"Budou no Oka" Katsunuma’s fantastic hotel! Taste 180 different wines

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Whether you are a wine connoisseur, or just love a sip or 2 after a hectic day, the Budou no Oka hotel will be a lovely treat for you. Read our review of it here.

In a sea of farm fields in Katsunuma in Yamanashi prefecture’s Koushu city, there is a tall hill atop of which stands the Budou no Oka (Grape Hill) Hotel. In the immense underground wine cellar are 180 different brands of wine, all of which can be tasted for a paltry 1,000 yen. In addition each of the guests’ rooms have hot spring water piped in for an authentic Onsen experience.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this would cost you an arm and a leg, because it’s a city run hotel it is very affordable. We would like to explore the Budou no Oka Hotel for all you wine and onsen lovers.

Taste your favorite wines in the underground cellar

"budou no oka" katsunuma’s fantastic hotel! taste 180 different wines | taste your favorite wines in the underground cellar

Wine aficionados rejoice, there is a hotel in Katsunuma in Yamanashi prefecture’s Koushu city perfect for you. “Budou no Oka” hotel is operated by Koushu City, and only a 10min drive from the Katsunuma Interchange on the Chuo Highway. You can also arrive via JR Chuo line, only a 20min walk from the “Katsunuma-budoukyo” station. You can use a taxi and it will only cost the minimum fee.

Under the hotel is a large wine cellar, stocking 180 different types of local wine makers products. You can have a tasting session of all of the brands for a mere 1,100 yen. All of the wines are 100% locally made from Koushu Grapes. If you find one that you like, you can also buy bottles to take home. Reasonably priced between 1000 and 4000 yen, you can choose between any of the whites, reds, and roses. Unfortunately sparkling wines are not offered here.

Anytime you want to taste a huge variety of wines this place is a definite destination. Stocking almost all the wines available from Katsunuma town, it is heaven for wine lovers.

A Tastevin memento

"budou no oka" katsunuma’s fantastic hotel! taste 180 different wines | a tastevin memento

The reception desk for the wine cellar is right next to the check in desk for the hotel. When you pay the 1,100 yen per person you each get at tastevin as a gift.

Used in France for millennia, the tastevin is a small utensil to taste wines. Inside the cup are small indentations which you use to determine the color of the wine from the reflected light. Here’s your chance to play sommelier and have fun tasting to your heart’s desire.

You can visit the tasting cellar even if you aren’t a guest at the hotel.

Budou no Oka Wine Cellar business hours 9am~5pm

Spacious room and bath, even more is the bath is hot spring water!

"budou no oka" katsunuma’s fantastic hotel! taste 180 different wines | spacious room and bath, even more is the bath is hot spring water!

Next up is are the accommodations at the Budouu no Oka. There are 13 western style and 8 traditional Japanese style rooms. All rooms are comfortably spacious with high ceilings. You feel freedom that most hotels in the cities will not offer.

What makes this place great is that each bath has hot spring water piped in so you can enjoy a relaxed therapeutic bath after a long day in the privacy of your own room.

The hot spring water here is a pH of 9.49 extremely good for making skin smooth from its alkaline properties. Normally a pH of 7.5 is considered the baseline for making skin smooth and being known as a beautifying hot spring. This one is several levels higher. Not only that this spring water contains Silicic acid so even a short bath is all you need to attain smooth and soft skin.

Tenkuu no Yu where you can view the whole Koufu basin

"budou no oka" katsunuma’s fantastic hotel! taste 180 different wines | tenkuu no yu where you can view the whole koufu basin

Next to the Budou no Oka hotel building is the city run Tenkuu no Yu (Heavens Bath). Open between the hours of 8am and 10pm, hotel guests can use the onsen facilities from 7:30am.

The hill is surrounded by wine farms on all sides, and the observatory bath at Tenkuu no Yu is by far the best location. In the day you can see the entire Koufu basin during your bath, while at night you see a box full of treasures as the lights sparkle in the darkness. If there ever was a hot spring bath worthy of heaven it is here.

Book a table at the restaurant with a view with your room!

book a table at the restaurant with a view with your room!

Lastly, we come to the restaurant with a view, where you can enjoy a fantastic dinner with wine. Thanks to the large glass walls you can view far and wide while enjoying your meal.

For glass wines they provide a choice between red, white, and rose. If you’re unsure of what you want you can get the taster set of the three. Any wine left over from bottle orders can be taken home with you.

Course menus can be had from only 3500 yen. You can also have anything from the ala carte menu focused on Yamanashi Prefecture’s finest meats and vegetables. We suggest the “Ajiwai Beef Stew” (Tasty Beef Stew) with its chunky cubes of Yatsugatake beef and stewed using Katsunumas’ own wine. Red wine is a must have with this dish.

You can book a table from 5pm. If you want a table with the spectacular view early reservation is highly recommended.

Reasonable because it’s city run!

Even with the desirable facilities like the wine cellar, hot springs, and restaurant you needn’t worry about it being out of reach.

On a weekday in the regular season a room at Budou no Oka, only costs 7,550 per person for a 2 person room. For a larger 4 person room it’s a mere 5,930 per person. Making it priced for everyone. Even during high season its only 10,250 per person for a 2 person room. This is only possible because the city of Koushu operates this wonderful getaway.

At Budou no Oka you can eat, bathe, and drink to your hearts delight.

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