Satisfy yourself with land and sea on Cape Busena, Okinawa! A sunrise and sunset in the sea breeze!

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The Terrace Club At Busena
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Surrounded by clear blue seas and skies is Okinawa’s Cape Busena. Here where the land juts out into the sea there are two hotels, “Terrace Clube Busena”, where you have a great view of Nago bay, and “Busena Terrace” which faces white sandy beaches and a coral reef. You can watch both the sunrise and the sunset over beautiful blue seas, while letting the warm sea air breath over you. Today we visit this resort which carefully makes use of Okinawa’s gifts of sea and land.

A beautiful ocean in front of your eyes! Watch both sunrise and sunset from Cape Busena

From Naha City getting here is a 50 minute highway drive exiting at Kyoda Interchange. At Kyoda Interchange is the Orion Beer factory and Nago city which has the famous Chura Aquarium, but head away from that side along the coast back towards Naha, you will find Busena jutting out into the sea.

On the east side of where you can see all of Nago Bay is Terrace Club Busena, and on the west is Busena Terrace which was used in the international summit as one of the hotel venues in 2000. The whole cape is a large resort area with many shops and restaurants tying the two hotels together.

Because the two hotels are on the east and west sides of the cape, you can watch both the sunrise and the sunset. Cape Busena is the only place where you can do this in Okinawa! Enjoy the many faces of Okinawa’s land and sea here.

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Wake with the morning sun rising out of the sea at Terrace Club Busena

Terrace Club Busena stands on the eastern side of the cape overlooking Nago Bay. It is a prime location with the bay filling and sky filling your view from the veranda, and the sounds of the waves which you can hear in your room. The hotel rooms face east so you can fully immerse yourself in the morning sun with ease.

As the night sky starts to take on a blue hue gradually the sun rises godlike paving a road of light straight to your room. Watching this happen from the bed on the balcony is truly an opulent use of time. Being washed over by the Okinawan sea breeze, forgetting the sounds of the city, and welcoming a quiet morning is truly wonderous.

The other attractive part of the hotel is its breakfast which you can have in the dining restaurant or in your room. The sun rises later in Okinawa than the main islands, almost a full hour later than Tokyo so no need to get up too early. Eating breakfast while the sun rises gives you all the energy you need for any activities of the day.

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After waking body and soul with the sun, partake in blessing of both land and sea

Being wrapped in the sea breeze and eating breakfast on the balcony with the rising sun is great but if you get a chance check out the dining restaurant and the buffet style breakfast too!

All dishes are prepared with the health of both body and mind considered, with locally sourced foods for local consumption. Each item in the buffet has a picture of the pre-cooked ingredients, how many calories it has, and what kind of effect it has on your body, teaching you of even the foods unique to Okinawa.

At this resort built in 2012 there is also an outdoor warmed sea water pool which is all natural sea water pumped straight out of the ocean, that also has jet baths as well as water flow zones that take away the daily stresses of city life. Tropical Okinawa allows you to enjoy this under the sun year round.

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A sunset with a side of live saxophone at Busena Terrace!

On the same grounds on the west side is the Busena Terrace hotel, where you can watch the sunset with some live saxophone music. Many actually come here just for this live music by the sunset as repeat guests.

This impressive sunset that Cape Busena provides can be experienced by non-guests at the many shops on the shopping floor or the lobby which stretches out to the sea.

You can watch the sun climb out of the sea while staying on the east side’s Terrace Club at Busena and take a short stroll here for the sunset with some music to go with it. This is definitely a way to enjoy Okinawa the right way!

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When the weathers obscures the sunrise or sunset head to the only underwater observatory in Okinawa.

Weather will always affect a sunrise or sunset and how much you can enjoy it. Other than typhoon season its rare not to be able to see both but, when it does happen head to the only underwater observatory in Okinawa island!

This isn’t free but during rain or shine there is a bridge that heads out to sea and at the end of it there is an underwater observatory at the end of it, allowing you to see with a 360 degree view of undersea life. In tropical waters such as these the fish such as the red mullet, or the scissortail sergeant pictured above which are colorful and shaped perfectly to dart in and out of corals.

You have a chance to see into the lives of tropical fish without being able to scuba dive or be restricted by age which can be a helluva experience!

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Okinawa island, from Ginowan to Nago, Cape Busena is the only place where you can have the different faces of both sunrise and sunset in one resort. Come visit Okinawa at its best!

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The Terrace Club At Busena
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