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Located just one minute walk from the north entrance to Sapporo Station, Hotel North Gate Sapporo is a good hotel for anyone coming in on an early morning flight or anyone coming to tour around the city. Odori Park, Hokkaido University, and many other tourist destinations are within walking distance. Budget wise, it’s perfect for those seeking something between a luxury hotel and a business hotel. Even though it’s a small hotel, it packs a punch, offering services that adults and families will appreciate.

Close to the Station, Far from the Noise

Sapporo Station is a 37 minute train ride from New Chitose Airport on the express line. If you’re coming in to Sapporo with heavy luggage, you definitely want to avoid lugging it across the city. That’s why the North Gate Hotel is so great. Like the name implies, it’s literally right outside the North exit of the train station, so you’ll be there before you know it.

Stepping inside the hotel provides instant relief from the bustle and noise of the train station area outside. It has a Hokkaido-like classical style and is perfect for adding some flavor to your trip.

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Free Beer in the Lounge!

The hotel is divided into three floors. My recommendation is to book a room on a deluxe floor, which is floors 10 through 12. The rooms on these floors have an exclusive feel and greater sense of luxury.

Perhaps the best feature of the deluxe floor is access to the lounge. There, guests can enjoy an all you can drink self service beer machine filled with the Hokkaido-only Sapporo Classic beer as well as all you can eat sweets, and all you can drink soft drinks. Eating and comparing the different famous sweets is a great way to decide what you want to take home as presents for friends and family. Hokkaido guidebooks are also available in the lounge, so you can use these to plan your adventures.

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Plenty More to Enjoy in the Deluxe Room

The rooms on the deluxe floor are special as well. Each room includes a humidifier and air purifier to combat Hokkaido’s dry climate. And just like in the lounge, beer, soft drinks, and Hokkaido treats are available in your room!

And for travelers who want the best night’s sleep possible, the rooms have double beds, available even for single stays. In the lobby, there is a shelf with pillows lined up, and guests can choose the perfect one.

The bigger bed will definitely be appreciated by those traveling with children that want to co-sleep. Guard rails for the bed are available to borrow if necessary, putting mom and dad’s minds at ease.

I’m sure many people are fine staying at business hotels to save a bit of money, but if you really want to come back from a day of travel and wind down, why not make a little extra room in your budget and treat yourself?

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Many of Sapporo's Famous Places are Just a Walk Away

Hokkaido University is four minutes walk away, Odori Park is 13 minutes away, and the famous Susukino nightlife district full of local places to eat and drink is 7 minutes from Odori Park. The convenience is great; as soon as you walk outside there’s something to see.

I recommend spending the day by visiting the Hokkaido University Campus in the morning, spending the day in Odori Park, and then going to Susukino for great food before returning to the hotel.

There’s also plenty to see while walking from the hotel to Susukino, like the city’s famous clock tower and the old red-brick Hokkaido government office. Don’t forget your camera!

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Best Breakfast Around at Nijo Market

About 15 minutes from the hotel lies Nijo Seafood Market, the place to go if you want one of the best breakfasts in Sapporo. Hokkaido’s low humidity gives the market a fresh, clean feeling. Of course they’ve got the old standby, seafood donburi (meat over rice), and their grilled selection is perfect for breakfast. Shop owners and staff are always willing to recommend something in season, and you can never go wrong with their advice!

Free coffee is available back at the hotel from 6:00AM to 11:00AM for those want to come back and kick their feet up with a cup of joe.

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Less Transit Means More Sightseeing!

The most popular way to see Hokkaido is by renting a car and driving around the prefecture to see the famous sights, but if you’re just here on a short holiday, you can save a lot of time by staying close to the sightseeing locations. Even without a car, you’ll find that it’s not too hard to get around, and there’s plenty of food close by that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Hotel North Gate’s location makes it great for sightseeing, and the features available for the price are exceptional, helping guests get the most out of their time in Sapporo while saving some money, too.

The bus stop for the bus that goes to Asahiyama Zoo is nearby as well, so North Gate is great for anyone planning on visiting there as well.

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