Exciting collaboration between nature and sweets! The taste of happiness at Karuizawa Bleston Court

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ホテル ブレストンコート
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It’s commonly known that sweets bring happiness and make people excited. On the first floor of Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court, located in the Hoshino are north of Naka-Karuizawa Station, there is a lounge where you can try a special dessert menu which uses fruits from Nagano prefecture. You can savor various sweets just like trying different dishes. How exciting this is! Now let me introduce you some sweets that you can only try here.

The dessert menu which brings excitement and happiness

Nagano’s most famous fruit is the apple. Every year from June until when it gets cold Nagano produces not only apples, but also strawberries, blueberries, grapes and many other fruits. It would be fair to say that Nagano is the fruit paradise of Japan!

Karuizawa is one of Nagano’s most representative resorts. Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court, located in the Hoshino area north of Naka-Karuizawa Station, is well known as a gourmet destination, but its most famous feature is the fruit dessert menu in “The Lounge” restaurant, created by a pastry chef.

This menu was developed under the concept of tasting local products which cannot be tried anywhere else. It consists of appetizers, main dishes and desserts and is a great opportunity to enjoy Nagano’s fruits. The items change according to the season – blueberries and grapes in the summer, or chestnuts in the autumn.

On the photo you can see sweets made of “shine muscat” grapes from Nagano prefecture’s Nakano city. They’re nicely arranged on a glass plate. Rich in taste, the grapes can be eaten with the skin on. What increases the sweetness is a special sorbet with a taste of ginger. The spiciness of the ginger and the sweetness of the grapes make a fantastic balance and an exquisite dessert. In October this dish is changed with sweets made of chestnuts, walnuts and mushrooms.

You can try the special dessert menu at “The Lounge” on the first floor of Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court. The dishes satisfy your senses and give you a feeling of changing seasons. You can savor the whole variety of attractive items. Each new item brings you the excitement of having found a new taste!

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The unique terrace where the sun shines over "The Lounge"

High-quality sofas and tables are arranged on the spacious terrace which is lit by the sunshine. This is “The Lounge” on the first floor of Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court, the place where you can try the special dessert menu. Here you can eat tasty sweets and have a leisurely chat with friends. It’s a very relaxing place!

The open-air terrace has an ideal view to Karuizawa’s nature. Especially during the autumn colors season (from mid-October to early November) the red, yellow and orange hues produce unique scenery that can be seen only in Karuizawa.

The dessert menu needs prior reservation. Enjoy it on the terrace surrounded by nature. The feeling is indeed very special! (Note: the terrace can be used until late November, but the rest of the place is open all year round) In order to reach Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court, get off from Joshinetsu Highway at Usui-Karuizawa IC, and drive further for about 20 more minutes. With a train you should get off at Shinkansen’s Karuizawa Station and then ride on the shuttle bus to the hotel.

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Mint water with freshly picked herbs as a welcome drink

The first thing that is served from the special dessert menu is a welcome drink with a sweet. But where is it? Can you see it? Actually the long stick-shape purple and pink things on the photo are the sweets. The pink one is a sour cherry biscuit, while the purple one is a black currant biscuit. Both are crispy, sweet and fragrant.

The glass on the left contains mint water with mixed lemon and mint. It uses freshly picked herbs. Every morning someone from this restaurant goes to a farm about 10 minutes away from the hotel and picks fresh herbs! Their taste is truly delightful! The thing shaped like a leaf is actually the menu. In fact they change the color of this leaf menu just like the nature of Karuizawa changes with the seasons. How amazing is that!

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Totally cute! The sweet appetizers

Open the little drawer and you’ll find freshly baked madeleine cakes. Imagine warm, freshly baked bread. The madeleine cakes are rich in butter and surprisingly soft. They even have a mild taste of Japanese perilla.

This author savored the special dessert menu on September 13. Still in that season the concept of the appetizers was picnic-based, but when it gets colder the sweets change to symbolize autumn crops. There are also Christmas and Easter sets too. In winter when there are no fruits, jams or dry fruits are used instead. Be sure to try them too.

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Enjoying the sweets surrounded by nature on the spacious terrace

Just look at this beautiful table! The green trees and the blue sky reflect on the surface and create an improvised nature-patter tablecloth.

This is when the main sweets are served. They are placed on this mirror-covered shiny table so that you can watch the sky while you eat. How romantic is that! Japanese maple trees can be seen here. Imagine their crimson red vivid colors during the autumn! You can only see the sky on the terrace seats so be sure to book those seats during special occasions for an unforgettable experience.

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A gorgeous combination between sweets and wine

At this restaurant you spend about 1 to 2.5 hours. Many people order also tea or wine. Drinking some delicious alcohol during lunch is one of the luxurious ways to spend your holiday. Ask the staff what wine goes best with those sweets and they’ll recommend something good.

Definitely visit this place regardless whether you come to Karuizawa for the first time or have been here before! Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court “The Lounge” Dessert Menu Price: 3500 JPY per person (tax not included) Open: 10 am to 4 pm (last order) Needs prior reservation.

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ホテル ブレストンコート
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