Feel Right At Home At Hostel Life Is Good, Nicaragua

Review of Hostel Life is Good | 619 m North of the Moyogalpa
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Posted Dec 24, 2016

Located between two volcanos, Hostel Life is Good is a great stopover whilst exploring Ometepe island in Nicaragua. Only 0.7 km, approximately 0.43 mi from Moyogalpa town, Hostel Life is Good is the perfect rural getaway with an incredible view. Owners Barbara and Roman have created a relaxed, family feel to the the hostel and go above and beyond to give you a comfortable and enjoyable stay. P.S. For any dog lovers, their Chihuahua, Macho, is more than happy for a cuddle or two.

Ometepe Island is only 38 km, approx. 23 mi from San Juan Del Sur. Not only is it a fab place to unwind from the lively backpackers drinking hotspot, but it is abundant with nature, gorgeous views and activities.

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Share a room with Mother Nature

With a choice of three rooms, Hostel Life is Good has a room for every traveller and budget. Spacious, cosy with a clean ensuite bathroom, a budget double room will cost you 726 NIO, approx 25 USD. From experience I would highly recommend this room, especially if you love to wake up to the sound of nature.

If a budget double doesn’t suit you, an eight bed dorm will cost you the small price of 145 NIO, approx 5 USD. The dorms are clean and comfy with a shared bathroom — perfect for those on a tighter budget. If you’re a traveller who is able to spend that little bit extra, a triple room will cost you 872 NIO, approx. 30 USD, but in all honesty it's probably not worth it unless there are three of you.

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Comforting, home-cooked food

Hostel Life is Good unfortunately doesn’t include breakfast in its room cost, but for a small fee you can buy seriously delicious home cooked food. Now porridge doesn’t sound like the most adventurous start to the day, but Hostel Life is Good makes a smashing bowl of cinnamon porridge. Costing only 45 NIO, approx. 1.45 USD, I would highly recommend this enormous bowl of goodness. If that doesn’t take your fancy, homemade banana bread is a fantastic option.

If breakfast has got you wanting more home cooked food, why not stick around for dinner. Owner Barbara is an increíble cook. Regularly changing the menu, there is something to satisfy every tummy. From experience and if available, I would recommend a hearty bowl of fish soup — trust me, it's amazing.

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Swing beneath the banana tree

Hostel Life is Good is a fairly social hostel that provides lovely seating and lounge areas for its guests. Whether you want to be sheltered inside amongst twinkle lights or outside swinging in a hammock, there is a place to accommodate those lazy days. With an onsite bar and plenty of books to read, Hostel Life is Good really makes you feel at home.

Become an island explorer

When swinging in a hammock has got you feeling refreshed, enjoy one of the many adventures Ometepe Island has to offer. Perhaps hire a motorbike from the hostel for only 523 NIO, approx. 18 USD, for 24 hours. Bare in mind that only half of the island is paved so you are in for a bumpy ride — it is well worth the numb bum. If riding a motorbike doesn’t sound up your street, stick your hiking boots on and climb one of the two volcanos. Concepcion Volcano is an excellent choice for the very fit and those who can hack 8–10 hours of hiking. Alternatively, those who want a slightly easier challenge, Maderas Volcano is for you. Costing 1,017 NIO, approx. 35 USD for two people and an English speaking guide, Maderas Volcano is roughly a 9 hour hike with stunning views at the top.

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