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With a warm climate and a great seabreeze eastern Izu is a popular onsen resort for the Kanto populous. The Atagawa Prince hotel perched high up in the the Atagawa Onsen area is made to truly enjoy a hot spring bath.

Along with an outdoor bath that overlooks Sagami Bay there are 14 different onsen baths here to enjoy. Another allure here is the rooftop seasonal event “Sea and Starry Sky Bar”! Head here to Atagawa Prince Hotel to relax your body and soul.

Bathe in both the moonlight and the outdoor bath with a view!

comforted in an outdoor onsen with a star filled view at atagawa prince hotel! | bathe in both the moonlight and the outdoor bath with a view!

The Tenku Outdoor Bath is where you can bathe while being blanketed by the gentle light of the moon.

If you look up you are greeted by a night sky filled with stars. If you focus your hearing you will hear the waves gently breaking in the distance.

This enrapturing bath is the outdoor bath “Tenku Rotenburo” at the Atagawa Prince Hotel on a high point in eastern Izu Peninsula. Atagawa Prince Hotel is located along Route 135 on a high point in Atagawa Onsen Town. Taking full advantage of this location is the outdoor bath.

In the Tenku Rotenburo you can enjoy both the sun rising until it finally falls below the horizon, all the while the islands of Izu dot the ocean in your view through the steam rising from Atagawa Onsen Town. The scenic view made by Mother Nature is spectacularly moving! So much so that you can feel your stresses melt away.

You can take visitor baths at Atagawa Prince Hotel as well. Visitor bath times start from 3pm and end at 8pm. Guests staying here can use the baths until 11pm.

It isn’t well known but the Tenku Rotenburo outdoor bath closes once at 11pm but turns into a private bath after that! Bathe alone, as a couple or as a family! If you want to spend quality time together with loved ones this is the best way to do it.

A view of sparkling Sagami Bay and the Izu islands all in one view

comforted in an outdoor onsen with a star filled view at atagawa prince hotel! | a view of sparkling sagami bay and the izu islands all in one view

With a completely different atmosphere from night time the outdoor bath has an excellent view of Sagami Bay twinkling in the distance.

The rooftop outdoor bath is 80m above sea level. If you are lucky with the weather you can see Oshima and the other Izu Islands in the distance. When bathing leisurely while the sun shines down on you it seems that even your soul is cleansed. The Tenku Rotenburo is separated into men and women’s baths but if you want to see the view you can borrow bathing clothes.

Guests of the hotel can bathe from 5am. If you visit Atagawa Prince Hotel wake up a bit early to bathe while the sun starts to rise! As the sun starts to peak over the horizon the whole sky is bathed in a warm orange glow, it is very mystical to behold. If you bathe once in the morning, afternoon and at night each, you will find each time is a new experience.

On the roof not only is there an outdoor bath, there is a Foot Bath Sky Terrace as well. The foot bath allows you to view the scenic display with all your clothes on.

The Izu Atagawa Oranges of the Orange Bath

comforted in an outdoor onsen with a star filled view at atagawa prince hotel! | the izu atagawa oranges of the orange bath

There are two hot spring sources for the Atagawa Prince Hotel which are pumped into the various baths. The hot spring has sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. The pH is 8.7 making it slightly alkaline. It is soft water with no color and removes dead skin while moisturizing making it a beautifying bath.

Another thing is that Atagawa Prince Hotel has many types of baths.

Other than the outdoor bath introduced above there are 8 men’s baths and 6 women’s baths.

Among them is a rare bath that uses locally grown Atagawa Oranges in the Orange Bath. Because of the warm climate of Izu there are a variety of oranges that are grown here. The Orange Bath uses oranges that are most in season at the time so every month they use a different type. The fresh scent of the oranges almost make you want to pick one up and eat them, but also is calming and is extremely relaxing. It is a rare experience so don’t miss out. The Orange Bath is only for women. For men there is a Tea Bath made with tea from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Revel in the luxurious delicacies of Izu such as Horse Mackerel and Alfonsino

comforted in an outdoor onsen with a star filled view at atagawa prince hotel! | revel in the luxurious delicacies of izu such as horse mackerel and alfonsino

One of the best things about travel is the good food you come across! At Atagawa Prince Hotel they serve fresh locally caught seafood such as Horse Mackerel and Alfonsino in a Kaiseki menu.

Izu Peninsula is so famous for its horse mackerel that they have several festivals revering this fish every year. Also from Atagawa down to Inatori Alfonsino is often caught, and Aloe is grown all around the southern parts of Izu, making all of Izu a place where you can enjoy the blessings from both mountains and seas.

The super fresh Alfonsino is served as sashimi. The horse mackerel is chopped finely with miso and scallions to make what is called Namerou. You can have a taste of aloe in the aperitif. The dishes that use the hot springs of the area are also mouth wateringly delicious.

The popular limited time event “Sea and Starry Sky Bar” at Atagawa Prince Hotel

the popular limited time event “sea and starry sky bar” at atagawa prince hotel

Between March and October the 3 days around the full moon and every day during the summer season the Atagawa Prince Hotel holds the Sea and Starry Sky Bar event every year. It is a romantic event where you can be in awe of nature under the stars while imbibing in some cocktails. If you are looking to drink some great mixes under the stars this is the place to go! All the stresses of your daily life will simply vanish.

This event isn’t held every day and is for a limited time. This is the schedule for 2015:

<2015 Sea and Starry Sky Bar schedule> • 3-4, 3-5 full moon, 3-6 • 4-3, 4-4 full moon, 4-5 • 5-2, 5-3 full moon, 5-4 • 6-1, 6-2 full moon, 6-3 • 6-30, 7-1 full moon, 7-2 • 7-30, 8-1 full moon, 8-2 • 8-2~8-27 Open every day between these days. • 8-28, 8-29 full moon, 8-30 • 9-26, 9-27 full moon, 9-28 • 10-26, 10-27 full moon, 10-28

*Hours are from 8pm to 11pm (last order is at 10:30pm) *Will close during bad weather

The sights near Atagawa Prince Hotel

There are many tourist attractions near the Atagawa Prince Hotel.

For those that are visiting Atagawa for the first time the Bannana and Croc Park which is a 5 minute walk from the hotel is highly recommended. This is a zoo that utilizes the warm climate of Atagawa. Inside are many large reptiles and tropical vegetation which make it seem like a jungle. You can see the animals up close and personal to get your heart racing pretty good.

Right near the zoo is a shrine where you can get good luck by washing your money in the source water of Atagawa Onsen at the Oyukake Benzaiten. This is a popular power spot in Izu. If you haven’t had great luck with money it might be worth it to make a visit here.

One thing you can’t miss at Izu is the Kawazu Sakura cherry blossoms which bloom fairly early. Every year from late February to early March you can enjoy the cherry blossoms for almost a full month, and with the Kawazu Sakura festival set for 2015 from February 10 to March 10 you can really enjoy the pink blossoms creating a tunnel that is truly impressive.

There is another tourist attraction that is specific to spring time. In Atagawa between the middle of December until the beginning of May you can go pick strawberries at the following places. • Ichigo Land Nakanishi • Hinokuchien • Marutetsuen • Strawberry Farm Ota Noen

Atagawa Prince Hotel is only 5 minutes from Izu Atagawa Station. Because the road is a steep climb up from the station if you are traveling by train take the shuttle bus up. If traveling by car there is a large parking area for 50 cars that you can use. If you are fatigued lately or stressed out head to Atagawa Prince Hotel for an experience you will never get in the city and really relax in the outdoor bath with a view.

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