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Review of Lisb'on Hostel | Rua Do Ataide 7A
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Published Jan 13, 2016

Finding a good hostel can be a headache-inducing task for many, especially when you have a low budget but still want your most crucial needs to be met. Lisb’on Hostel is your best option in Lisbon, as it is located right in the center of the city and within walking distance of many important sights. This eco-friendly option offers an incredible environment and the most incredible sights from your bedroom window … Natural inspiration at its finest!

Enjoy wonderful sunsets from your window

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Everything you need will be provided from the moment you arrive. All the rooms are very tidy and quiet; they have their own electronic key and huge drawers under the bunk beds where you can securely store your luggage for free. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, reading lights, multiple wall plugs, and Wi-Fi. There is a wide variety of room options: from double bedrooms to 12-bed dormitories, all of them are originally named after famous Fado artists (Portugal’s typical music).

If possible, choose a room on the third floor and with a view to the river; the sunset will surely take your breath away! There’s actually enough space to sit on the windowsill (just be careful!) and enjoy Lisbon’s wonderful sights, like the Cristo Rei Statue and the 25 de Abril Bridge, an architectural marvel that is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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Everything is included in your booking

There are no hidden fees in this hostel. Everything you need to have a comfortable stay there will be provided for free. All guests have free access to books, Apple computers, board games, a kitchen, breakfast buffet, and walking tours in the morning or night. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly place, search no more. The hostel uses LED lights, solar panels, and it offers many organic food choices to promote a sustainable lifestyle! It’s always better to make your reservation ahead of time, since this hostel is highly recommended to most tourists in Lisbon and is often in very high demand. Prices may range from 17 to 25 EUR per person per night (approximately 18.60 to 27.40 USD)

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Multiple common areas

It is very easy to make new friends in this hostel because of the many common areas it has. One of the common areas is the TV room, where you can choose from a wide selection of movies to watch on the cozy sofa as you enjoy a snack from the vending machine. The garden is decorated with multiple plants, chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, and a graffiti wall, perfect for reading a book!

There is also a lounge room where you will find the hostel’s books, CDs, pool table, vending machines, board game selection, and an amazing chandelier. You should also go to the lovely terrace, located near the dining room, where you can enjoy Lisbon’s sights if happen to have a room that does not face the river. My personal recommendation is that you take a few moments to enjoy the view with relaxing music and a good book.

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You can’t miss this experience!

Dare to make new friends in this amazing hostel that takes interest in getting to know its guests names and the story behind their travels. Let the welcoming and friendly staff pamper you and make your stay the best it can be. They are always with a huge smile from the very minute you walk in.

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