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The Top 8 Places In Armenia That Will Blow You Away - Updated 2020

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If you wish to explore some of mankind’s biggest mysteries, experience ancient cultures and picturesque landscapes, along with warm and open local people, Armenia is the perfect place for your next travels. Being the first country in the world that adopted Christianity, located by Ararat Mount on the crossroad of European and Asian cultures, Armenia’s heritage diversity and stunning nature sceneries can make most of the world envious.

Armenia is gradually becoming more and more popular among travelers all over the world, and I feel honored to take you on an amazing trip and reveal to you some of its best places to see.

1. Yerevan Cascade

Yerevan Cascade Monument

With more than 1.5 million tourists annually, Yerevan Cascade is—without a doubt—the top most visited destination in Armenia, and I can clearly understand the reason why. If you want to feel the Armenian spirit, go visit the Cascade. The beauty of the architectural complex will totally blow you away. Surrounded by numerous art museums, exhibitions, cafes and a vast green area of gardens and waterfalls, the giant stairway is not only a cultural center of Armenia, but a place where you can catch the flow of the city’s life itself. This is a favorite place among the locals, so you can easily find company here.

On top of the Cascade you can enjoy the magnificent view of Yerevan and the peak of Ararat Mount, the main symbol of Armenia, where—according to the Bible—Noah’s Ark landed. With the height of 450 meters (1,476 feet), the stairway consists of 572 stairs, so you will definitely have a good workout intermixed with a unique sightseeing experience. You can also use the escalators in the complex during the daytime.

Yerevan Cascade

Address: 10 Tamanyan St, Yerevan 0009, Armenia

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2. Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

The mosque is a majestic oasis in the middle of Yerevan and a mind-calming place that will help you escape the burning sun under leafs of apricot-trees, enjoy the beauty of the gardens, and forget about all your concerns for a brief moment. This is a perfect place to stop for a while and experience those scarce moments of calm bliss.

While covering the area of 7,000 square meters (75,000 square feet), the complex consists of the main prayer hall, a library, along with a madrasa—a type of educational institution—with 28 cells. This is the biggest mosque in the Caucasus region, as well as the only one active in Armenia.

Blue Mosque

Address: 12 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0015, Armenia

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3. History Museum of Armenia

Armenia Museum of Art and History

Do you remember me saying that Armenia can make most of the world envious regarding cultural heritage? If you don’t believe my words, this is the place that will diffuse your doubts. The collection consists of more than 400,000 objects, and the number is increasing each year.

The exhibits can take you back to ancient times: you will get acquainted with numerous priceless relics of various cultures who inhabited Armenia throughout the ages. Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world with a recorded history of more than 3,500 years, and I want to assure you that a trip to the museum will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

History Museum of Armenia

Address: 4 Republic Square, Yerevan, Armenia

Opening hours: the museum is open from 11:00am till 6:00pm every day, and is closed on Mondays

Prices: the ticket cost for adults is 1000 AMD (2 USD) and 300 AMD (0.60 USD) for children and pensioners. You can also order an excursion with a professional guide for 5000 AMD (10 USD)

Website: History Museum of Armenia

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4. The Dancing Fountains

Dancing Fountains

Within a hair’s breadth away from the History Museum, being located in the center of the Republic Square, the Dancing Fountains offer an unforgettable music and light show performance that can hardly leave anyone disenchanted. The fountains are immensely beloved by locals, as well as tourists. This is a perfect place for romantic evening walks or leisure time with the family.

Dancing Fountains

Address: Republic Square, Yerevan, Armenia

Show schedule: every day from 10:00pm till 12:00am in a period between the end of May and September

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5. Temple of Gharni

Temple of Gharni
Source: Wikipedia

In my personal opinion, Armenia is a living example of the fact that many religions can and must peacefully coexist in mutual respect and tolerance. The Temple of Gharni is a symbol of pre-Christian Armenia, and the central shrine of Armenian neopaganism. As history suggests, the temple was built in the first century AD. The true miracle is that the temple avoided demolition after the adoption of Christianity.

During ancient ages, the temple was a preferable location of Armenian rulers due to a perfect climate, architectural style, and defensibility. You can explore ruins of the royal fortress, as well as the temple itself, which is saved in a relatively good condition.

Temple of Gharni

Location: approximately 28 kilometers (14 miles) out of Yerevan, Armenia

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6. Noravank


We are going 120 kilometers (75 miles) away from Yerevan to explore Noravank, an ancient monastery complex that was built in the thirteenth century. While being here, a deep feeling of total calmness and isolation from the entire world will not leave you. Located amidst mountains, the monastery represents a majestic architectural relic, so I encourage you—in case you have a day or two—to include Noravank in your itinerary.


Website: Noravank

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7. Lake Sevan


Being the biggest lake in Armenia, Sevan must be visited by any nature-lover. This place was featured in numerous legends, and you can subtly feel a spirit of mystery around. According to one of the legends, only ancient gods were allowed to drink water from the lake.

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8. Matenadaran


Besides being an architectural masterpiece, the Matenadaran Museum is the biggest repository of ancient manuscripts – some of them survived more than a thousand years. With more than 23,000 manuscripts and 30,000 documents on display, the museum managed to gather the collection of documents written in 2,000 languages! You can hardly find anything similar in the world, so don’t miss an opportunity to get acquainted with invaluable heritage of mankind.


Address: 53 Mashtots Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia

Opening hours: the museum is open every day from 10:00am till 5:00pm, except Sundays and Mondays

Prices: the cost of tickets are 1000 AMD (2 USD). Besides, you will be charged 2500 AMD (5 USD), if you want to take photos

Website: Matenadaran

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Give it up for Armenia!

Unfortunately, it’s time to end our small introductory journey to Armenia. Despite being a small country, Armenia has so much to offer and show anyone, that I can hardly imagine someone to be disappointed in it. The country has magic energy, and if you come here, you will definitely return again someday. I hope that I managed to persuade you to consider Armenia while planning your itinerary. Come to Armenia, and maybe, you will discover another hidden secret of this land.

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