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best places to visit in sweden
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One of the jewels of Scandinavia, Sweden fulfills your dearest Nordic dream. The country cradles over 1,000 years of sovereign history and boasts vast gifts from nature. The rocky coastal area is spread over 2,100 km (1,305 miles), along with a series of scenic islands that form archipelagos. In the far north at Swedish Lapland, the amazing northern lights can be seen during the winter months. According to the native indigenous people, called Sami, the Northern Lights are the souls of the departed. This Lapland is a world of adventure which is mysterious at the same time dangerously beautiful. The urban part of the country is similarly interesting. The beautiful town of Stockholm is known for its vibrancy alongside simplicity. Every part of the country is unique in its own manner. Check out some of the best places to visit in Sweden.

1. Lund

Building No. 3 of former St. Lars Hospital in Lund Sweden
Source: Photo by user Peter Sondhauss used under CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the oldest cities of Sweden, Lund lies in the southmost province of the country, Scania. The city is still preserving its old medieval charm and was established by Danes around 1020 AD. The town is famous for Lund Cathedral, which is the second-largest cathedral in the Nordic countries. The city revolves around the prestigious Lund University, the oldest university in the country.

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2. Norrköping

Dalsgatan Norrköping april 2005
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The charming city is known as ‘Little Manchester’. On the edge of the river Motala ström, the city used to be an important industrial base for its textile production. The city and some of its major attractions are based beside the river, creating an enchanting scenario. Get a glimpse of the industrial past at Arbetets Museum, Industrilandskapet, and Stadsmuseum. There are huge green parks spread all through the city, like Karl Johans Park and Åbackarna. You can even find some pre-historic petroglyphs in one of them, called Himmelstalund.

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3. Växjö

Växjö cathedral,Växjö,Sweden
Source: Photo by user sk12 used under CC BY 2.0

The small town of Växjö has won a number of international environmental awards. It has even snatched the title of “The Greenest City in Europe” from BBC for its initiative on climate change. This old market town has a laid-back charm and an interesting history. It was destroyed by Danes for many times and built again after the year 1843. It used to be an important trading city in the past which still has industries like furniture, matches, paper. The city is famous for is crystal and glasses, you can visit Emigrant Institute and Museum of Småland for a glimpse of it.

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4. Trelleborg

Viking market
Source: Photo by user Maria Eklind used under CC BY-SA 2.0

The southernmost city of Sweden is famous for its charming gardens and public arts. It used to be an important commercial center until the 15th century. Later, it had become an important town for its ferry service during the early 20th century. Nowadays, this town is famous for its established coastal trade. In downtown Trelleborg, you are to find the old architectures of this city. Visit the old market square, Gamla Torg, for a glimpse of ancient Trelleborg.

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5. Linköping

Source: Photo by user This photo Lars ... used under CC SA 1.0

This modern industrial city is hiding its medieval past in its own heart. The city resides in Östgöta Plains, very close to scenic countryside, lakes, and canal. There are several hiking trails spread all through the city, most famous among them is Östgöta Trail. The trail is almost 1400 kilometers (870 miles) long, offering glimpses of great bio-diversity and old culture of this region. For the lack of high-rise buildings, the city has a small-town charm. The famous Linköping Cathedral is a prime example of medieval architecture, which once had the first Christian bishop of Sweden.

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6. Gävle

Yule goat Gefle Sweden 2009
Source: Photo by user Tony Nordin used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Gävle is the oldest city of Norrland, the Swedish land of Northern Islands. The most attractive part of the city is its colorful wooden houses. The beautiful Bothnian Sea is located close, you can take a day trip to explore its beautiful islands. If you are visiting during Christmas, you will get to see the famous yule goat of this city, Gävle Goat. This special yule goat has brought this city an international recognition. To know more about this interesting city, visit some of its museums such as Prison Museum, Swedish Railway Museum, and County Museum.

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7. Västerås

Stadskvarteret Vallby
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Udo Schröter used under CC BY-SA 3.0

In the confluence of Svartån River and Lake Mälar lies the charming city of Västerås. The ancient market town is nowadays the center of the electrical industry. The town used to be known as Aros which means ‘river mouth’. The city holds a history of pre-historic Nordic Viking Age, even before 1000 AD. During the 12th century, it was the seat of the bishop. The classic Swedish outdoor museum, Vallby Open Air Museum, is located beside the charming river. Here, you can see around 40 traditional houses that are brought here from the entire Västmanland County.

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8. Umeå

Moon in cold winter night.
Source: Photo by user Ove P used under CC BY 2.0

Just 400 kilometers (248 miles) away from the Arctic Circle, the city of Umeå is popular among the northern lights seekers. Another important attraction of this town is its culture. It had been named the cultural capital of Europe in the year 2014. Founded in the year 1622, the town used to be the home of indigenous Sami people. You can learn more about Sami Culture in the annual Sami week held every December. The contemporary museum of music Guitars – The Museum has the largest collection of vintage guitars in Europe.

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9. Uppsala (from USD 341.0)

The city of Uppsala is one of the oldest ones in the country which was established around the third century. The city is mostly famous for its university and greenery. The elusive Uppsala University is the oldest one of Scandinavia, which is also famous for its large library. Established in 1270, the Uppsala Cathedral is also the largest one of Scandinavia. It is also the seat of the Swedish Church. The detailed history of this city can be explored in Uppsala Castle. The old town, Gamla Uppsala, is preserving the old Swedish architectures. The art lovers cannot miss a trip to Bror Hjorth’s House which has some of the original work of the painter.

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10. Helsingborg

Helsingborg Sweden Town Hall
Source: Pixabay

The charming city is situated in the narrowest part of a strait called Sound. The city has a reputation for being the friendliest city of the country. A mere 20 minutes ferry ride is to take you to the Danish town of Helsingor. This town is a busy seaport, as well as a commercial hub. The historic town is still bearing the Gothic heritages, like the famous brick tower Kärnan and the 12th-century church of St. Mary. The neo-Gothic town-house Stortorget is one of the main attractions of this town. To have a glimpse of the royal life of Sweden, head towards Sofiero Castle, just outside the main town.

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11. Jönköping

Habo kyrka Jönköpings län
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Helen Simonsson used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The charming city is located beside the scenic Lake Vättern, the second-largest one of Sweden. The city houses the long lakeside beach, Vätterstranden. The city claims the honor of inventing the safety match so visit Matchstick Museum to know more about this invention. You must visit the elusive Habo Church which is entirely made with wood. The amazing 19th-century church Sofiakyrkan is designed by Gustaf Dahl.

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12. Halmstad

Halmstad kyrka IMG 0142b
Source: Photo by user Bjoertvedt used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The charming town is a well-known vacation destination for the summer. Founded in the 14th century, this town used to be the meeting point of the three grand kingdoms of North. Several 14th-, 15th-, and 17th-century architectures are present in the city, including a Renaissance castle and the Gothic church Sankt Nikolai Kyrka. The city is located beside the charming Nissan River, which separates the old town from the glittering modern town.

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13. Luleå

Source: Photo by user Andreas Harnemo used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The coastal city of Luleå is also the largest one of Swedish Lapland. If you are eager to get a glimpse of authentic aurora borealis of this country, this city can be a great base. The largest brackish water archipelago of the world, consisting of 1,312 islands, is located very close. Originally a university town, it has a certain laidback charm. The bay area and the marina are bursting with life, where you can hop into some classy restaurants. During the winter months, if you are lucky, you get to see the beautiful aurora borealis in the city.

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14. Landskrona

Landskrona Citadel
Source: Photo by user zh:user:Mywood used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

The medieval town of Landskrona was established in the place of Danish fishing village Sønder Sæby. The town had officially become a part of Sweden in the year 1720. One of the biggest attractions of this town is Landskrona Citadel which is well-known for its amazing moat system. Another important attraction of this city is the old water tower which stands over the city. Earlier, this fortified city used to have stone buildings. Some examples of traditional Scanian and Danish half-timbered houses stil exist in this town. The town hall, Rådhuset, and Sofia Albertina Church are also prime examples of 19th-century architecture.

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15. Sundsvall

Hirschska huset Sundsvall 59
Source: Photo by user Hans Lindqvist used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The charming town of Sundsvall was burned down and rebuilt from the ashes for four times. The city was last rebuilt in the year 1890s with brick and stone. The city is perfect for a vacation for the shopaholics. It is the home of the largest city mall in Norrland and Birsta Shopping Centre, which is the go-to retail center of the country. The city center of this town is nicknamed as Stenstaden or “the stone city”. The rich, ornate post-Renaissance stone buildings are still gracing the city center which gives the area an enchanting old feel. Get an excellent view of the Northern Mountain. Check out the models of historical buildings in the open-air museum Norra Berget Friluftsmuseum.

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16. Kiruna

Ice Hotel Church @ Jukkasjärvi
Source: Photo by user bjaglin used under CC BY 2.0

The town Kiruna is a small-town part of Swedish Lapland. The city is a well-known winter gateway as it offers all kinds of snow activities. The city is the gateway to Abisko National Park, which is a popular place to have a glimpse of the aurora borealis. The highest mountain of the country, Kebnekaise, is also located close. This city used to be a home of Sami people before it was established in 1900 and opened to the modern world. Just outside Kiruna, the small village of Jukkasjärvi is the home of the world-famous Icehotel. From the chandelier to glasses in the bar, everything is made of glass here. Adventure lovers can try activities like snowmobile safaris, snow-shoeing, dog-sledding, and reindeer sleigh rides during the winter months.

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17. Karlstad

Areal photo of Karlstad
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Visit Karlstad used under CC BY 3.0

On the northern shore of charming Lake Vänern, the city of Karlstad is a part of Tingvalla island. This city used to be called Tingvalla and renamed in the honor of King Charles IX in the year 1584. Since the Viking age, this city has been a place of counsel. In this very city, the very important negotiation which had initiated the separation of Norway from the rule of Sweden took place in the year 1905. The city is known to be the place where the sun shines all through the year. The modern city has lots of parks, and most famous for its ‘fika’ culture. Fike signifies a short break for coffee and cake. In this city, it is taken in one of the charming open-air, street-side cafes.

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18. Örebro

Örebro slott resynth
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Örebro_slott.jpg used under CC0

The city of Örebro is primarily a university town where you can find lots of young people. The city was originally formed around the textile industry which was later converted to a popular university town for its Örebro University College. This city is located close to Stockholm and very popular for young families to settle. The city is rich in culture with its remaining bits of history. One of the most famous icons of this city is Örebro Castle. The enchanting castle is surrounded by a moat filled with lilies. If you are in the mood to have some fun, you must head on towards the huge waterpark, Gustavsvik.

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19. Borås

Source: Photo by user Mikael Ejdemyr used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The city is known as the textile capital of Sweden. To know more about the glorious past of this industry of this city, you must visit the textile museum called Textilstaden. This city showcases art in many forms, especially street art. You can expect to find huge murals in the municipality buildings and apartment blocks. One of the best places to visit is the huge open-air museum located in the western part of the city. Some of the historic buildings from the entire Sjuhäradsbygden region reside here, including the amazing wooden church, Ramnakyrkan. Nowadays, during the summer months, you can have a glimpse of Swedish rituals and folk dances in this museum.

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20. Falun

Falun från Radiohuset
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user V-wolf used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The city of Falun is established around the old copper mine of the 11th century. Although the original copper mine was closed in 1992, this city is an important industrial hub till date. Industries like engineering, chemical, brickyards are prime of this city, along with the mining school. The old mine is an important tourist site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The former mining company Stora Kopparberg is a forest industry nowadays and claims to be the oldest company in the world. The city has some medieval buildings like Kopparberg Church, the Renaissance-style building Kristine Church, or the oldest building of the city, Church of the Great Copper Mountain.

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21. Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna flygbild1js-1
Source: Photo by user Joakim Serrander used under CC BY 3.0

The city of Eskilstuna used to be an important industrial town, where the metal industry was established in 1600. The city is located close to two important lakes, Hjälmaren and Mälaren. The small river of Eskilstuna flows from Hjälmaren Lake till Lake Mälaren. You can trace the history of metalworks in the museum of Munktellstaden, based on the industrial quarter of this city. The building of this museum is an old factory, which was owned by Volvo.

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22. Ystad

Ystad stortorget
Source: Photo by user Silverkey used under CC BY-SA 3.0

In the southmost part of Sweden, the city of Ystad is a part of Skåne County. The coastal city has some of the best beaches in the Baltic Sea. The city is very important for Sweden’s film industry. Even today, you can find the oldest preserved theatre of the country, Biografteatern Scala. The grand Ystad Theatre is another important spot. This city has a medieval feel, with its cobblestone streets, trademark timber houses, and old architecture. You can visit the abbey in Ystad, Saint Mary’s Church and the megalithic monument Ales Stenar to get a glimpse of the historical past of this city.

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23. Uddevalla

Uddevalla. #uddevalla #sverigeresa #julgran
Source: Photo by user Irene Kårlin used under CC BY 2.0

The small town of Uddevalla is located on the west coast of Sweden. This town is the largest one of the Bohuslän province. This town offers a number of options for outdoor sports. It is surrounded by scenic hiking trails through the pine forests or by the sea. In the forest areas of Bredfjället and Herrestadsfjället, you can try out fishing. You can also try kayaking in the scenic archipelago of Gothenburg, located just 85 kilometers (52 miles) away from this city.

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24. Kristianstad

City sunset
Source: Photo by user Maria Eklind used under CC BY-SA 2.0

The city of Kristianstad is a part of Skåne County in southern Sweden. The city was founded in the year 1658 by King Christian V. The town still has some important architecture like the Trefaldighetskyrkan church from the Renaissance era. The Regionmuseet Kristianstad museum houses art exhibitions. This building was originally built as a palace which was later used as a royal stable.

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25. Södertälje

Sodertalje 01 (30066163783)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Егор Журавлёв used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in the southwest of Stockholm, this city is closer enough to be termed as a suburb of the capital. The city is located on Södertälje Canal which links Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea. This city houses Torekällbergets Museum, the classic open-air museum which gives insight into the life of this city during the 19th century. Several historical architectures of this area are preserved here like the other open-air museums of this country. This city is the base of popular truck manufacturer brand, Scania AB. You can visit their head office which also has a museum to display the heritage of this brand.

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26. Västervik

Stora Torget, Västervik
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Erkan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The town of Västervik is a popular holiday destination, especially for summer. It is a coastal town popular for its sandy beaches and charming nightlife. There are almost 5,000 islands located off the shore of Västervik. You can take a cruise to see some of them during your visit. During each summer, music lovers from all over the world gather here for the music festival Visfestival-week.

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27. Kalmar

Kalmar Castle
Source: Photo by user Maria Eklind used under CC BY-SA 2.0

This historic city is one of the most popular summer destinations in Sweden. The most popular architecture of this city is Kalmar Castle, which is one of the finest surviving fortresses of the entire Scandinavia. The main town square is still maintaining the medieval charm. Another main historic edifice of this town is Kalmar Cathedral. Along with its history, the city is popular for its Kattrumpan beach, which means ‘the cat’s bottom’.

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28. Stockholm (from USD 37.0)

The main beauty of Stockholm lies in its colorful houses with modern eccentric architecture. The capital of Sweden has one of the most exciting historic centers, called Gamla Stan. It houses the famous narrow street Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. The home of his majesty, the king of Sweden, the Royal Palace, is located beside the Söderström River. A visit to the open-air museum Skansen is a must, as it is the oldest one in the world. To discover history and heritage of the town, visit Vasa Museum, Moderna Museet, or The Museum of Modern Arts, Fotografiska or The Museum of Photography, and ABBA The Museum. Be sure not to miss a visit to the City Hall of Stockholm or a day trip to the nearby scenic Fjäderholmarna islands.

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29. Gothenburg (from USD 45.0)

best places to visit in sweden | gothenburg

The second-largest city of Sweden is also the prime seaport of the country. The city is located along Southwestern Coast, on the edge of Göta River estuary. The city features iconic neo-classical architecture and old-fashioned trams. It was established in the year 1603, for the purpose of linking the country with the Atlantic Ocean directly. The city got destroyed by the Kalmar War and rebuilt a few years back. One of the prime attractions of the city is its cathedral, originally built in 1633. Apart from this, you must visit Slottskogen park, Trädgårdsföreningen, not to mention the Dutch canals of the city center.

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30. Malmö (from USD 300.0)

best places to visit in sweden | malmö

The third-largest city of the country is an excellent combination of old and modern Sweden. The city is known for its Oresund Bridge, which is a link between Denmark and Sweden. The tallest building of Scandinavia ‘Twisting Torso’ is a fine example of modern architecture. On the other hand, the burgher’s houses of Lilla Torg offer a glimpse of the old Malmö. The historic Malmöhus Castle brings the major museums under one roof, like Natural History Museum, City Museum, Malmö Museum of Art, Science and Maritime House, and a small museum.

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The land of mythical beauty

According to the Sami, native indigenous people of Sweden, the Northern Lights are the souls of the departed. The land of Sweden is filled with mythical beauty in its every corner. Only one visit is not enough to explore the entire beauty of this country. So, plan your itinerary while keeping the next visit in mind to this world of adventure named Sweden!

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