

Address: Marco de Canaveses, Portugal

Price: from 79 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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Have the best possible Instagram feed!

Now you know, accommodations don’t have to be bare or boring! We’re hoping that with these amazing Airbnb vacation rentals, you’ll be more willing to snap a photo of yourself in your temporary home. And we hope that it’ll help improve your Instagram feed and you’ll receive tons of likes and compliments! Because you’re not truly living till you live in one of these Instagram-worthy Airbnb vacation rentals.

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