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Updated Sep 23, 2015

Located in the Ise-Shima National Park is the Nemunosato Hotel & Resort. It is surrounded by nature and a great place to play with the family in the day and enjoy the resort hotel at night. This time we introduce all the activities that kids love as well as the hotel.

A perfect Japanese style room and buffet for the family at the Exceed Nemunosato


There are in fact 2 hotels at Nemunosato, but for those travelling with children we suggest the Exceed Nemunosato.

There are twin beds as well as a 4.5 mat tatami area in this Japanese and Western style room, so if you are worried about babies sleeping in a bed you can have them sleep in the tatami area. There is a shower in the room as well as an outdoor bath where you can bathe leisurely.

The food here can be had at the open kitchen dining room which overlooks the garden. The focus is on local ingredients from the Ise-Shima area in a buffet setting with both Japanese and western dishes. Because it’s a buffet everyone can be picky and only eat what they want.

The rooms are open from 3pm but if you get there earlier you can check-in and have them take your bags first. After the paperwork is done its time to go out and enjoy the activities.

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[Ocean Fun] An adventure cruise with a kid captain!

With Ago Bay right in front of you, you can go out and enjoy all manner of marine activities such as sea kayaking, or boat fishing.

Amongst so many things to do the one that we like for the kids is the 64 island adventure cruise. While cruising along in Ago Bay you can watch the many islands with their rias coastlines. Depending on how many people are on board the kids can borrow a captain’s hat and be the little captains for the day. Don’t forget to take their pictures as a memento.

As well as sightseeing you can have a cage fishing experience that comes with a meal cooked on board with the seafood you catch, as well as ride the Cannon Ball, a boat that is called the roller coaster of the sea when it goes faster than 50kmph. All of which the children will love to try out. In the summer they even offer an uninhabited island treasure hunt, so please check that out if you can.

64 Island Adventure Cruise Season: year round Time: 20 minutes past every hour. Leaves the port at 50 minutes past the hour Price: adults 1230 JPY, elementary students 720 JPY, 4~6 year olds 520 JPY

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[Moutain Fun] Free Tree, just opened in 2014 where you can have fun in the mountains

On the Nemunosato grounds there is also an undeveloped woodland area surrounded by forests. It is so bountiful and untouched that every year there are native fireflies that fill the night sky and you can catch crabs and minnows in the rivers, as well as rhinoceros beetles and cicadas in the trees. While trekking along in the woods you can look for things that the kids would want to catch or look at, something you can’t really do in big cities is have fun in the woods like this.

On May third of 2014 a new area, Free Tree was opened with the concept of “a forest where kids and adults can have fun as they want”. In the activity called “free tree~play in the secret basecamp in the forest” you guided to things such as tree climbing and swinging from the trees and the tree terrace. You can also have fun with arts and crafts that use branches and leaves.

Data: free tree ~play in the secret basecamp in the forest Period: 6-1 thru 7-13 Sundays, and 7-19 thru 8-31 Time: 10am to 12pm (reservation has to be done by the day before visiting) Price: adults 1620 JPY, elementary students 1080 JPY, toddlers 540 JPY (for visitors not staying an additional 310 JPY)

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[Have fun running] Seashell candles and Shima Pearls are perfect mementos for family

After having a fun time in the great outdoors, why not relax with some arts and crafts to make things to remember this trip by? At the “Craft Workshop” you can use seashells, seeds, and other natural items to make wreathes and candles. Have fun creating an unique item and designing it with your children.

For the little girls and moms who like to dress up “making pearl accessories” class is recommended. It starts from taking out a pearl from an oyster, and you can make a ring or a cell phone strap. There are 20 different settings you can choose from so creating a mom and daughter set is definitely fun.

Data: Craft Workshop Period: year round Time: from 11am, and 245pm Price: letter 520 JPY, wreath craft 1340 JPY, candle making 2060 JPY and up

Data: Making Pearl Accessories Period: year round Time: from 10am, and 2pm Price: 1030 JPY (depends on setting)

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Activities Pass, and the garden pool only open to hotel guests

We’ve only scratched the surface of all the things you can do here. There are many many more activities at Nemunosato. Hearing this you might worry about the budget.

The best option is the Activities Pass. You can enjoy 7 of the most popular activities here for free while you are staying such as mini-golf, archery, paddle tennis, bicycling, fishing, table tennis, and treasure hunting games. At the same time you get discounts from many other activities as well, for example the 64 island cruise is only 520 JPY from 1230 JPY so it does make things a lot more affordable.

The price varies depending on the seasons, but a 1 day pass will be, adults 1500~3000 JPY, children 1000~2500 JPY, also if you add only 500 JPY to the 1 day you get the 2nd day added.

Another thing is, the “Garden Pool in the middle of the forest” has been renovated in July of 2014 and will be open soon! It is a luxury pool only available to guests staying at the hotel. The fee is almost free from this year as well. Have a tropical cocktail and chill out poolside and really enjoy this resort!

Data: Garden Pool in the middle of the forest Period: July 12 to August 31 (only open to hotel guests) Time: 9am to 5pm (last entrance is 4:30pm) Price: free to enter

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Check out the aquarium and the theme park with a 2 night 3 day stay

Most of the time when traveling with kids they will complain if there is too much car and train travel, but here at Nemunosato you can have fun all day and then just go back to the hotel with little travel if you have the short term stay plan.

Also, in the Shima area you can visit the Shima Spain Town Parque Espana theme park, or watch sunfish at the Shima Marineland aquarium. Just add another night to your stay and you can enjoy these attractions or you can even take a short trip and give a little prayer at the Ise Shrine.

Here you can definitely enjoy a weekend with the family.

Data: Nemunosato Hotel & Resort Exceed Nemunosato Tel: 0599-52-1111 Address: 2692-3 Hazako, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture Access: 10 minute drive from Ugata Station (free shuttle from Kashikojima Station for hotel guests) Price: 12,340 JPY and up for 1 night with 2 meals

This article was originally published on Sep 23, 2015

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